Playing the game I often had the feeling that some of the provinces were to big or spread over the map in a weird way.
Best example probably is Sicily, which I feel should have better been a seperate province with one capital city and two minor towns, rather than being part of the overstreched province of Magna Graecia. Sicily being part of Magna Graecia also has negative effects on the gameplay due to culture. When playing as Rome, one can simply wait for Latin culture to drive Syracus and Lylibaion into rebelion and thereby not risk war with either Carthage or Syracus. If Sicily had been a seperate province Carthage would not constantly lose Lylibaion through culture rebellions and the game would have been more interesting. Some other examples of definatly overstreched provinces are Nabataea, Syria, Tarraconensis and Aegyptus. When looking at every single provine on the campain map for a while one cannot help but think that some of the provinces are to vastly overstreched and that in some cases one or two extra towns or even an entire extra province could have been added.
The lack of tradeable goods is also annoying. There are only 6 products which can be traded and only few provinces have any trading goods. I believe the number of tradeable goods aswell as provinces which produce such goods should have been increased.
The enormous size of the cities and towns is also annoying. For some it might be nice to look at, but I can help but think that if they were displayed slightly smaler on the campain map, there might have been place for an extra province or two in greece and in some other places.
And I guess the fact that seasons are now gone annoys pritty much everyone.

I like the presentation, no matter how annoyed I get by the size of the towns, they all look unique and great. The wildreness surrounding settlements also looks good. The new province system with a capital city and small towns within the province is also nice and when provinces are not weirdly overstreched it works pritty fine. But I do have to admit that I miss farms and other buildings that were outside of settlements.