Hey there! I posted a video a while back and got really really positive reviews of it.I posted a second which also did really well. It has been a few months and I've returned to Shogun 2. This time playing a co-op campaign with my buddy Toby. (My name is Darren). We're doing this as a build up to Rome 2. We're playing every other day and have lots of well edited, high quality videos to upload for this campaign.
We are playing on hard, with large units and we never pause during battle. It's aimed to be kinda light and funny, not deadly serious role play.

Also we are starting a series called "Road To Rome" or "Rome wrap-up" where each week we will discuss what's new in the Rome 2 world. (Rally Point takes ages to come out, and I have yet to find a good Rome discussion video).

So yeah, I usually never ask, but would kindly ask you to subscribe as we are pushing all out on the Total War front and it would really encourage us to keep doing it. We aim to bring high quality, good editing and interesting gameplay/commentary. Also we greatly appreciate feedback and comments, reading and taking on each and every one. So give us a chance!

Lastly we do 2 types of battles in this video (3 in total), 2 from gameplay point of view and 1 from the replay point of view (with our original voices over it) and would like to know which we should do.

The video is quite long, in future we will shorten them hopefully, but the battles are timestamped for those who just like the action

Thank you for reading!