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    I'm developing a mod over here and I've run into a few issues using the new mod tools.

    First, after learning the basics of the tools I was successfully able to add in a few new units with no problems at all. However, I went to create a female unit (joushitai if you're wondering) and I get a bug where if I roll over the unit in a custom battle the screen dims and has no name at all. However, oddly enough, I didn't find any other problems with the unit. I've double checked and triple checked my units table, units texts descriptions table and even my units.loc/units texts descriptions.loc and couldn't find any errors. I then went to go check the rest of the tables and no error. After this I put in two other units that would not load my soldier.variant. The actual units work fine, but both look like the standard samurai model. This time I checked my uniforms table and units table and once again couldn't find any problems. Could I potentially have someone check over the tables for me or help me identify the problem.

    The mod.pack is here: LUP 0.25.5.rar.
    It would mean a lot.
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