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Thread: The 1648 Custom Launcher

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    Default The 1648 Custom Launcher

    One of the biggest new features of V2.0 is the possibility to play 1648 in English and German at will. To configure 1648's language easily we've developed a tiny tool:

    A base version suitable for all kingdoms mods can be found here: Steam compatible modStarter

    If you are having .NET Framework problems because of running Windows XP, please download this version and place it in the data folder of the 1648_2:

    Regular Start
    When you double click the game's desktop icon the new Launcher of 1648 will open. Choose your language, then click 'start'

    Reich Mutation
    If you got the "Reich" event in game, you have to restart the game and choose your faction here to "mutate" it to the "reich" faction, then click 'start'

    Disabling of pop up
    If you are getting annoyed by this little tool prompting at start up, then simply avoid it by un checking the check box in the left bottom corner. If you have done so and want to get the launcher window back then browse to the 1648_2\additional folder, open the additionalConfig.cfg file with Notepad and edit the start up entry like below:

    Those of you, who use steam, know that it's not so easy to get a mod started. Just double clicking the .bat is not sufficient. Here the 1648.exe is your friend. Whether Steam or not: just double click the desktop shortcut and 1648 will start. We've added a special steam start up routine to the 1648.exe which detects if your game is a steam version or not.

    Just to forestall if someone is getting an idea: the 1648.exe is a self developed tool. It's NOT a cracked version of the kingdoms.exe, easily found out by comparing the file sizes or trying to start the game without the regular kingdoms.exe
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    Default Re: The 1648 Custom Launcher

    One Feature is not mentioned here:

    If there is a newer Version of 1648 or a Patch, the launcher will tell u and link to our download area:

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