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Thread: General question about general units

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    Default General question about general units

    I notice in the RTW verison of the three kingdom mods the generals already placed on the map, in this verison for MTW2 does winning a battle give u chance of owning new generals? or the generals we get is the one already place in the map?

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    Default Re: General question about general units

    The game engine allows (actually requires) preplacing of generals. As well as 'adopting' and 'man of the hour' events which are used by the game to keep the level of generals up in relation to regions owned.

    If you have a lot more regions then generals and have open slots in the family tree then the chances are high that you will be offered a general for adoption.
    Likewise if you have fought a decisive battle without a general then you may be given a man of the hour general.

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