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Thread: "Steam Workshop For Total War" and "New Mod Tools" in the Pipeline

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    Default "Steam Workshop For Total War" and "New Mod Tools" in the Pipeline

    Edit: Total War Steam Workshop Support Has Since Been Released!

    Modder extraordinaire .Mitch has given a detailed re-cap of his day at Creative Assembly's Modding Summit - the future of Total War modding. There are lots of details and nuggets of information, but perhaps the most interesting of all is the revelation that Total War is going to get Steam Workshop integration. Similarly to the likes of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Team Fortress 2, game players will be able to share the Historical Battles they create on Steam, with added tools including "model conversion software" and "a campaign reprocessor" thrown in. Although initially billed to be for Shogun 2, in terms of modding, the plans are set to be a massive gamechanger for Total War.

    "Next up the much famous Jack Lusted steps up to show us his powerpoint presentation, first announcment is shown to be that there will be Steam Workshop intergration, people will be able to create and upload their own historical battles and have others download them. A nod of approval goes around the room, and you can see all of the modders taking in what it means to have this new frontier of modding now opened." .Mitch - Team Leader, The Great War Mod

    Click Here for the Full Report

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