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Thread: New game suggestion - Associations - "Syneirmoi"

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    Default New game suggestion - Associations - "Syneirmoi"

    Hey guys!

    I thought I might share with you a kind of original game concept, that I have played several times with my friends. It is called (more like we named it in Greek) "Syneirmoi" which translated in English would be Associations.


    - Easy to learn after you get the hang of it (1 sample game)
    - No need for any board or cards or other items to play, just your brain!
    - Helps you make connections with other players by understanding how they think or what they might be thinking or describing.
    - Lots of laughs!


    What you need
    - Ideally more than 4 players
    - Split into 2 teams: defending team and attacking team. From my experience, it should be 1 defender per 5 attackers. For forum purposes, since there can be several players we can set a fixed number of defenders i.e. 2-3 and the rest are attackers.

    Basic Concept
    Defending team decide amongst themselves a name of a famous person. That person can be either real (celebrity, politician, even dead famous people etc) or imaginary (Harry Potter, some superhero, a god or anything similar with a personality). Must not be an object and it must have a name and it must be known. (so you cannot have your grandmother that only you know for instance)

    Attacking team try to win questions that can only be answered by yes or no and gradually reach a guess on the defending team's name.

    1) Defending team says the first letter of the person's surname as the first clue. If the person does not have a known surname but only has one name then you state the first letter of that one.
    Example: "Madonna" so they say "M" to the attackers.

    2) Attacking team has to earn the right to pose a yes or no question to get clues by making an association among themselves with the same letter.
    Example: Using the "M" given by defenders.

    3) Any member of the Attacking team can try to think of a person with "M" and describe it to their teamates publicly (so defenders can also listen / read) in a tricky way so that defenders won't be able to guess it and instead one of their teamates find it.
    Example: An Attacker thinks of Angela Merkel and starts to describe the somehow with a non standard way. For instance saying president of Germany would be too obvious, but saying something like Schroeder could be enough of a hint to some teamates while still keeping defenders a little puzzled to guess it.

    4) After the above description, any one teammate of the attackers can state "I got it" as a declaration before guessing it.

    5) Defenders have one chance to guess it before the attacker.
    Example: Scenario 1: If the defenders guess Merkel then they ban that person and attackers don't win a yes/no question. Scenario 2: Defenders pass or don't guess it right, then the attacker who declared "I got it" makes his own guess for his teamates person. a) If he guesses it, then Attacker team win a yes/no question. b) If he doesn't, then nothing happens so the initial attacker can either give more hints or pass his "person" and let another attacker try to describe one of his own "persons". Note: after a new hint is given then defenders always get another chance always guesing once before each attacker.

    6) Eventually, attackers will win a yes/no question and they decide to pose it.
    Example of questions: Is it a real person? Is it a male? Is the person alive? Is the person a singer?

    7) The game proceeds as follows. Attackers keep trying to win yes/no questions but with the additional restriction given by defenders answer to the yes/no question.
    Example: Attackers asked is the person alive and Defenders answered No. Then attackers cannot make any more associations of their own with alive persons. (Or persons already used to win previous questions)

    8) So gradually attackers could win the right to pose enough yes/no questions to reach a small margin of candidate persons.

    9) During the whole game they have 3 guesses only which they can decide to spend as they wish on guessing the Defenders person. If they guess it, they win the game. If they use all 3 questions unsuccessfully, then Defenders win.

    10) Private messages between attackers is forbidden. Attackers must speak always publicly. Defenders can on the other hand speak privately since they have number disadvantage and also to decide on their defending guess each time the attackers try to make an association. Google should not be used by attackers too. Defenders can use it only if they are not sure or the answer i.e. if attackers ask If the person died before 1900 and it could be close or they are not sure if it is yes or no.

    It is not as complicated as it might initially seem, you get the hang of it by playing 1 game. It could be tricky to apply it on a forum, but I suppose we can use a referee for the fair play to safeguard the Defenders person so that if the attackers do guess it right then they win.

    What do you guys think? Would people like to give it a try? Feel free to ask any questions for clarifications!

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    Default Re: New game suggestion - Associations - "Syneirmoi"

    No feedback so I assume it is either too sophisticated / or not interesting enough for this forum section.

    No biggies, kindly close this topic please!


    Life is like Chess, once you make a move you can't take it back.

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    Default Re: New game suggestion - Associations - "Syneirmoi"

    I kinda like the idea. Lets give it another chance and if people are still not interested we'll close it.

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    Default Re: New game suggestion - Associations - "Syneirmoi"

    Add me to interested users, bump this post so others can see it as well. Idea is great, I bet it will catch a lot of attention

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