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Thread: Official CafePress Store

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    Default Official CafePress Store

    The store is located at:

    y2day has complete control over the artwork used in the TWC CafePress store, and his word is final in matters of artwork. If you want to donate artwork then please do so. Just remember that all artwork must comply with the TWC Terms of Service and may not contain any copyrighted material. The same applies to any custom artwork requests.

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    Default Re: Official CafePress Store

    The store is open!

    Now give me a bit of time as I have many more designs to upload and get on some product.

    There is a request forum here and some guidelines to requesting a design. Those guidelines will be a work in progress as we go along and I figure out the best process to get your request posted and product in the store in a timely manner. So please keep an eye out for the Guideline thread as it will be updated as we go along.

    I think this store will be a great source of income to TWC and a great opportunity for everyone to get a bit of TWC swag! I know a few things I can't wait to get and I hope you all feel the same way.

    Just be patient with any requests and I promise to give each one the time and effort it deserves. Also remember there will be product in the custom section that already has designs that a username or avatar can be added to, to make it just right for you. So look them over and check back in the coming days and weeks as more and more designs and products are added.

    Thank you

    TWC Graphics Workshop Art Competition!!!

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