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Thread: How to add "sabotage army" ability

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    Default How to add "sabotage army" ability

    You already know that rakes and assassins in NTW and scouts in Warpath addon can use "sabotage army" ability. I'm sure everybody dreams to use this ability in ETW's global map

    I take Britain faction as example:

    1 Open a startpos by esfeditor and go to CAMPAIGN_ENV\CAMPAIGN_MODEL\WORLD\FACTION_ARRAY\Britain | FACTION_ARRAY\Britain | FACTION\CHARACTER_ARRAY\Rake | CHARACTER_ARRAY\Rake | CHARACTER\Britain | CHARACTER_DETAILS\Agentabilities\Can_Sabotage_Army. There will be 3 lines. At the 2 line you have to change to "1". At the 3 line you have to write "subterfuge".
    Repeat this procedure for all rakes and assassins for every faction

    2 Open your pack by PFM and go to "agent_to_agent_abilities_tables" .At the first table write "rake" or "assassin", at the second table "can_sabotage_army" , at the third table "1"

    3 Save
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