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That's the reason I only play with AUM mod and other unit packs with other sound mods but I usually avoid to play with bigger mods since most of them are not working well in my computer. Another mod that caused my computer consistently and dramatically fps drops is ACW, but usually happens when AI is moving its units and I think this could be because of the well-known path finding issue in Empire Total War.
if there is something I learned in this past months playing with mods is that they basically maximize ETW's original bugs and issues like path finiding... besides, they doesn't seem to be up to date in most cases... Imperial Destroyer's options are old... while at the same time, rendering aspects like Square Formation completely useless...which means if you play this mod, you automatically delete certain features of the original game like some techs you need to research, or how religion and politics work (which by the way are so messed up)...and since there are no updates to compensate... you end up tearing apart the game in order to have some more units..

I can't blame them quite frankly... they are very old mods... but, it's still a shame