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    Default General Information

    This topic is a merger of some old topics, with new content. Find how to roleplay, information how to join the game and more here!
    Please DO NOT post in this topic. All post will be deleted.


    I. The Map of Westeros
    II. Roleplay Rules and Etiquette
    III. New Player Information

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    Default Re: General Information (interesting for old and new players)

    Originally posted by Clagius



    Westeros Map
    Province List - 11 Regions, 177 Territories
    Beyond the Wall - 9 Territories
    1. Craster's Keep
    2. Fist of the First Men
    3. Hardhome
    4. Skirling Pass
    5. The Frozen Shore
    6. The Gorge
    7. The Haunted Forest
    8. The Shivering Shore
    9. Thenn
    The Wall - 6 Territories
    1. Brandon's Gift
    2. Castle Black
    3. Eastwatch
    4. New Gift
    5. Shadowtower
    6. Westwatch
    The North - 20 Territories
    1. Barrowtown
    2. Bear Island
    3. Deepwood Motte
    4. Flint's Finger
    5. Greywater Watch
    6. Hornwood
    7. Karhold
    8. Last Hearth
    9. Moat Cailin
    10. Oldcastle
    11. Ramsgate
    12. Skagos
    13. The Dreadfort
    14. The Mountains of the North
    15. The Rills
    16. The Stony Shore
    17. Torrhen's Square
    18. White Harbour
    19. Widow's Watch
    20. Winterfell
    The Iron Islands - 8 Territories
    1. Blacktyde
    2. Great Wyk
    3. Harlaw
    4. Old Wyk
    5. Orkmont
    6. Pyke
    7. Saltcliffe
    8. Ten Towers
    The Vale of Arryn - 18 Territories
    1. Coldwater
    2. Grey Glen
    3. Gulltown
    4. Heart's Home
    5. Ironoaks
    6. Longbow Hall
    7. New Keep
    8. Ninestars
    9. Old Anchor
    10. Refort
    11. Runestone
    12. Snakewood
    13. Strongsong
    14. The Bloody Gate
    15. The Eyrie
    16. The Vale
    17. Three Sisters
    18. Wikenden
    The Riverlands - 19 Territories
    1.Acorn Hall
    3. Darry
    4. Fairmarket
    5. Harrenhal
    6. High Heart
    7. Lord Harroway's town
    8. Maidenpool
    9. Oldstones
    10. Pinkmaiden
    11. Raventree hall
    12. Riverrun
    13. Saltpans
    14. Seaguard
    15. Stone Hedge
    16. Stony Sept
    17. The Kingsroad
    18. The Twins
    19. Willow Wood
    The Crownlands -16 Territories
    1. Antlers
    2. Brindlewood
    3. Claw Island
    4. Diftmark
    5. Dragonstone
    6. Duskendale
    7. Dyre Den
    8. Hayford
    9. King's Landing
    10. Massey's Hook
    11. Rook's Rest
    12. Rosby
    13. Sow's Horn
    14. Stokeworth
    15. The Kingswood
    16. The Whispers
    The Stormlands - 18 Territories
    1. Amberly
    2. Blackhaven
    3. Broadarch
    4. Bronzegate
    5. Crow's Nest
    6. Estermont
    7. Felwood
    8. Gallowsgrey
    9. Grandview
    10. Griffin's Roost
    11. Haystack Hall
    12. Mistwood
    13. Nightsong
    14. Rain House
    15. Stonehelm
    16. Storm's End
    17. Summerhall
    18. Tarth
    Dorne - 20 Territories
    2. Ghost Hill
    3. Godsgrace
    4. Hellholt
    5. High Hermitage
    6. Kingsgrave
    7. Lemonwood
    8. Planky Town
    9. Prince's Pass
    10. Red Dunes
    11. Salt Shore
    12. Sandstone
    13. Skyreach
    14. Spottswood
    15. Starfall
    16. Sunspear
    17. The Tor
    18. Vulture's Roost
    19. Wyl
    20. Yronwood
    The Reach - 24 Territories
    1. Ashford
    2. Bandalon
    3. Bitterbridge
    4. Blackcrown
    5. Brightwater Keep
    6. Cider Hall
    7. Goldengrove
    8. Grassy Vale
    9. Harvest Hall
    10. Highgarden
    11. Holy Hall
    12. Honeyholt
    13. Horn Hill
    14. Ivy Hall
    15. Longtable
    16. Old Oak
    17. Oldtown
    18. Red Lake
    19. Shield Islands
    20. Sunflower Hill
    21. The Arbor
    22. Three Towers
    23. Tumbleton
    24. Uplands
    The Westerlands - 19 Territories
    1. Ashemark
    2. Banefort
    3. Castamere
    4. Casterly Rock
    5. Clegane's Keep
    6. Cornfield
    7. Crakehall
    8. Deep Den
    9. Fair Isle
    10. Feastfires
    11. Goldentooth
    12. Greenfield
    13. Hornvale
    14. Kayce
    15. Lannisport
    16. Sarsfield
    17. Silverhill
    18. Tarbeck Hall
    19. The Crag
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    Default Re: General Information (interesting for old and new players)

    II. Roleplay Rules and Etiquette
    Originally posted by Glorious Gandalf

    These are roleplaying rules. Roleplaying is when you are playing in character. Lands of the Seven, Kings Landing and the Realm are all wholy Roleplaying Forums. OOC conversations there will be moved to the main GoT forum.

    Whilst roleplaying, you may not simply say;

    Jack stabbed John in the back. Sir John is now dead.

    For deaths and events of such, you must use the Dice Table Rules.

    Etiquette (As originally suggested by Mythre)

    Whilst roleplaying, it is the rules, that you post properly. Let me show you

    This is how some people might post;

    John walked down the street. He saw Sir Jack. Good Day, John said. John bowed in respect. Thanks, John. Said Jack.

    This is how you should and must post whilst roleplaying;

    John walked down the street. He saw Sir Jack.
    'Good Day', John said. John bowed in respect.
    'Thanks, John,' Jack said.

    Yes, it takes a lot longer, but is a lot easier and nicer to read. So remember; a new line for each speaker. Italics for when the characters are doing something. A different colour when somebody other than your own character is talking. If you were to have three characters, the two characters that are not your character must also talk in diffrent colours to each other.

    Made by Carl Von Döbeln

    (Follow it, but consider this WIP for a bit as well)

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    Default Re: General Information (interesting for old and new players)

    III. New Player Information
    Originally posted by bonez889 and ZeusAmon

    Here in Westeros newcomers come from far and wide to seek fortune, fame, and titles. People who are new to the land such as you need to follow a few steps in order to become a person that others can interact and talk with while journeying the land trying to accomplish one of the things listed above that men and women all battle with swords and wit for within Westeros.

    The first step that you need to make is to go to the registration thread here and make a few things known about your characters and family. Some main things that you need to describe are what they look like, what their attitude is like, and what they are likely to act like. If your family is one of noble descent you may also wish to show a picture of their crest and invoke their words.
    The next step you will take is to create an account at The Iron Bank of Braavos so that your characters may receive income, this is one of the most important steps after showing your family and characters because in Westeros money and greed run the world much more than honor and virtue. When creating this account you shall have to start the money you would receive if you had just been promoted to the position you are holding and this is true of all your characters. They shall all receive Dragons to do what you wish with.

    After you have made a Vault at the Iron Bank you will want to make a thread describing your lodgings and holdings so that we can know how mighty you live, and where to call upon you should the need arise. Here a picture is appreciated and a small description of what the inside looks like and the layout so that we know where visitors shall be waiting and such.

    Now finally we reach the last and most fun step, this is the step where your family becomes known and you start fighting through the daring cunning world of Westeros. The last step is to jump in and join some role playing, it is here that fortunes will be made and lost, battles won and lost, names made and disgraced. This is the step where your character gains a reputation and you build an identity.

    As you are beginning into the final, or first step I would suggest you read the rules regarding Westeros, as these rules are set and strict, these rules are what decides the winner of a pitched battle and how much money a merchant should make when purchasing an enterprise. You should read and remember these ancient rules of Westeros because they are what shall govern your actions and decide your fate while you still survive.

    Now that we've told you what to do and given you the ropes of how to interact in Westeros I have but one thing to say. The year is 174 AL, and the fate of Westeros is in your hands.

    The following guide has been written by Clagius.

    Roleplaying, as the name describes is taking a role of the character with character's own emotions, reactions and such. (not your own!) It is important to show off your emotions, and act as a character, if not, you just notice you are being yourself with a different role.

    Now I will explain some basic terms, which are not familiar to some players.

    OOC - Out of Character; This is the 'real world', everything that is OOC is nothing of your character and you can use abbreviations and such in OOC.

    IC - In Character; This is your character's world, roleplaying. Everything that happens IC, is for your character, and for your character only. OOC is not to be taken to IC, nor should you anger or anything about IC issues, like if you are offended in roleplay; do not anger over it.

    MG - Metagaming; Using OOC information IC, and vice versa. For example, if you read something that someone had done ICly, but your character does not know it: your character doesn't know it even if you do yourself. This is very important, since people get unfairly advantages for doing this; and this is forbidden to do. Another example; if you see some people roleplaying and telling each other their names; you can't just pop in and say "Hello (name) and (name)." You must been there to know their names.

    PG - Powergaming; This means doing something that you couldn't do. Like, "Bob jumped to moon and landed without injuries upon his arrival." This is not possible (unless the rules say so), and is not allowed and usually moderators will clear such things up; but it is forbidden. Also powergaming can be similiar to metagaming. Some people may read about a hidden army in the forest for example and then send there a spy and march up with their own and kill them. This is not allowed. Also, harming another player without any attempts (not giving a chance to react for the opposite side) is highly, forbidden.
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    Default Re: General Information

    Small Council Powers

    Hand of the King
    - As the King's Marshal, he may order the Banners of the Crownlands be raised at any time.
    - If the King leaves the city, the Hand acts as Regent until he returns. If the King is incapacitated in any way, the Hand acts as Regent until he is well.

    Master of Laws
    - The Goldcloaks answer to the Master of Laws, meaning he can use them for his own purposes. This has limits: they won't march in an army with you, but they will arrest people, provide bodyguards or police things in KL.
    - May issue arrest warrants on anyone in the Kingdom, sending up to 200 Goldcloaks to make the arrest.

    Master of Ships
    - Being responsible for maintaining the Royal Fleet provides connections in the shipbuilding industry. The Master of Ships can hire ships at a 25% discount, which applies to ships hired for the Royal Fleet or for his own. This applies to hire cost, not upkeep cost.

    Master of Whispers
    - Being responsible for the King's spy network provides connections to the world of shadows. The Master of Whispers may make two free rolls a year with a Master Spy, and receives a 25% cost discount on any spy or assassin rolls. These rolls may be requested by PM to a moderator for increased secrecy.
    - The Master of Whispers knows the secret passages in the Red Keep. In event of the Master of Whispers having to make an escape roll from inside the Red Keep, he receives +4 to the roll.

    Master of Coin
    - Being responsible for the King's finances and record keeping gives the Master of Coin some perks. He can make the following rolls once each year:
    -- Embellish money: Roll a 1d20, 1-5 the roll fails, and evidence is left of the attempt. 6-15 it fails, but is covered up. 16-20 it succeeds. If successful, receive 1d20*2000 Dragons.
    -- Fabricate fraud: Roll a 1d20, 1-5 the roll fails, and evidence is left of the attempt. 6-15 it fails, but is covered up. 16-20 it succeeds. If successful, a document showing Tax Fraud on the target is produced.
    -- Each point into the "Income" trait gives a +1 modifier to the rolls.
    -- In event of a 1-5 roll, the evidence can be collected by a successful spy roll on the Master of Coin searching for evidence of foul play. The Master of Coin is encouraged to ask for these rolls via PM to prevent metagaming against him.

    Grand Maester
    - A strong knowledge of poison grants him +2 to assassination rolls, as he can equip himself or an assassin with suitable poison.
    - That same knowledge makes him valuable as an ally, where assassination rolls done inside the Red Keep receive a -2 modifier. A moderator should contact the Grand Maester player to find out whether he would help the assassination target or simply let him die while pretending to save him.
    - If a spy is captured in the Red Keep, and the Grand Maester is used to interrogate him, the information roll is given a +2 modifier as the Grand Maester uses his knowledge of substances to make the spy talk.
    - On the other hand, there are plenty of substances to shut a man up. -2 to the information roll if the Grand Maester so chooses. (Inform a moderator by PM whether you are using your skills to loosen the tongue or shut the spy up)

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