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Thread: Divide and Conquer: Campaign Map, Remade for 3.2 - v3.0 previews on page 83, region changes on page 84!!

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    Icon1 Divide and Conquer: Campaign Map, Remade for 3.2 - v3.0 previews on page 83, region changes on page 84!!

    The Divide and Conquer team presents a resource for the entire community, Modders and Players alike. A new campaign map from scratch, designed around true maps and lore-accurate information of Middle-earth. Based on maps with the most accurate geographical layout of Middle-earth, it is a unique experience for Third Age: Total War.

    The map has been designed primarily in accordance with this source:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    This map is included in MOS (v1.5.1) and is not compatible with submods which modify climates, vegetation, the map (data/world folder) or add new scripts. This means most submods will be incompatible without a patch/merge.

    The current map is available for use in other submods, as long as credit for the mod is clearly stated, and the mod has a thread here on the TWCenter. For submods two extra AI's used in DaC are included in the descr_campaign_ai_db.xml file. These ai_labels are 'dunland' and 'enedwaith'.

    • 100% Remade Map! - The map has been made from scratch, with a completely new heightmap based on the official map of Middle-earth. Hundreds of hours have been spent making sure this map works and looks like the world its based in. Two maps are present, with the older one (1.3) utilised for the smaller Fellowship Campaign.
    • Lore Accurate! - The geography of Middle-earth has never been so accurately represented in a game! From the shape of the world to the heights of mountains, from the trees in Lorien to the climate of Middle-earth, experience the world like it should be.
    • Increased Scale! - The increased size has been utilised to improve the scale of the map, allowing areas like the Gap of Rohan or the Gap of Osgiliath to be lore-accurate without compromising gameplay. Detail is abundant and the world is shaped like it should be.
    • Strategic Chokepoints! - Hold down Isengard at the Gap of Rohan, securing the Fords of Isen and protecting Foldburg. Prevent Mordor from crossing the Anduin by holding Cair Andros and Osgiliath, keeping the lands of the west safe. Prevent enemies crossing the Misty Mountains, holding the High Pass, or protecting the caverns of Moria.
    • Improved Graphics! - The map has never looked so good. Terrain textures have depth, the seas are smooth and detailed, forests are diverse and the rivers and shoreline is as smooth as ever. A modern map for modern times.
    • Remade Climates! - The climates of Middle-earth have been re-imagined, with improved weather, new climates, realistic snow and diverse regions. Golden-trees in Lorien, the Brown Lands north of Mordor, the fertile ashen lands of Nurnen and the creepy Dead Marshes are just some of the new climate work present in this mod.
    • Expanded map with more regions! - There are numerous new regions present in this mod, expanding many areas such as Eriador, Enedwaith and lands east of the Celduin. No larger region of Middle-earth was spared an expanded treatment.
    • Improved AI pathfinding - The campaign AI of Medieval II needs the best performance it can get. The map has been designed around keeping the AI moving and making sure the player is challenged. The world was designed with pathfinding performance in mind.
    • Sailable rivers! - Many rivers such as the Gwathlo or the Celduin, or even the center stretch of the Anduin have been made sailable, making naval invasions a new experience in many parts of Middle-earth. Defending the Celduin will never be the same.
    • Fixed vanilla bugs! - Issues present in vanilla have been fixed, such as the black terrain beyond the playable are in Battle-maps, bugged icons in higher leveled settlements or incorrect textures in certain climates. Much of the writing for Third Age has also been cleaned up and polished.
    • Ensured Battle Stability! - As part of the climate overhaul, the culprit file for Battle CTD's was overhauled. Combined with a new method of loading these files, battle CTD's have been killed off, ensuring stability during your best moments.
    • Includes the Alternate Patch 4.0! - Enjoy the epic battles available within the new custom settlements provided by leo.civil.uefs! Enjoy an enhanced building upgrade system and improved immersion through bug-killing. Further enhancements have been included in this map, including an improved Erebor and a custom settlement for Gundabad.
    • Unofficial Fellowship Patch! - Experience the Fellowship Campaign like you should have been able to. Enjoy the experience on an immersive map, with polish and bug-fixes key to allowing you a smooth playthrough from start to finish.
    • and many more surprises throughout the map...

    Some minor features...
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    • Dynamic Garrison Script submod integration, including new units with no upkeep and removal of the garrison units after the siege.
    • Remade startup script, for minimal intrusion and improved performance.
    • New campaign AI, rebalanced priorities and improved conditions and decisions.
    • Campaign Models optimization, redundant models removed, large model files have been optimized and folder structure is optimized as well.
    • Removed the Cair Andros custom settlement, due to broken AI and general issues throughout the settlement.
    • Gondor strategic models are now used, helping the culture look more unique.
    • Many more small additions to the mod...

    Download for Third Age: Total War 3.2
    This is for vanilla Third Age 3.2 with no additional mods! Make sure you follow the install instructions or you WILL CTD.
    2.1 is not save-game compatible with any previous version. A fresh install is not required to update. After its install, if you unticked the checkbox, or if your unsure, make sure you run the RUN AFTER INSTALL.bat file located in your Third Age folder!
    2.1 is a general improvement on the previous version, improving AI, adding the AP 4.0 content and generally completing missing features/functionality from 2.0. 2.0 was a complete remake of the map, with improved scale, detail and lore-accuracy.

    Install Instructions:
    1. Download the mod from the provided link.
    2. Run the installers provided in order, making sure that the installers install to the correct folders. Right click and select Run as Administrator before you run the installer if you are using Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.
    3. If you unchecked the checkbox at the end of the install, or if you are unsure, run the RUN AFTER INSTALL.bat file in your Third_Age_3 folder, which is located in the /mods folder of your Kingdoms install. If this fails, check the Troubleshooting section on this page.
    4. Enjoy the new campaign map!

    Download Link
    2.0 Installer!p01CWTaZ!ViuTWg...P6kYTfq8QiuSAE (314 MB)
    2.1 Patch!wp9wUA4B!R4JFuI...vyv1FtxQzA4QMQ (178 MB)

    If you are experiencing messed up battle-map behavior and climates or battle CTD's, remove any tweaks in the config files to regenerate the descr_geography_new.db. If there were tweaks, then reinstall the mod (fresh install not required). Also, if you are getting crashes back to the main menu while trying to start the campaign, run the RUN AFTER INSTALL.bat file in your Third_Age_3 folder as administrator. If this fails, delete the .bin files in the data/text folder, delete only descr_geography_new.txt in the data folder and delete map.rwm in data/world/maps/base folder. Also consider deleting the huge_city folder located in Third_Age_3/data/settlements/south_european/settlements (the old Erebor files).

    DO NOT DELETE OR REGENERATE DESCR_GEOGRAPHY_NEW.DB! You will cause the battle-map to have extreme issues, such as blank climates, summer during winter or even CTD's.

    Also don't replace the vegetation_db.db file, you will loose Lorien trees and cause some climates to generate odd vegetation.

    If you want to edit this mods files, make sure you are using Notepad++. Google it and download it if your not.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    • Unofficial/Alternate Patch 4.0 core integrated.
    • New custom settlements, including Thranduil's Halls, Dale and the new Dain's Halls.
    • Erebor from 4.0 is now used for 100% functionality and better visual effects.
    • The old Dain's Halls from 3.3 is used for Thorin's Halls now.
    • Rivendell performs better thanks to the 4.0 release.
    • Gondor and Elven cultures now have new battle-map settlements, thanks to 4.0.
    • New Siege engines for Elves and Dwarves, once more thanks to 4.0
    • Minas Morgul completely repaired, with fixed river interaction and terrain around the water. Additionaly, roads have been added and the cliff terrain is dramatically improved.
    • A new highway alongside the Misty Mountains has been created by connecting the mountain regions by walkable land, which has improved AI.
    • Texture distrubution has been randomized in many repetitive terrains, for an overall better look. Additionally, blending between terrain types is improved.
    • Linhir/Eastern Belfalas and the Straits of the Anduin are now connected to free up AI movement around the area, to give more targets for Harad and to help stop landlocked AI.
    • The Lone-lands and the North Downs are now connected by road to allow AI movement to flow naturally through the area.
    • Cliff-faces have been added in southern Harondor, above the River Harnen, to allow players to use chokepoints in the area.
    • The Iron Hills are more refined, look more natural and generates better.
    • The campaign has returned to 4 turns per year for technical reasons.
    • New higher-poly models for many mountain models on the campaign map.
    • Economy has been rebalanced for AI (related to the additional settlements/unit costs at game start), to massively improve general game balance.
    • The AI/Player setup scripts for settlement handling have been completely remade to remove annoying visual errors such as rebels outside the settlement on turn 1, to improve initial turn times and to move the settlement handling right to the very start of the first turn to allow the AI more time to react. Mostly behind the scenes.
    • The distance characters can travel in a turn has been slightly increased (120 to 130), to allow the AI to pathfind better with the larger map.
    • Ambient buildings on the battle-maps should be completely removed now.

    • Brand new heightmap, using advanced software with realistic terrain generation and erosion effects for incredible detail while still maintaining a completely lore-accurate layout.
    • All other map files have been remade to accomodate the new map. Texture use has been improved with more detail, trees are more abundant and the map altogether feels more alive.
    • Strategic balance and placement has seen many overhauls, with improved family trees, lore-accuracy in starting positions and more detailed generals.
    • Gondor now controls the northern section of the eastern bank, for lore-accuracy.
    • Eriador no longer controls Fornost or Lake Evendim, as these were ruins and uninhabited at the time.
    • All strategic resources have been replaced and assigned from scratch, with 3-5x the amount compared to 1.5.1. Combined with more accurate placement, economic balance has been much improved.
    • More ambushes have been placed for a more exciting experience.
    • More names have been added for most factions, especially the eastern ones for a more varied game.
    • Four settlements have been repurposed throughout the map. The 'new' ones are Methrast (Belfalas), Calenhad (Anorien Fields), Dûsalan (Umbar Coast) and Kruk Mahur (Harad Rivers in the east). 'Removed': West Moria (caused incompetent AI around Moria), Lower High Pass (useless), West Arysis (useless southern Harad Settlement), Withered Heath (useless and the area is now impassable for better AI).
    • Fixed custom settlements having vanilla strat-map models on a save reload.
    • Fixed generals spawning outside the settlement on turn 0 (now move into the settlement).
    • Improvement in Gondor/Mordor balance when one is controlled by the player
    • Improved strategic balance in the Grey Foothills and in Mirkwood, as well as northern Rhovanion, allowing the Silvan Elves and the Dwarves to progress in their campaigns.
    • Improved family trees for Gondor and Rohan, now lore-accuate (especially for Rohan).
    • Minor sound fixes, focusing on ocean sounds. They should cause far less ear damage, and should be more accurate, such as no wave sounds on rivers or near Forodwaith.
    • Minor model optimizations, including fixed shadows for Minas Morgul, and less demanding models for Erebor and Dain's Halls.
    • Fellowship Campaign has been minorly fixed for 2.0, it still uses the ~1.3 map, but it now loads and works as expected.
    • Cair Andros now uses the generic model, as the old one no longer makes sense. The new model arguably looks better.
    • Minor texture fix for the Gondor hills, removing a brown spot that became repetitive.
    • Palantiri script has been removed for 2.0 until the author can update the script.

    • Goblin Volunteers should now have textures again.
    • Hobbit Villages now show a correct tooltip.

    • Mountains throughout the map have been remade, using realistic ridge based terrain and advanced Erosion and weathering.
    • Erosion has been applied throughout the entire map, smoothing hills and terrain and creating better transitions and less battle-map generation issues.
    • Detail has been added throughout the entire heightmap, creating a more 3D terrain.
    • Forodwaith has been remade with a new design, a lower snow line and new textures.
    • Nurn has been revamped, with the Plain of Lithlad extending into eastern Nurn, the southern area made accessable and a new texture throughout the area.
    • Use of the hill texture is now revamped throughout the map.
    • Rivers have been added in Enedwaith, Minhiriath and Lindon, as well as the River Morgulduin in Ithilien.
    • Sea colours transitions have been smoothed and sailable rivers darkened.
    • Ithilien has been remade, with the Emyn Arnen in its correct position. (not a large Plateau).
    • Mumakil training has been revamped. Now the building to create Mumakil is available from the start, but in one province only (bottom Harad region, after building roads). The idea is a transport network to take them to Middle-earth from the far southern jungles of Far Harad. The building will have to be constructed, which is expensive and takes time.
    • Population has been overhauled. Settlements are now at realistic population levels (especially for Eriador). Mines now give a basic population bonus to all factions instead of just Dwarves (Dwarves do get better bonuses as the mine is upgraded) and the first three tiers of farm are available at lower settlement levels. Osgiliath is now at ~20 population, but only needs 3000 to upgrade (instead of 28000!!!). Also, the city and large_city tiers need less population to upgrade to.
    • Eregion and the method of getting Elven smiths has been improved. It now starts at City level, which allows the population of the city to be lowered to realistic levels. It also allows the Smiths building to be built right from the start. To balance this, rebuilding the Gwaith i Mirdain is now considerably more expensive and takes longer to build.
    • All Custom Settlements models are visible on the campaign map from the start, to create a sense of belonging for these settlements (naturally part of the world).
    • A forts and some watchtowers have been added to Dorwinion.
    • The Sail into the West component has been fixed, with a missing trait added, the ability to train the ships added and the description of the ship added.
    • Goblin Volunteers have been repaired, with missing textures and UI fixed.
    • Economy has been rebalanced for all factions, with new mines in Erebor and revamped King's Purse for all factions. Generally there is less money to spend for a tougher campaign.
    • Erebor bridge is now accessable by siege units.
    • Erebor now uses an optimized version of the Unofficial Patch campaign map model.
    • Dol Guldur now has proper terrain textures.
    • Mordor textures have been revamped, to be darker and gritty.
    • Mordor distant terrain colours on the battle-map have been synced.
    • Fixed seasons out of sync with the year.
    • Turns are instead displayed as years (turns are available in the Faction Overview panel).
    • Fixed Isengard Last Stand script activating on turn 1.
    • Reduced the size of the Cirith Ungol model.
    • Fixed misplaced banner on Goblin town model.
    • Rammas Echor model repaired, with synced Gates to Roads and no wall gaps/glitches/rotation issues.
    • Gundabad model heightened and lowered into the ground for better blending.
    • Fixed Ithilien being unable to upgrade.
    • Fennas Drunin can no longer be upgraded.
    • Gondorian archictecure is now used throughout former Arnor settlements..
    • Annuminas and Fornost are now high level settlements with low population.
    • A fog effect now surrounds the map, making the transition to the edge of the map less jarring.
    • Dain's Halls and Zagh Kala can no longer build towers (didn't appear in the custom settlements).
    • Cair Andros now has no building restrictions.
    • Edhellond now has its own Green Book entry.
    • The text relating to the old Garrison Script in the Green Book's has been removed.
    • The radar map background image blends better with the radar map.
    • New events for Severe and Mild winter.

    • Massive campaign map model optimization, dramatically improved campaign load times, all settlements have a shadow and there should be a better framerate for low-end PCs. Also improved ALT+TAB times.
    • Fixed Rohan UI and the end turn sound.
    • Fixed some Unique Buildings lacking UI.
    • Fixed minor texture glitching on some Lorien tree models.
    • Fixed water, with better colours, sea water using the right settings and increased the distance for shoreline transitions.
    • Improved mountain generation, with rougher cliffs and slopes, less random rock (inaccurate slopes), as well as more variety in height.
    • Minor improvements to general battle-map generation.
    • Custom Battles now load the updated versions of Unique Settlements you can battle with, and refer to the correct culture.
    • Palantir Revision 1.2.8 now included, replaces vanilla Palantir script.
    • Fixed Deployment issues with the Black Gate (vanilla setup + the ability to have 2 simultaneous attacking armies), improved terrain merging and dramatically improved the outside terrain (now accurate and logical).
    • Overhauled the use of the mountain ground type, with more usable terrain in the White Mountains and Ered Luin, and less black mini-maps/flat terrain in the Misty Mountains, Mordor, the Withered Hearth and the Mountains of Gram.
    • New Dynamic Garrison Script, which removes the new garrison units after the battles and adds units based on settlement strength.
    • Mordor terrain polished to remove potential cliffing (especially in the Morgai pass) and to add variety to height for parts of the mountains.
    • Additional Mercenary Minimod integrated into the map, which means more mercenaries with more realistic availability.
    • Some of the Family Tree minimods (Aragorn and the Dwarves) have been implemented, making these two family trees far more lore-accurate.
    • Minor improvements to Imladris terrain.
    • Fixed Ent portrait being pink.
    • Fixed missing Dagorlad garrison.
    • Added a form of Mount Doom to the battle-map generation for Mordor.
    • Made all sailable water use the same climate (technical reasons).
    • Fixed small/large/huge barracks events taking too long to appear.
    • Polished some of the slopes of the White Mountains.
    • All tiles Minas Tirith can be assaulted from now use the ambient Pelennor battle-map.
    • Improved Nurn road generation and improved pathfinding performance.
    • Improved pathfinding performance around Moria.
    • All Orc Castles are now at a minimum of Wooden Castle, and there are no longer Elven Castles (no custom settlements for them).
    • Better compression and decompression used for the Installer.

    • Improved Erebor, with better terrain and a southern rotation.
    • Gundabad is now a custom settlement, using the 3.2 version of Erebor. Rotated and integrated with the map.
    • Fixed remnants of some symbol UI changes from 3.3 Unofficial Patch.
    • Small UI fixes for the new Rohan culture and the settlement upgrade images.
    • Dale, which was using a different set of battle-map settlements, now uses the matching strat-map models.
    • Strat-map models for the Shire have been revamped.
    • All Orc castles can no longer be upgraded.
    • The Southern High Pass is now a village, and the Moria Gate settlement is now dwarven.
    • Thorin's Halls is now rotated east, and is a large city.
    • Fellowship campaign updated to use new 1.3 content.
    • Included a modders resource for a pathfinding fix (used by Umbar).
    • Rhosgobel now uses a tree based settlement, strat-map model to match.
    • Fixed floating symbols/flags for Northern European town strat-map models.
    • More vegetation has been added around Angmar.
    • Reduced turn times with an optimized version of the 1.3 money script.
    • Minor text fixes and minor battle-map generation changes.

    • Includes the 3.3 Unofficial Patch and numerous battle-map fixes.
    • Minas Tirith, Minas Morgul, Cirith Ungol, Durthang, Dunharrow, the Hornburg, Dol Guldur and Kirikhgathol now merge with the outside terrain significantly better.
    • Imladris has been upgraded to v4, with a simplified layout, removed battle-map glitching, improved terrain and better compatibility with the Imladris custom settlement.
    • The Green Book descriptions have been updated, with new ones for the extra regions in this mod.
    • The Gondor/Rohan climate no longer has black areas on the terrain during winter, was caused by a missing Medieval II winter texture.
    • Various weather fixes. Mordor especially has been repaired, with including an always red-sky fix, no rain fix and more varied lighting throughout (all vanilla bugs).
    • Final fixes to battle-map generation, including green grass in Gondor/Rohan winter, and missing/out-of-sync distant terrain colours (especially for Mordor and the Brown Lands).
    • Underground settlements and Mountain Passes no longer use odd and out-of-place battle-map textures/settings. These are now in sync with the mountains around them.
    • Colder Mountains now use snowy textures instead of brown, dirt textures.
    • Simplified building backend for many unique buildings, won't be noticed by player.
    • Fixed Citadel/Huge City icons always showing as Gondor culture by revamping the Osgiliath upgrade system.
    • Fixed some Custom Settlements being able to be upgraded.
    • The Angle/Fennas Drunin is no longer a huge_city, it is now a town with a custom model.
    • The Pelennor Fields is no longer on a elevated Plateau.
    • The Rammas Echor campaign map model is no longer floating at the eastern part.
    • Improved victory condition images, now no longer includes faction symbols, only swords (immersion fix).
    • Streamlined victory conditions, now fit within the UI and are more focused on a factions expected performance.
    • Improved Esgaroth strat-map model water texture, now colour-synced with the surrounding water
    • A new money script is in use, which should reduce AI stack spamming and improve gameplay.
    • Various script fixes and updates to improve the experience.
    • Improved water, with new textures and shaders.

    • Fixes the post-install script to cleanup the old Fellowship Campaign map files.
    • Fixes terrain walls for Goblin-town.
    • Isengard now uses the Brown Lands climate.
    • Dol Guldur now blends smoothly with surrounding terrain.
    • Fixed weird object floating in Rivendell plaza.
    • Fixed minor bug on Osgiliath river crossing.
    • Fixed ground tile textures in Minas Tirith.
    • Cair Andros now uses a generic settlement, the 3.2 settlement was fundamentally broken.

    • Fellowship Campaign compatibility, experience the campaign with numerous bug fixes on a far more immersive map.
    • Support for custom battle-map creation.
    • Rotated and fixed Hornburg settlement, with the correct orientation for the strategic map.
    • Improved terrain compatibility for Dol Guldur and Minas Tirith.
    • Fixes winter weather in the Rhun climate.
    • Conversion to a 5 turn-per-year script, to ensure the stability of character aging.
    • Minor name change for a region north of Dorwinion.

    • Includes a hotfix for Leo's Settlement Enhancement 2.0, which fixes a battle CTD in West Osgiliath.
    • Minor name changes in the Anduin Vale, Mirkwood, Misty Mountains and Druedan Forest.
    • Minor balance changes in Anduin Vale, for more lore-accurate gameplay.
    • Fixes a possible overpowered garrison at The Downs due to a badly placed ambush.

    • Massive forest related pathfinding improvements, focusing on Mirkwood and the Grey Mountains, as well as the Anduin.
    • Name overhaul, with geographically based names and new conventions (West/South - Western/Southern, no more extremely generalized names (West Rhovanion), more accurate naming overall). Big thanks here to Arachir Galudirithon.
    • Aesthetic improvements regarding vegetation and ground type blending/use throughout the map.
    • Minor balance improvement - looked over the hidden_resource that controls city upgrading limitations in settlements, now lore-accurate.
    • More small forts throughout the map in lore-accurate places.
    • AI improvements, for all factions and especially dwarves. More focused and better multitasking.

    • Leo's Settlements 2.0 now included in its entirety!
    • Fixed the Autonomy (Hobbit and Ents) scripts, using all the new settlements included with this map.
    • Revamped the use of ships and ports throughout the map.
    • Improved rivers, more sailable area and better navigation.
    • Remade Emyn Muil, with a maze-like structure.
    • Minor balance changes for units throughout the map.
    • Various heightmap fixes, focusing on rivers and cliffs which make certain areas unplayable. Most, if not all should be fixed.
    • Improved vegetation, especially throughout the wilder areas of Middle-earth which would be untouched.
    • Less river crossings for more strategical gameplay, especially along the Anduin.
    • Improved diplomacy between High Elves and Dwarves.
    • Improved terrain textures, including swamps and hills. Better contrast and more vivid colours.
    • Fixed Amon Hen model, now on the hill and centered.
    • Dirt roads can now be built at The Angle.
    • Dirt roads now present at Amon Sul.

    • The economic balance has been checked-over and fixed up, dramatically improving AI performance.
    • Dirt roads can no longer be built in regions without road generation, ensuring AI and players do not waste money.
    • Gundabad AI has seen massive improvements, dramatically improving balance in the west.
    • Minor typo fixes and miscellaneous bug fixes...

    • Leo's new Custom Settlements are now bundled with this submod, no extra files are needed.
    • The radar map, victory condition images and faction selection maps have all been redone using a new paper map, restoring the original feel from Third Age: Total War.
    • The submod now runs off a 6 turn per year script, with randomized winter lengths. Will help represent winter better in Middle-earth.
    • Moar regions! 199 regions, the max amount! (21 new regions in total)
      • Lossarnach has been redone, split into actual Lossanarch and North Lebennin. Another region has been added, West Lebennin, including the lands along the coast west of Pelargir.
      • Rhovanion is now expanded, with two new regions throughout the area. One is in its far South, just above the mountains of Mordor, and one is west of Dorwinion, consider it the 'capital' of the once Kingdom of Rhovanion.
      • Even more expansion has arrived for the regions east of the Celduin. Gramavuld is now three regions, and another region has been added north of Dorwinion.
      • Mirkwood has been fleshed out. Three new regions now expand the forest, helping mods with Lorien factions give plenty of territory to conquer.
      • The western Anduin Vale has been split in half, helping AI and adding more content.
      • Minhiriath is now two regions, bridging the gap between Saralainn and Eyrn Vorn
      • The lands west of the Lune have also been halved, divided by a western arm of the Lune.
      • Tol Fuin is now a settlement + region, using the lowest population possible in vanilla. It will be Fuin Harbour, under rebel control. Dark creatures have inhabited this region. This has been done primarily for AI reasons.
      • The rebel territory to the far-east of Harad has been further expanded, and another settlement has been added above Khand, providing Rhun with a link to those regions.
      • Rhun has gained another settlement in Gathod, providing a longer conquest of its lands.
      • The West Gate of Moria has been added as a settlement, to provide a safe-guard against a western attack for the orcs.
      • The Isenmouthe of Mordor is now a settlement, providing yet another chokepoint for Mordor.
      • Finally, a small region has been added just west of the Gap of Rohan, another clan of Enedwaith.

    • Farmland overhaul! There still wasn't enough farmland to have it properly represented throughout the world, so I went on a spree and seriously improved the look of many regions and areas.
    • Better AI! Less stack spamming, more focusing on the enemy and pathfinding fixes. Naval AI will be improved alot, especially in the west due to simplified pathfinding.
    • Remade Mouths of the Entwash! I accidentally made the area a swamp, when it definitely shouldn't have been. Also one arm of the river there was missing. Now the area is completely redone. The swamp across the river is also fixed up, it now extends to the Anduin completely, after research I found revealed its purpose, it was a swamp because of the rush of the water from the Entwash spilling over the Anduin.
    • Minor climate improvements and fixes, including western Rhun and Carn Dum.
    • The submod is now bundled in an installer for ease of install.
    • Dramatic increase in vegetation throughout the map.
    • Various typo fixes and miscellaneous bug fixes...

    2.0 Preview
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Well, its been an age since the original preview, and this map has come an incredibly long way. It's become more then a map, a straight up improvement package for the Third Age: Total War 3.2. Numerous patches have brought in more settlements, better scripts and improved gameplay.

    It's time for a map update though. A pure map update, to bring it to the best standard it can reach. 2.0 is a complete remake of the original map, keeping only the regions and settlements from 1.5.1. It's taken alot of time, but I believe it was completely worth it.

    It's time for a new preview. The map you see here is 99% what's delivered on release, save for the new factions (that's for Divide and Conquer )

    Screenshots taken within Divide and Conquer, content from that mod will not be in the map release for vanilla.

    Old 1.0 Previews:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    These have been converted to links due to the 100 images per post limit.

    20/02/2013, Gondor, Rhun, Misty Mountains and Rhovanion preview:
    The map has reached a state where I feel happy to preview any and all of it, so I decided I would just preview the rest. The map has recieved alot of minor polish and fixes, including Land Bridges, Ports and ambient rivers. Moria got redone too, bringing it to the standard of the rest of the map.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 





    Gladden Pass

    High Pass

    Gap of Gundabad

    Dain's Halls


    Withered Hearth

    Dol Guldur and the Brown Lands


    Rhovanion (will polish)

    19/02/2013, Eriador preview:
    This area was in my opinion the most neglected region in the vanilla map. It's layout is completely wrong (Barrow-Downs being a grass region, instead of hills....), its regions are wrong (Staddle is many miles from Bree in vanilla, next to Bree in lore), its height information is messed up (the South Downs being a massive hill region for the majority of the South) and the lengths and distances between landmarks is deformed (Fornost very close to the lake, Chetwood being tens of miles long). I won't go on.

    The region has been redone from scratch compared to vanilla, and is a far more immersive experience with natural defenses and the great North-South road.

    Massive progress on the map, battle-map translation complete, vegetation complete, sound complete, regions 90% complete, last major river added, massive polish. Mountain work time next...

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 



    Weathertop and the East-West road

    North-South road

    The Shire

    Westmarch and the White Towers

    Lake Evendim

    Remanants of Beleirand

    Mouth of the Gwathlo

    Mouth of the Brandywine

    South Ered Luin

    Girithlin (South Cardolan)

    Swanfleet and Tharbad

    The Angle and the Hollin Ridge

    Ford of Brunien and Imladris

    High Pass

    Last Bridge and the Trollshaws

    Coldfells and the Ettenmoors

    Gram and Southern Angmar

    Eastern Angmar

    Carn Dûm

    Hills of Angmar


    East Arthedain

    Fornost Erain

    River Lune

    North Ered Luin

    Ered Luin (Thorin's Halls will be in the expanded map, southern part of the range)

    Two Havens of Mithlond

    Gulf of Lune

    And an extra random shot, the Brown Lands

    18/02/2013, Mordor preview:
    This area, as pointed out to me be a TWC member, is neglected in Vanilla, inaccurate and lacking in variety. I aim to fix this. A few important additions are in, such as the narrow Isenmouth, the Morgai pass, a special pass of Durthang protected by a fort, as well as a proper Nurn.

    I also decided to fix up climates more, and that includes limiting the Mordor climate to within Mordor. Instead the Brown Lands will be a sort of generic Dead climate, with dark brown lands, no trees (but still with variety on the campaign_map). Limiting it within prevents silly issues like the red sky of Mordor appearing in Dol Guldur, no snow effects or snow sound outside Mordor, mixed up battle-map textures within and outside Mordor and more. Took alot of re-scripting but it was worth it. All because of a hard-coded 12 climate limit. -_-

    17/02/2013, Tol Fuin preview:
    I've been putting off making this island for quite some time, it's difficult to get right. I doubt this will be perfect from the first attempt.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    16/02/2013, Rhun and the Celduin preview:
    This area has experienced a complete overhaul, especially regarding climates compared to vanilla. Near Rhun in particular had the most work, creating multi-layer climate here instead of it being simply steepe.

    14/02/2013, Harondor, Harad, Umbar and Khand preview:
    Harad, Harandor and Khand don't get alot of attention on the Vanilla map when it comes to detail. I aim to correct this. The South is an important battle-ground, and should be interesting to battle in, like Gondor or Lorien.

    This region isn't well documented and detailed by official sources, so I resorted to this source:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    And it seems to have turned out quite nicely....
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    12/02/2013, Winter update preview:
    After looking at winter extensively, and thinking how summer has massive variation with its textures, I decided to give winter a similar treatment.

    Older work:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    12/02/2013, Massive polished preview!
    The campaign map has made massive progress. Firstly, all climates are implemented, all variation is in and all climates are working on the battle-map. Vegetation is done, with golden trees in Lorien!

    All vanilla regions (+1, The Angle) have been implemented, making the campaign map playable! The next step here is going to each settlement and confirming/changing their location (Many were placed as though they were placeholders, got alot of work to do here).

    The Heightmap has taken a massive leap, with the last of the Mountain Ranges redone (Ered Luin, Grey Mountains). The Paths of the Dead and the Harrowdale have been mostly implemented, it may need some polish.

    Mirkwood has had its northern part completed, and many little paths around the place to make it a really interesting place to attack and defend, with lots of trees for ambushing. Harandor recieved Polish, Umbar too and the River Harnen.

    Khand, Rhun and Near Harad, as well as the lands East of the Celduin and Forodwaith all need work, but mainly polish work and added hills. Only Khand needs massive hill work, as well as Cardolan (very plain at the moment.)

    Finally all sound and scripting has been implemented in its entirety, with more sounds on the campaign map (heavy wind near mountains, light wind on the hills, more ambiance in dense forests) and sounds fixed up for climates (no winter/snow sounds in Lorien for example). The geography file is complete, making sure its immersive when playing in for example Harandor or Dol Guldur. Weather is fixed up and day-types as well. Lorien is more likely to rain or have cloudy weather to create an immersive forest.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 





    Fangorn and Sarn Gebir:

    Lake Nurnen:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Harandor and Umbar

    08/02/2013, Lorien and Rivendell winter preview
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Just a small preview....

    Basically Rivendell 3.1, added polish and fixes.

    06/02/2013, Campaign Map update, preview on polished work
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Alot of the land has been given life, and alot of it has been polished or redone. Previews below.
    The Brown Lands

    Sarn Gebir, Rauros and the Argonath, as well as the Emyn Uial

    Anduin Vale, early work on High Pass

    Trollshaws and Ettenmoors

    Very early East Gondor

    Lake Evendim

    Dead Marshes

    31/01/2013, Dol Guldur, dead forest preview
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Here's a look at the new models used around Dol Guldur

    All credits for new models and textures for this climate goes to Emperor of Hell!

    30/01/2013, Heightmap update
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Here's an updated heightmap preview.....

    ....also a animated comparison again, this time comparing Vanilla (not my old modded Vanilla) to this map, showing the major differences and why I have alot more to do.

    It also makes me wonder, what did they base the original map on?

    28/01/2013, Imladris 3.0
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Here is the third version of the Hidden Valley with a fixed elevation, being a gorge rather than a gap in mountains. It also has more polish and better surrounding terrain.

    Yes, I do notice the floating tree...

    27/01/2013, Imladris 2.0
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The Hidden Valley, updated (with basic polish)

    Still needs more work, such as deciding its elevation and more, but the concept is better executed now.

    27/01/2013, Imladris and Heightmap update
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Behold, the valley of Imladris:

    A real pain to make. Feedback and even corrections (which I am sort of expecting) are welcome.

    Also, here is some the recent work on the Heightmap and rivers (many more rivers implemented), as well as forests and the major swamps. I still have alot more to do.

    24/01/2013, Campaign Map Early, WIP Preview:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The map has seen progress, and though it has a long way to go there is still enough to be previewed.

    This is WIP!!!!! Mountains may look like blobs (will recieve refinement!!!), shorelines may be broken or have small triangles in them, rivers may be coarse and trees may be floating on rivers...

    Regions, roads, etc are completely random and are there so that the minimum 10 regions allow the game to start properly. Many rivers are missing, so much to be added and refined. Paths through mountains and forests will be done.

    Images removed (links still) for bandwidth reason (newer preview above)

    Heightmap, Rivers, Climates and Ground types:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Sea of Rhun and the Celduin
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Mirkwood, the Anduin and Amon Hen

    Grey Mountains and the Iron Hills
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Misty Mountains and Angmar
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Land of Lorien (forest needs expansion.... and a river...)

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The Gap of Rohan (Isengard Mountains need MASSIVE work (TBH, all mountains need major work...))


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Pelennor and Ithilien (Minas Tirith cliff will be fixed!!! The gap for Minas Morgul and Cirith Ungol will be tightened, Cair Andros improved)

    Southern Anduin

    Mouth of the Anduin


    Pinnath Gelin



    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The Angle and the Mitheithel (Trollshaws will look awesome when done)


    Breeland and the Downs

    Lake Nenuial and the Hills of Evendim

    Eryn Vorn and the Beginnings of the Brandywine

    Lands of the Shire (Hills are placeholders)

    Lindon and Ered Luin
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    23/01/2013, Initial Heightmap Preview:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    WIP Initial Heightmap (unfortunately compressed)

    Comparison with the source it is based on:

    For any Permission questions or modding questions please send a PM to FireFreak111!

    FireFreak111 - Creating the map, implementing everything.
    Emperor of Hell - Many models and textures used for new climates.
    alreadyded - Base terrain textures used, base Campaign AI.
    King Kong and team - TATW.
    Arachir Galudirithon - For many of the new descriptions/names used within this submod, and massive aid with 2.0 resource placement and family tree modification..
    MIKE GOLF - For many new region descriptions, provided to DaC.
    Arǭmēz - An informative map with great suggestions for regions and their names..

    Included Sub-Mods Credits
    leo.civil.uefs and Mank - 3.3 Unofficial Patch
    Chainsaw Schmalz - Trait and Ancillary description fixes
    Ngugi - Tolkien Quotes Submod
    - Family Tree minimods
    - Additional Mercenary Minimod
    Occhi Di Davide - BETTER STRATWATER
    - BETTER WATER 2.0
    Spice Master and teams - New general name lists
    - Dynamic Garrison Script
    Withwnar - Palantiri Revision v1.2.8
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    Default Re: Divide and Conquer: New Map WIP

    Are all of those navigable rivers? Awesome if they are. And if they are there could be ships (like longships) that could sail up the rivers and then the bigger ships could be restricted to the seas. This could be done by making the rivers into deep sea and making the 'longships' like the deep sea ships in vanilla.
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    Default Re: Divide and Conquer: New Map WIP

    good jobe you done all the best Waiting for releas ) .. I want to play this

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    Default Re: Divide and Conquer: New Map WIP

    Hahaha, DaC truly is the 'broodmother' of the TATW forum, this must be the like the seventh or eight direct or indirect thread of its ^^

    Enough rant; good initative Fire'

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    Default Re: Divide and Conquer: New Map WIP

    Thanks Being an addict to the map and craving for it to be accurate brought me to this inevitable conclusion, and will hopefully leave the map in a better state than vanilla.

    Not all are navigable, if you look at the overlay one that shows the based map over the heightmap the rivers that are blue are the deep sea ones. To be honest, deep sea rivers cause more issues than benefits, looking strange, causing shoreline oddities and more. If you can suggest other especially important rivers which should be deep sea then if suitable I will happily implement them. That suggestion though is a good one, I will implement it.

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    Default Re: Divide and Conquer: New Map WIP

    You have proven to me once again that being completely absorbed by one project can pay off!

    Just wait and I WILL, have the STRAT model and the battle map of Fornost by March (Still a bit IFFY on that)

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    Default Re: Divide and Conquer: New Map WIP

    Why did not you add the island of the Sea of Rhun? those dots in the sea are stated to be a forested island...
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    Default Re: Divide and Conquer: New Map WIP

    Ah, I did not see that . It will be done.

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    Default Re: Divide and Conquer: New Map WIP

    Well , I wish you good luck for doing this map ! (: It already sounds and looks awesome !

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    Default Re: Divide and Conquer: New Map WIP

    I think the vanilla map is already excellent,why u guys need one new?cant u edit the original at some points?
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    Default Re: Divide and Conquer: New Map WIP

    To be honest, it is fundamentally flawed at far too many locations. This animated comparison should show the most obvious (and show how much I have left to go)

    Again, WIP

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    Default Re: Divide and Conquer: New Map WIP

    The difference is remarkable, the Misty Mountains are mejoradísimas! Good work!
    I continue with my suggestions. May you add appear Fuin Tol Island west of the Isle of Himring? I mean the island was formerly Dorthonion.
    I leave here a map, though not official Tolkien, but it is known that the island survived the sinking of Beleriand and could serve as a guide:

    I hope it serves, if you were not already using

    Note, the image is heavy xD

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    Default Re: Divide and Conquer: New Map WIP

    Because the new map is even way better, and more logical and tactical in some places. In the vanilla map the gap of Rohan is WAY too wide for example, isengard and helms deep are barely a strategic position there with the gap so big. You should be able to reach the gap in 1 turn with ease, but reach the other fortress in 2 or 3 turns.
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    Default Re: Divide and Conquer: New Map WIP

    ^^^ These are the main reasons. The map is proportionally wrong in TATW, impeding gameplay through bad placement of important features. I had many plans to improve the old map, but in the end it was just limiting, especially the heightmap. I was going to do alot of the things I am doing in this mod now, remaking Mirkwood, fixing up the Belfalas peninsula, redoing the Gwathlo again (all three done) and much more.

    Thankyou for the suggestions, every piece of information or correction helps everyone 2AM, need to take a break on the Mapping

    Ah, good old MERP. I am going to use some of the maps to fill alot of empty lands like Rohavanion, Enedwaith, the Lune, etc. The Fuin Tol Island will be implemented, the island in the Sea of Rhun has also just been implemented (thanks Arǭmēz).
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    Default Re: Divide and Conquer: New Map WIP

    Why do I only have team members which such crazy ideas....

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    Default Re: Divide and Conquer: New Map WIP

    don't forget to highlight the Mount Dolmed, would be fine to place cities Belegost and Nogrod

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    Default Re: Divide and Conquer: New Map WIP

    Last post before .

    Some Tolkienists such as Robert Foster and Karen Fonstad speculate that after the War of Wrath Dolmed was destroyed when the Ered Luin were broken and the Gulf of Lune, broke through it.

    However, Didier Willis noted a prominent unidentified mountain exactly on the location of Dolmed in the map of Beleriand as well as Mount Rerir to the north. This, coupled with a reinterpretation of Tolkien's maps, shows that Dolmed at least partially survived the devastation.

    Would it be wise (or Lore-accurate ) to include it?

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    Default Re: Divide and Conquer: New Map WIP

    I would personally pull the Red Lore Card on that one haha
    Being two of the Seven Mansions of the Fathers of the Dwarves which are immensly important in history and then clearly said to been destroyed (caved in perhaps?) it on all accounts would be incorrect to add them, since Tolkien never agin mention them after they were destroyed. Even if Dwarves still live in Ered Luin those settlements are described as mines, small settlements, and it is from my perspective uncredible Tolkien would left out if the mansions would been re-opened and resettled, even partly, without a word of it mentioned, while bringing up Ered Luin still.

    Kingdom of Lindon preview video out

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    Default Re: Divide and Conquer: New Map WIP

    I think so, check out this post I put Thorin II in the other thread.

    One day I was bored, I measured, with a compass and a ruler, the distance between Mount Rerir and Himring, between Himring and Mount Dolmed and between the two mounts, on the map of Beleriand and the map of The Lord of the Rings and both had the same proportion, using Thales theorem. xD
    So I think Belegost Nogrod and survived the sinking, although diminished or ruined.

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    Default Re: Divide and Conquer: New Map WIP

    *"Nogrod and Belegost" not "Belegost Nogrod and".
    Google's traductor and my English, bad mix... xD

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