Hello ITW Team,

As an organizer of this event i would like to inform you that some players have nominated your mod in this year's event.
Therefore i humbly invite you to come forward & nominate your work by creating a thread here in the Nominations sub-forum if you guys have updated or released some new work in the year 2012.

Please use the form below & fill out the categories in which you think your work and you qualify:
Spoiler for Form for RTW
[B]Rome Total War[/B]
[B]Favourite Mod Awards[/B]
●All-time favourite:
●Battle gameplay:
●Strategic gameplay:
●3D Art & Design:
●2D Art & Design:
●Music & SFX:
●Historical or lore friendly:
●Sub-mod or Addons:

[B]Favourite New Mod Awards[/B]
●New mod:
●New Sub-mod or Addon:

[B]Favourite Modder Awards[/B]
●2D artist:
●3D artist:
●Historical/Lore writer:
●Tool maker:


You can read full details about the event & the categories it has (which are shown above in the RTW form) here in this thread. If you have any further questions then please don't hesitate to reply back.

PS: The nomination phase ends in 11th of August, 2013.

Rarity (Modding Awards Committee)