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Thread: Haxāmanišiya Parsā! (Need tof the Community Support)

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    Icon3 Haxāmanišiya Parsā! (Need tof the Community Support)

    Whend i started playing Rise of Persia v.2.2 i was fascinated, but i saw inumerous flaws and since then i wanted to start to
    make my on mode using Rise of Persia as the landing platform. Already have talked with the mod leader of Rise of Persia and he agrees on
    serious changes; then i wanted to make my mod to be like a new version for Rise of Persia but Nero666 sugested not to do this because im not a menber of Rise of Persia Team, so i will callet
    Haxāmanišiya Parsā!

    I alone am working on it, and this are the major changes that did already and want to add:

    . For a very long time there was one thing in ROP that it never had a opponent, but i intend to change that; for the first time the East in gonna fight the West!!!!! for wisdom.....
    To explain better on ROP there is the loadings with quotes from eastern proverbs that were called eastern wisdom, i want to add western wisdom for example the Greek and Italian proverbs to see witch is the better ones, the East or West(this change is insignificant but i think enjoyable.

    . New Loading screens, up to 40.

    . New Music. Im already seeing some good tracks but i apreciated if you guys sujested good ancient music.

    . New Faction, the Rouzhi (know to everyone as the Yuezhi) the ROP map reaches the Gobi desert where they resided and it would be a great addison of cultures to add a chinese culture to the game. This is the part that i need it the most, to make the faction in the game and to the strat map with the icones for the faction and adding it to the script and units. ROP still has one slot left for a faction.

    Rouzhi Horseman

    . Alot of new units. All of the units that im adding ae not my creations, but are from other mods and unit packs. They are
    - Rise of Persia
    - Persian Invasion
    - Hegemony City States
    - Classical Age
    Bronze Age
    - Europa Barbarorum
    - Near East
    - Extended Cultures
    - AmazonsTW-Recalesced
    - 300 Warlords of Sparta
    - Parthian Unit Pack by
    - Shadows of War Pack by Algaman & Milner
    - Several Uniys by King Louise Assurbanipal
    - Maybe more in the near future

    However there are units that i can´t find in mods and for that i want the help of those who see this and have the skill to do warriors. Please if you want to help please tell me that i say in detail the units in question.

    Still More Changes:

    . Adding camel units to the game. This was the issue that made me want to make a mod, because ROP don´t have camels.

    . Adding Women units. This his a very important fact that there was in reality women warriors; especially with the Scythians and Thracians. However i don´t want to escape reality and do like Amazon total war by adding a huge number of women; no i just want a reasonable and historical number of units. In this if you guys want to help i will apreciate.

    . Native language names. Almost 90% of the names are correct; example: the Magadh units have now Hindu names and the Kemet have also ancient Egyption names, however this ones are not all corrected.

    . Adding more regions. Also a step that i need support.

    . Changing some names of generals to original names; example: Hystapes will now be called by his real name
    Vištâspa; Astyages will now be called by his real name Rishti Vaiga.

    . Will change all generic units made for the Skudata, Saba, Autariatai and the Mazaka.

    . Specific Region units; Example: on the island of Crete you can recruit unique Cretan warriors that no faction has.

    . Specific Religious unit; Example: If you build a Awsome Temple to Marduk you can recruit Marduk Spearmen and Archers.

    . Change all characters stats to make a more durable and fun battle.

    . Strech a little the Strat map to East and West. West just to catch all Sicilly, and east to add more Yuezhi settlements; However this is one thing that i don´t believe to be possible.

    There is more changes but they most be little because i don´t remenber.
    Be supportive and if you want to help please reply
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    Default Re: Haxāmanišiya Parsā! (Need tof the Community Support)

    All i have read are what a gread mod needs. Choosing to borrow units from these beautiful mods is certainly the right thing to do, since you are alone for the time being. I would certainly try to help you if this had started a year ago..

    Anyway, my suggestions as a fan of ROP and the era.

    1) Borrow and take permissions with no hesitation. This can be the major step for the mod to be completed after a logical period of time and not 5 years.

    2) Some new traits and ancillaries for a fresh approach and RP elements.

    3) A map with 199 regions (the limit) would be great.

    4) AOR units and strong rebels.

    5) Expensive units and difficult economy. Basically, an EDU and economy like Europa Barbarorum. Money should be tight, that is very important, since it dictates the gameplay and the difficulty.

    I believe you will include RS environments, like you did with ROP. Ofc, i say it again, those are just my suggestions, coz' i think you 'd like to hear what the fans think or want.

    I have to say that i am really glad and optimistic you 've taken the initiative to build a mod like this.

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