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Thread: Bran Mac Born's DME Mod settings

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    anyway i manage to download it.
    at turn 90 game was stuck during AI turn.
    I load an earlier game and continue but after 2 turns it again stuck in another AI's turn ( i check for possible solutions only and tried them all, verifying steam files, trying to do different moves before end turn, declare war or cancell agreements with AI etc. no help at all) and i gave up..
    If you are looking for mod in 2022 do not bother darthmod and try other mods.
    Most probably all these issues are vanilla game issues but still darthmod could not find a solution again probably hard coded game files

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    i don't get it. my darthmod and bran doesn't show enough blood. shouldn't musket fire also cause blood? i only see blood when hit by cannon
    Dear CA,

    Please gives us the ability to fire by rank! Line one, line two, line three!

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    I hear this mod fixes the AI region swapping issue? Thats all i am really after what version do you recomend?
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    I have problem with volley fire for grenadier is work but line infantry isn't work in late year anyone have solution?

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