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    Icon7 A quick question

    Is it possible to add Lu Bu or any other generals from other factions to the Imperial Han?
    I messed with the game a bit and was able to get more than 1 unique unit, and change their stats/traits. I also figured out all the ancillaries by making a small list and writing them off when I see them in-game. I'm just getting to the point of the mod where I've played so much that I want to create my own experience now.
    Would appreciate any feedback or something that can increase the already ridiculous amount of hours I put into playing the mod.

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    It is, but it would require some scripting. Are you talking about those generals being with the Imperial Han at campaign start or joining when certain conditions are met?
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    The only general that I've found join you after certain conditions was Hua Xiong, after taking Luoyang. I was in the campaign script and tried killing Lu Bu and making him join, also tried other generals like Sima Yi. They all caused CTD's so I stopped and decided to ask for help.

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    I found out, just by putting this line " give_everything_to_faction venice sicily" under the one that overthrows the original Liang faction, I can take over Lu Bu's faction as well.

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