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Thread: SCW menu graphics (optional addon)

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    Default SCW menu graphics (optional addon)


    This is an addon that i did made to improve a more personal menu graphics, it's only a minor change to the original mod.


    -New loading bar
    -New splash (the pic that you can see above)
    -New background menu (a few changes)
    -New loading screens ( have a few more of variety)

    Download link:


    -Unrar the dowload file
    -Copy the SCW folder into the "mods" folder of your Medieval II Kingdoms game
    -Run the game (you can see the changes since the first moment)


    Make a copy of security of this 2 folder (from SCW mod), to you can back to the original menus if you don't like this addon:


    There's not images as preview because...i prefer that you see in game

    That's all (by now...)

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