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Thread: Bran Mac Born's DME Mod settings

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    Thanks for the mods! I have a problem though. New cannon projectiles are too much for my modest GPU- they look like smoking rockets and lower my fps to 20. Is there anyway I can turn off these? (My projectiles at DM launcher is already ticked off)

    Addition: I'm using volley fire for all with correct CB plug in, Janissary Beylik Grenadiers cannot volley, only first line fires. In fact, they can't do any fire types as I unlocked them all.
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    Default Re: Bran Mac Born's DME Mod settings

    How do I know if its working?

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    Is the BAI's accuracy modified by the difficulty in all the different mods? Im looking for a Hard economy/regional development/volley fire/30% less accuracy that doesn't change the AI's accuracy with the difficulty modifier.

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    Hello Bran !

    I am a big fan of your work !
    Currently I play platoon fire, tight formations, hard economy and I enjoy it verry much.
    But I have a question: it is possible that the advanced platoon fire not working ? Is not working for me
    Did i made a mistake whne I instaled the sub-mod or is a chance that you can take a look to see if it is any problem ?

    Thanks a lot !

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    HB The accuracy was lowered in the unit tables-the ai will still get a small buff per difficulty.

    Kogaion- Advance platoon fire is only for ELITE units. All others use rank and valley fire.

    Guthar- Use this file from post # 1 DME_BSM_OFF.rar
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