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Thread: Tolkien General Discussion II

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ar Adunakhor View Post
    Thank you for such an in-depth response. I find it fascinating that Sauron's end goal is actually to benefit other people in the best way he knows how to, albeit causing a lot of suffering along the way to do so.
    It also shows that the 2003 RotK movie adaptation directly went against lore when the WK (in the extended cut) and Gothmog (who was portrayed as an orc for some reason) proclaimed their intention to end the world of Men.

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    Why did the Stewards marry so late? Denethor was in his 50's when he had Faramir, and his late 40's when he sired Boromir. Boromir died at age 41 unmarried. Faramir marries after the war. Do the Gondorian elite grow up a lot slower, or is this just a logical mistake Tolkien made? You would think a Steward would want to have legitimate sons as soon as possible.

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    Tolkien noted this in App A:
    "Though war never ceased on their borders, for more than a thousand years the Dúnedain of the South grew in wealth and power by land and sea, until the reign of Atanatar II, who was called Alcarin, the Glorious. Yet the signs of decay had then already appeared; for the high men of the South married late, and their children were few. The first childless king was Falastur, and the second Narmacil I, the son of Atanatar Alcarin."
    So, not a mistake.

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