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Thread: Moving Istanbul to fix Bosphorus strait bug

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    Default Moving Istanbul to fix Bosphorus strait bug

    I was trying to fix the Bosphorus strait bug, which prevented units from crossing it and caused the famous ottoman turn lag. At first I thought it was Istanbul fault because it was too big and units did not have enough space to pass by, so I moved it to Adrianople's location (editing startpos.esf and regions.esf), and vice versa.

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    But it did not fix the bug. There is still an invisible barrier around Adrianople.

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    So I searched in the forum what else I had to do, and read in [url=]this thread[] that now I have to edit pathfinding.esf but I don't know what changes to do. Any idea?

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    Default Re: Moving Istanbul to fix Bosphorus strait bug

    Does anybody know how to do this? I'm pretty sure it would substantially improve the Ottoman AI. Just moving Istanbul a little bit to the North, so that the troops could pass it by while crossing the land bridge (just like they do in Denmark, passing by Copenhagen). Is there a tutorial on relocating a city?

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    Default Re: Moving Istanbul to fix Bosphorus strait bug

    There are about 3 people, perhaps 5, that know how to do that. HusserlTW is one of them but he rarely enters the forums these days. Also, it is not Constantinople, it's the land-bridge in Bosporus. Disabling both landbridges is much easier and it has been done and it does solve the problem.
    And it creates the problem that you need ships to cross from Asia to Europe.
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    Default Re: Moving Istanbul to fix Bosphorus strait bug

    I still believe changing the location would improve the situation a bit - and it is not as extreme as removing the land-bridge: if you remove the land-bridge the AI will surely not be capable of transporting reinforcements from the East to the West (because it's just that stupid), and also it probably should ruin the Ottoman trade - because the regions on the Eastern side of the strait will become a new region group, separated from the capital in Istanbul by water.

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    Default Re: Moving Istanbul to fix Bosphorus strait bug

    It would be brilliant to adjust the campaign map to solve this problem, either by removing the land bridge or moving Istanbul (I can see the downsides of either option). If it's possible to do either, I'd really like to know how.

    Modding the behaviour of the Ottoman Empire may help sometimes, but of course the Ottoman Empire doesn't always control the strait. In my latest campaign, the Maratha Confederacy conquered the Ottoman Empire and their end turns took several minutes.

    We can edit the treasury of the faction which currently controls the strait (explained by Goreuncle here); even so, a solution which prevents the problem arising would be better.

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    Default Re: Moving Istanbul to fix Bosphorus strait bug

    So the options are:

    A) Change settlement location - we don't know how to do this
    B) Disable land bridge - too big of a downside in my opinion
    C) What about adding another land bridge or moving current land bridge?

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    Default Re: Moving Istanbul to fix Bosphorus strait bug

    Hmm, is it possible to remove the land bridges entirely?

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    Default Re: Moving Istanbul to fix Bosphorus strait bug

    Since the community have found the solution to the Ottoman bug, that "infests" ALL major Mods, then why nobody acts on the problem, as a "SAVIOR" fixer for it?
    If only I had the knowledge...!
    It is really sad coming to the forum, and despite the fact that solutions have been found for general problems, people like to drag to long talks and "flood" the threads with meaningless posts, like politicians!
    Such entropy!

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