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    Icon7 A couple of questions

    So i recently decided to play the total war classics. I started with shogun and had a lot of fun so far. Beat a few historical campaigns. Now i`m stuck in the toyotomi hideyoshi campaigns battle shizugatake. Any tips on beating it would be appreciated. Also I`d like some advice for the campaign. Good faction to start what to build that kinda stuff. Well that`s everything and thank you in advance.

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    Hello and welcome to the TWC... Now, I forget about them historical stuff in STW1. Try and try again until you get enough XP to take it to the next level, grasshopper... Ummm, as for selection of clans, I would go for the edges - Shimazu or Uesugi then. As for the rest, do tutorials and read game hints - then decide how you want to play your game. It supposed to be you who do all that anyways - not somebody else... Do a testrun or something, get the feel of things, see how it goes.... Be adventurous!

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