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Thread: DarthMod Napoleon v2.65 Feedback

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    Default DarthMod Napoleon v2.65 Feedback

    DarthMod Napoleon v2.65 "Epic Edition"
    This is how it was to fight!

    After many gameplay updates and much feedback
    you -the players- gave, DarthMod Napoleon "Epic Edition" had to become even better,
    it had to be what you always ask from games of this genre: to be realistic, fun, challenging, enormous... epic.
    If you thought that DarthMod Napoleon was already offering all that,
    then you have to play the new version to realize how much more awesome it has become.

    The "Epic Edition" of DarthMod Napoleon includes the following:

    + Over 200 extra units

    + 43 Garrison units

    + 40 unit armies

    + Many different campaigns

    + Effects that look real

    + Fascinating AI

    + Realistic battle mechanics

    = Mythic gameplay experience!

    Watch the following video

    DarthMod Napoleon v2.6 demo video - Mod DB

    Notice the new changes of March 2013 and read the older changelog
    to get an idea of what the mod offers in this "Epic Edition".

    Version 2.65 "Epic Edition" (24/3/2013)

    • Drastic CAI tweaks for a better diplomacy, challenge and effective Britain. AI ships should be repaired too.
    • Land & Naval Autocalc Improvements.
    • Mass improvements. Melee penetration much more intense.
    • BAI decisioning improvements. It should be more challenging.
    • Canister should have better trajectories (Thanks to Bran Mac Born tip about high elevation).
    • Soldier synchronization even more realistic.
    • All 40 Unit Saves refreshed.
    • After many requests, the Launcher offers now the option of "Auto-Start" or "Manual-Start". In "Manual-Start" you can set the Launcher options and then use the official game shortcut to play the game. Use this method to launch DarthMod if you anticipate CTD at startup.

      Many thanks to all who gave feedback for the latest open beta:, especially to Bran Mac Born, Centaure, Whatthefunk and Hawkeye.

    Version 2.6+++ "Epic Edition"(5/2/2013)

    • BAI and melee mechanics fine tune. Now you should enjoy the game to the maximum. Prepare for powerful AI musket Lines.

    Version 2.6++ "Epic Edition" (21/1/2013)

    • Better Musket Accuracy Balance ideal for situations like "Ready... Aim... Fire!!!" ! Meaning that muskets are now better at close range fire due to more effective targeting calibration and you can rout units more easily with correctly timed volleys (as the AI).
    • Formation improvements that make ΒΑΙ not to prefer so much the angled/flank attacks that could make it not use its artillery always properly.
    • AI Diplomacy stances less strict so to give more breathing space to minor nations against the big nations.
    • The AI should now attack/defend/make musket lines even more effectively. It should also use its reserves more efficiently.
    • Tweaks in morale. Morale much more dynamic.
    • Tweaks in combat animation mechanics.
    • Rank fire available from the start of any campaign without the need of research.
    • Garrison units have now special stats (Much better in defense, much worse in attack than their normal counterparts).
    • Balanced better the naval battles damage & accuracy system.
    • Balanced slightly better the Land battles projectile damage system.
    • All buildings are 10 times more resilient against artillery so as not to be deathtraps for garrison as before.
    • Mass changes for excellent battle realism, even greater than before!
    • Annoying incidents in which there was zero lethality after musket, land or naval cannon fire are now fixed/balanced much better.
    • Canister should have now straighter trajectories and generally will be more effective.
    • AI should now flank with cavalry much more often.
    • Greeks and Greek Rebels no longer speak Turkish as in Vanilla (English is now their voice, cannot be changed to something else better).

    Version 2.6+ "Epic Edition" (8/9/2012)

    • Several new improvements that affect Battle AI positively for even greater and more challenging battles. DarthMod Napoleon has now 300% better Battle AI from vanilla = guaranteed. Those who still do not believe just try and see (especially in campaign battles).
    • Melee mechanics improvements (better reactions, more lively engagements).
    • Better animation mechanics, more realistic. (Less synchronised volleys, better sounds, less lag).
    • 43 new Garrison units that make sieges far more interesting. No longer you will face only weak armed citizenry but instead you will have to battle against experienced Line infantry and trained Militia, according to town income. These troops are available for the human player too when he defends. (In previous version this was not implemented fully and caused bugs = you could not disband some units or after the battle they dissapeared. Now this very irritating bug is fixed).
    • Howitzers more accurate and effective.
    • Quicklime and Carcass more effective.
    • Many more projectile improvements. For example muskets are having even more realistic firing trajectories. You can feel how the musket is better at the hands of a trained soldier than an inexperienced militia. Enable the improved projectile trails to watch how deadly or unstable at the same time can be a musket barrage.
    • Squares more effective against cavalry.
    • Fortifications slightly less expensive as requested.
    • Musket sounds enriched with the magnificently recorded sounds of General Andy. You can find his standalone mod here: (General Andy's Musket Sounds). DarthMod now uses possibly the best musket sound mix of the community. Read the credits for more info.
    • The 1X MP setting is now enabling normal vanilla unit size so you can freely change unit size or play DarthMod multiplayer without any issues.

    Version 2.6 "Epic Edition" (14/8/2012)

    • Battle AI is greater than ever due to formations and other parameters adjustments. It will really give you a hard time winning it, especially when it has artillery and a good general.
    • Multiplayer with DarthMod enabled should now be fixed.
    • Now there is richer garrison (Militia and many types of Line infantry) and also it costs when in siege (so Human campers will not wait for the AI to attack all the time because they may risk bankruptcy). This simulates the cost of a siege for the defender.
    • Battle autocalc improved as requested.
    • Gun reload rates extreme re-balance for better battle realism and challenge.
    • Musketing morale impact is greater so that only the elite troops can stand under heavy fire long enough (or when they have a good officer around).
    • General projectile lethality enhanced.
    • Melee mechanics tweaked even better for more cinematic feel.
    • Artillery more devastating.
    • CAI better re-balance especially for France and Britain which should be more effective in the campaign map.
    • CAI recruitment better with more special and elite troops.
    • Fortifications have much more cost so that they are rare in the map.
    • CAI should be not so aggressive to minor nations and must be slightly more reasonable.
    • Diplomacy gift impact reduced (was requested).
    • Howitzer impact slightly more powerful.
    • Unit population cost nullified because in some campaigns caused problems (For example in Penninsula Campaign it made Towns too small and no more units could be built).
    • Trade ports can now build warships so that the CAI can build powerful navies. As a tradeport becomes upgraded it can build bigger ships and smaller ships become obsolete.
    • Improvements in effects (Musket muzzle flash much more realistic, Quicklime smoke effect more realistic, Water impact effects are now realistic and not tiny and gamey as in vanilla).
    • New Musket sounds much more realistic using sounds kindly offered by Shokh, the creator of ACW mod (American Civil War - The Blue and the Grey).
    • Extreme Naval Battle rebalance. Many changes to make the naval battles as realistic, challenging and beautiful as possible. For example you can now feel the mass and slow reaction time of a ship type and also there is simulation of how tides affect a ship's firing trajectory. The smaller ships shake a lot so they are not as effective in long range targeting as the bigger warships which remain more stationary in the water. But even for the bigger ships you notice this very realistic effect, as they shake after they take hits or they fire etc. so that you think you play a real naval battle.
    • Some minor Launcher fixes to provide more accurate log reports.
    • Projectile trails improved (Those you enable from the launcher).

    Read more about the full changelog and features of the mod

    Installation & troubleshooting

    It is fully save game compatible with your previous DarthMod "Mythos Edition" or "Epic Edition".
    It is required to uninstall the previous version and then install this new one.
    Read the simple installation instructions

    Useful info:
    Always open the Steam client before you open the launcher
    How to play Multiplayer with DarthMod Napoleon
    Technical support

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    Default Re: DarthMod Napoleon v2.65 Feedback

    So far in my campaign as Great Britain on Very Hard , Hard I lost Dublin and Scotland to the french because they keep sneaking stacks in. One every turn ! Love it. But I don't like how my arty makes so little impact. This is version 2.60 though.

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    Default Re: DarthMod Napoleon v2.65 Feedback

    as soon as the authorization is done, im gonna try a river battle and see if the AI knows what to do in this version, since in 2.6 they had no clue. if not then a pointer that doing river battles should be avoided

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    Default Re: DarthMod Napoleon v2.65 Feedback

    The 2.65 download links, aren't working, could somebody upload it somewhere else ? again pls

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    Default Re: DarthMod Napoleon v2.65 Feedback

    modDB hasnt checked it yet, not sure how long it usualy takes for them

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    Default Re: DarthMod Napoleon v2.65 Feedback

    I'll tell you when I can download it!

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    Default Re: DarthMod Napoleon v2.65 Feedback

    downloading now

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    Default Re: DarthMod Napoleon v2.65 Feedback

    download link doesnt work

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    Default Re: DarthMod Napoleon v2.65 Feedback

    Quote Originally Posted by john duca View Post
    download link doesnt work
    It worked for me after I logged in on moddb. Try that.

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    Default Re: DarthMod Napoleon v2.65 Feedback

    Congrats Darth. This version is a definite improvement compared to the last one so thanks for your hard work and perseverance to make this game what it should have been in the first place.

    PS: I will keep posting pics in the screen thread too bad we lost some due to the broken server

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    Default Re: DarthMod Napoleon v2.65 Feedback

    i logged and i downloaded..its okay..nice mod and very good sounds
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    Default Re: DarthMod Napoleon v2.65 Feedback

    I can no longer launch the mod from the launcher-I have to start it from steam.. Got it to lauch from stteam and played custom battle and the Ai was way waco doing crazy things not forming lines units spinning around? It installed alright. uninstalled then verified game cache then reinstalled-same thing could not lauch the game played same custom battle on flat grasslands-waco ai! beta was fine this is not Will use 2.6 for now.

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    Default Re: DarthMod Napoleon v2.65 Feedback

    something wrong on your end dude, not with the mod, unless what you got was a bug ofcourse, i have played 6+ battle so far and everythings been fine

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    Default Re: DarthMod Napoleon v2.65 Feedback

    manually tranfered files over but using old launcher- ai still crazy-will use new save games-used new 40 unit save now no 40 ui?

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    Default Re: DarthMod Napoleon v2.65 Feedback

    Human naval power feels somewhat "nerfed to me". Started a UK campaign and fought a Dutch fleet. My 122 gun Ship of the line is trading broadsides with an Indiaman trader....and losing. I'll blast a small sloop or brig with full broadsides from my elite warships and maybe take out 1-3 guns and 10 crew per volley. That seems extremely underpowered to me. Also ships turn like snails across the board for me. I'm playing on default difficulty. Anyone else experiencing similar naval handicaps against the AI?

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    Default Re: DarthMod Napoleon v2.65 Feedback

    I take it you followed the install instructions which explains the steps you have to take.

    and yea minimal UI like in empire :/ kinda need that

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    Default Re: DarthMod Napoleon v2.65 Feedback

    Darth - I started a fresh game as Sweden. Some things I've noticed.. I'm in turn 15 and haven't had a fight yet, but looking around at the cities I can see Austria in their capitan are upgrading buildings and roads. 80% of France hasn't upgraded to dirt roads yet, and London only upgraded to a Magistraite. Hasn't upgraded their barricks or cannon foundry yet.

    Batavian has attacked me twice on trading nodes (something they never did on 2.60) and now the biritish are blocking their port. Nelson was doing it, but now he is MIA and I have no vision on him. I have no vision on Paris, but it appears they did upgrade roads but only in Paris. I'll play another hour and continue to give feedback once I get into some navial and land battles..
    PC specs:
    I-7 2600K overclocked to 4.4Ghz stable
    8 gigs of DDR3 RAM
    Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
    GTS450 Nvidia

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    Default Re: DarthMod Napoleon v2.65 Feedback

    i have had a a few big battles now, and there is a few problems i have seen..


    Ok good thing, they use cav very well to support any melee battle that comes

    BAD thing: they tend to charge cav into my center lines hundreds of meters before their infantry will be within firing range, so in turn most their cav dies doing nothing much

    There is still times where the enemy infantry hesitates when they charge and stops right before my lines and runs sideways before they finally charges into me again, other times they just stood there .

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    Default Re: DarthMod Napoleon v2.65 Feedback

    Ok 43 turns in. London still has build nothing. Not even roads throughout the UK. Italian states are more aggressive and spreading. But enemy navies are not repairing, and they are allowing me (Sweden) to slowly block all thier ports. Not making ant 2nd rate ships or 1st rate ships.

    Battles : Land battles are improved. But enemy cav like Jiiub say charge and get destroyed, then fall back and do help infantry lines. So far battles are fine. But the other nations not building is a huge problem. Austria is however building and taking quite a bit of land in the process..
    PC specs:
    I-7 2600K overclocked to 4.4Ghz stable
    8 gigs of DDR3 RAM
    Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
    GTS450 Nvidia

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    Default Re: DarthMod Napoleon v2.65 Feedback

    -.- i think the AI got smart... they just pushed one army past my town, then sent in another from the front, so im now under attack from both sides, and im outnumbered somewhat since i just finished a massive battle against them... this is gonna hurt...

    one thing that i think should be "fixed" or added would be that if the enemy is losing the battle, and its 100% sure, they should pull withdraw, in this last battle i had 2600 troops left and they had 2 platoons and 2 cannons + general, that was it. instead they just stood around.

    I think it would add ALOT of realism if the enemy pulled back to fight another day.

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