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    So it is summer and once more the Man Comes Around (read: Zombies), well here we go again…
    Or perhaps not?

    First, I want to settle the fact that Pitt’s version of WWZ has little to no resemblance with the Book bearing the same title, or so I am told. I have not read the book so I cannot really comment on that part.
    Second, my expectations for this movie were not high. Partly because there has been many zombie-themed movies and partly because most of them are utter trash. Only a couple stood out for me. Most noticeably Dawn of the Death, 28 Days Later, and Quarantine. Part of the reason I liked those movies was rather simple, their “zombies” or infected as they mostly were referred to were actually scary and dangerous and the origins of the pathogens were somewhat explained. That and the movies did not feel overly low budget and there was some decent acting – Severely lacking in this genre! I am the kind of person who does not find the “traditional” zombie to be scary, or even remotely plausible. What buggers me even more is that unexplainable reason why the military always seems to fail against sluggish zombie mobs while hillbillies and average Joes largely triumphs. I simply do not buy it.

    Another thing that really has become a cliché is the fact that in most zombie movies the people somehow cannot identify the threat as what it is... zombies. At least I do not remember any movie where the word actually appears and people are always clueless as to what these things are. This is where Pitt’s WWZ comes into the picture!
    It is the first zombie movie I have ever seen which actually does a great job at portraying how such an outbreak could overwhelm militaries. The shear panic portrayed is also first of its kind and the scenes in Philadelphia and later Jerusalem are just chilling. The entire movie is rather fast paced and the cliché of zombie sieges is largely left out too, which in my opinion is most welcoming. Mostly because that strategy will not do much good as you will discover during the cause of the movie.

    The zombies themselves are not as mutilated as we are use too, but in a way, I find them scarier than anything I have seen before in this genre, well except for Quarantine perhaps. Zombies in WWZ are really, like really, fast moving, and when they run amok they do so in overwhelming numbers with devastation to follow; Basically a tsunami of undead no amount of machinegun can effectively stop.
    However, I do find it comical that Pitt’s character manages to survive one impossible situation after the other. Pitt’s character does not do much besides run around and get other people “unintentionally” killed, (Dr. Fassbach is just hilarious, though not Pitt’s fault) but somehow amidst the total chaos he manages to come up with a solution to the entire problem. I find this somewhat disappointing given that I have that heard WWZ would be a trilogy (Like we haven’t had enough of those). Hopefully, the sequel will have some kind of plot twist that does not make the solution the “I Win” button that it essentially is!

    All in all World War Z is a surprisingly entertaining summer movie. 7/10

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