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Thread: How to add a new faction and modify existing ones

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    Hi Thanks for the Tutorial, Im having abit of a problem with bob 2 no 2. Whenever I click start and choose the mod pack I created from bob 1 it would say done then red and an error: Failed to save startpos.esf in c:/program files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/total war shogun 2/modding/working_data/campaigns/jap_shogun/!

    Any help would be appreciated thanks

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    I added a guide for adding buildings.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails build_unit.jpg   build_tech.jpg   build_level.jpg   build_f_effect.jpg   build_effect.jpg  

    build_desc.jpg   build_cult.jpg   build_cit.jpg   build_chain.jpg   build_upgrade.jpg  

    Morning Sun (adds Korea and China to the Shogun 2 map)

    Expanded Japan mod (97 new regions and 101 new factions)

    How to split a region in TWS2

    Eras Total Conquest 2.3 (12 campaigns from 970-1547)

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    Is there a way for faction effects to be enabled in the custom battle gamemode? For example, if my faction's bonus is to have +3 charge for units (i.e. a clone of Choshu's ability) it will work in campaign, but it won't apply to units in custom battle. I suppose one way to do this is similar to how it was done in vanilla Shogun 2, by creating clones of the normal units with their bonuses applied directly to the stats) but doing it for each unit a faction could possibly use in custom battle would be tedious and susceptible to mistakes. Thanks!

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