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Thread: Hi there :)

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    Default Hi there :)

    So, any of you boy's out there wanna try your luck in the multiplayer arena ?

    You know where to find me

    Server: RS2 Online
    Pass: rs
    Program: Hamachi

    See you soon ...
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    Default Re: Hi there :)

    Well I joined hopefully people will come. After all if you truly want to see how good of a commander you are, you don't fight AI , you fight PEOPLE!

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    Default Re: Hi there :)


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    Hi Storm,

    Haven't seen you around since over at the .org when all the EB guys were busy fiddling with the MP stats. I got tired of waiting.

    Which version are you guys playing? I'm kind of waiting for 2.6 to come out.

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    Oh, Hi there. Jeez you still remember that, some time huh. Yah those times were tough :p every man and his faction.

    I dont know, im still on the old 2.5 i think. Be happy to give you a run for your honour :p

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    LOL, maybe I'll join up in the next month or so. My old group that used to play hotseat kind of fell apart and I've been busy with work since last fall. Just now getting back into playing TW again. The story is ver. 2.6 is just around the corner, like a week or two out. Any chance you plan to upgrade? The reason I ask is because I've heavily tweaked my 2.5 install. I was playing an Armenian campaign and the Seleucid elephants were ridiculously over powered. I hear they are fixed now in the next release and I've kind of been holding off jumping back into playing because of this.

    I also have to talk my pride into taking a butt whuppin'. LOL

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    :p Sure, im Definitely upgrading. See you then

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    Default Re: Hi there :)

    Well, I have a three day weekend coming up. I have Hamachi installed and am running RS ver. 2.6 now...
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    Great, so its out then. Ill be getting it shortly

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    Hi Storm,

    How has your schedule been lately?

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    Yo, Ive been pretty open lately, and am currently in the middle of getting the game... Again.

    See you soon, k

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