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Thread: 40 Turns for 1 unit?

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    hi there, i know this mod is still in the beta stages and everything but i'm currently playing as the macedonians and the hypaspists take 40 turns to create which would mean they take longer than most buildings to create at the moment.

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    That's a remnant from VII actually The hypaspists were set to be unrecruitable in VII, but if you could recruit them, they would take 40 turns and be hugely expensive. I haven't got around to sorting out all the prices and so on - they are only standardised for everything west of Greece plus India and a few other units so far. But point taken - I'll make sure all units have their appropriate build times, at least (you'll notice a fair few have 0-turn recruitment from RSII )
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    ah coolio, just trying to help you guys out in case you don't realise stuff like this

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    I think large recruitment times is a good thing for elites

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    would anyone really want to wait 10 years game time for a single unit of hoplites? and so far they havent even been that great at holding the enemy back and they'd barely escaped the 1st battle i fought with them, but by the time i did have them which was in 0.63 they'd been put to 2 turns (half a year) which i think is fair even a years waiting time i wouldnt mind hehe

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