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Thread: Creating a World - The BinEditor

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    Default Creating a World - The BinEditor

    Most of you will be familiar or have heard of the Geomod Tool by Octavius – the BinEditor is an integral part of that installation, designed to work with the files in the data\text folder of the game and modifications.
    The BinEditor has been designed for the use with Medieval 2 Total War but can be used for Rome Total War as well – the latter only uses the unicode formatted TXT files.
    The PDF manual in the download is a revised and more detailed version of the section in my Geomod manual.

    Contents of download

    • PDF manual
    • BinEditor.exe file
    • Supporting language files - English, German, French, Italian and Turkish

    Download at TWCenter
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    Default Re: Creating a World - The BinEditor

    Finally, there is a better way than straining your eyes in Notepad. Thank you very much!
    Gigantus strikes again!

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    Default Re: Creating a World - The BinEditor

    Just tried it, works perfectly. Thanks for the great tool Gigantus

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