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Thread: March or run before a charge?

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    Default March or run before a charge?

    Hey guys. Fírst of all, freakin great mod, I love the work you've done! Thank you for actually making Napoleon a good game!

    So, I'm trying to learn what works and doesn't work on the battlefield. I find that I don't really know what the negative effects of running are. Aside from fatigue, running everywhere seems the number one thing to do. But I think I'm missing some subtleties in how running does and doesn't affect a unit.

    What I wonder most is: should you give a unit a march and attack order (click once) if you want a proper charge, or does a run and charge (double click) do the same?

    Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

    ps: Side question, is it normal that men in the fourth, fifth and further ranks of a unit can also shoot at the enemy, or is it a problem with my install?

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    Don't run them everywhere. Running tires them out and affects their fighting ability and shooting accuracy. I would best advise you to march before a charge so your men are not tired and spread out when they hit the enemy

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    Default Re: March or run before a charge?

    Accuracy of musket is low enough to walk. In any situation
    Apologies for anyone who's message i may miss or not be able to answer

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