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Thread: Thirty Years of War v2.0

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    Default Thirty Years of War v2.0

    The mod 1648 is settled in the period 1618-1648 of the wars in Central Europe better known als the '30 years war'. The battlefields of this conflict are all located in the area of the Holy Roman Empire of German Nation, therefore the map encompasses it's dominion and the directly neighboring areas (South Sweden-Udine / Reims-Riga). A high level of detail is guaranteed through 198 provinces and 27 (22 playable) factions. The pivotal aspect of the mod will be the struggle of the Kaiser with the counter reformation; protestant leaders being his main adversaries.

    Foreign powers enter the game as spawning factions like Transylvania and Ottoman Empire or as invaders like Sweden and France. Poland-Lithuania (the Western areas), Denmark.
    Two subjects of the Empire, the Old Swiss Confederation and the Republic of the Netherlands have their part on the map as well, although their influence in the beginning will be more passive. The eighty years war between the Netherlands and Spanish Habsburg will also play a role in the overall war of that period. Both factions will try to get their independence, de facto they´ve already.

    The individual Factions

    Overview of the Region Distribution

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    The complete List of Factions

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Impressions from the Game
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Someone watch over me

    A battle somewhere

    View over the Rhine, showcasing the UI removal


    - The teams of TWZone and TWForum for their friendly assistance and providing a moding 'home'
    - Both communities for their support, ideas and friendly critic
    - Musculus Maximus for his help with the forts and ground textures
    - Dimitri Harkov and Addi for their ideas and help
    - Rheumafuzzy and team SuS\OuO as well as repman and team DLV for ideas and help
    - King Kong and Team TA for ground textures and those plush trees on the stratmap
    - Xeryx for providing the AI mod
    - the countless modders of TWCentre for their brilliant groundwork
    - Wikipedia for the public pictures and text
    - German television ARD and ZDF for their documentaries "Wir Deutschen" and "Die Deutschen"
    - The authors of the books "Deutsche Volkslieder", "Deutsche Hausmärchen", "Deutsche Soldatenlieder", although this will be most likely posthumous
    - The Housekeepr and team Machiavello for their idea of the named forts
    - Team HRE and their inspiration for a "Reichs-Mod"
    - AlphaDelta for the mod fKoC that taught us a lot
    - Supply and forage system by Byg

    Download here
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