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Thread: Bran's Empire Campaign AI

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bran Mac Born View Post
    As requested here is my CAI and BAI used in my sub mod for Darth Mod Empire by Darth Vader extracted from Bran's DME mod settings.
    These have aggressive BAI and CAI for action filled battles and Epic campaign. Better regional development, better diplomacy, better faction expansion,more naval invasions, naval overhaul, artillery overhaul, morale overhaul, new trigger events, stronger Pirates, bug fixes. Recommended settings are Hard Campaign and Very Hard Battle

    Install:Unpack to Drive C;/Program files(x86)/steam/steamapps/common/empire total war/data. This is in movie format so just put it in the data folder.

    File- You can use this with Vanilla game and ANY mod. 49.3KB Bran_Empire_AI.rar
    Campaign reports are welcome
    Note: for best BAI : go into your Preferences script and and change campaign_unit_multiplier to 1.3
    and unit_scale to 3. The Preferences script is in Drive C;/ Users.username/AppData/Roaming/The Creative Assembly/Empire/scripts. Make sure to save after you change the settings and in properties make sure that it is set to "read only" after you make the change.

    NEW!! Bran Empire AI ++ version. Added larger size (more men) vanilla Empire Units with Bran modifications and Bran Projectiles. New naval stats, Longer battles with better morale , fatigue ,lower upkeep costs, building effects, longer range muskets and artillery and new spotting rules for Generals and Artillery that really help the BAI Enjoy.

    NEW! ++version with no Naval Stats so you can play with vanilla Naval Battles.

    NEW! Volley Fire version All infantry use mass volley fire. Better AI response.(++ version)

    NEW! Volley Fire No Navy ++ version

    NEW: Empire AI ++ Ottoman Bug Fix post 1

    Regional Development Version post #5


    Build: 04/08/16

    Go into your Empire Preferences script file located in Drive C;Users/user name/AppData/Roaming/Roaming/The Creative Assembly/Empire/scripts/preferences.empire_script.
    scroll down to the bottom of the script and find these two lines:
    multithreaded_model_enabled false; # multithreaded_model_enabled <true|false>, Run the battle model on a separate thread #
    number_of_threads 0; # number_of_threads <int>, Set the number of threads <= 0 - automatic, >0 = explicit number #
    Change it to read this:
    multithreaded_model_enabled true; # multithreaded_model_enabled <true|false>, Run the battle model on a separate thread #
    number_of_threads 2; # number_of_threads <int>, Set the number of threads <= 0 - automatic, >0 = explicit number #
    (If you use a quad core processor the number of thread should put is 4. Click save.)
    Go back to the preferences file and right click on it and go to properties and click 'read only' and then apply then ok.
    Hey i tried your mod in terms of CAI its briliant. Now i dont know if fire accuracy goes under BAI or CAI. I believe its BAI. could you make so that fire accuracy in land and naval units be more accurate in term of long range. I like to play ETW without voley fire so early in the campaign is quite difficult to play. Now i m saying i m not capable but for me it seems rather annying. Yes the BAI is far better than vanilla one (you can see more manuevers from the AI trying to flank you while front units are bussy). So i m begging you make the same mod with better accuracy. If you dont it would be a pain in the ass could you tell me what can i change your .pack file and some numbers so i can make gameplay experience better?

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    Accuracy is historically correct and anything else is game breaking-move in closer-get experience and your troops will shoot better. If you want to change it is in kv rules tables and projectiles tables under marksmanship bonus.

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    Are the features listed somewhere? I downloaded what was said to be ONLY Campaign AI, however, looking at the tables there's a load of stuff included, completely unrelated with AI - army building chain giving massive bonuses, technologies giving completely random bonuses (i.e. platoon firing improves army administration for some reason).

    On the same note, some factions have just an obscene amount of income: e.g. United Provinces has 15k of base gdp... My income as Portugal was off the charts as well.

    There are some lines about "amphibious assault" what is that? On the description page this wasn't mentioned.

    There's any version that adds only an AI Overhaul, or at least a list of things changed. There's so much weird stuff on the .pack file that I wouldn't dare to change myself!

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    Started to play the mod, apparently a trade agreement gives +150 relations (wtf!!!!), overruling every single other factor into diplomacy.

    If I remember correctly, +150 relations is the maximum one can obtain by a long lasting alliance in vanilla. Result: Spain hated me for "historical grievances value", now (now being turn 2) Spain ing loves me, loves me so much that we can get an alliance in turn one. In fact, I can get an alliance with any faction I'm trading with 0 trouble.

    Is this intentional or a bug? Because it already f* the whole alliance configuration in the campaign.
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