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Thread: DarthMod 8.x FeedBack

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    Default DarthMod 8.x FeedBack

    Please post all your feedback on DarthMod 8.0

    I will open this thread when DarthMod 8.0 is out

    Thank you


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    Default Re: DarthMod 8.0 FeedBack

    one very small problem, i just played some custom battles, but the loading screen still shown as Darthmod 7.5!
    but that battles are really very very good, for AI knowed to ambush me!!
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    Default Re: DarthMod 8.0 FeedBack

    Played two battles.

    .:First Battle:.

    Location :: British Grasslands
    Factions :: Rome Vs. Britiana

    Description :: Interesting battle which unfolded here. The british decided to divide their forces into three groups, one in the middle, one on the left side(of the battlefield) and one on the right side.

    However, that didn't last long, and they went to a single line advancement, with some chariots to my left flank.

    Then, enemy archers approached my front firing at my archers, distracting me from annihilating the chariots.

    It worked pretty well I thought, the chariots charged my left side when my attention was diverted. Excellent AI tactic, however their numbers were too small at this point, so no real damage was done.

    The archers continued to fire at me, and eventually wore my own archers down to nothing. The enemy forces were holding strong, and didnít want to charge me at all; their archers just kept on firing. So, at this point I had to put my troops into the ?teustudo? formation. This was when the trouble began. Their whole line charged me, their troops evenly spread to effectively surround both my flanks and front.

    It was practically over by this point. Their cavalry effectively destroyed mine (And I theirs), and their units winning the battle against much stronger opponents. Some of the better tactics I have seen in quiet a while, was a good battle. =)

    .:Second Battle:.

    Location :: Sierra Nevada
    Factions :: The Seleucid Empire Vs. Kingdom Of Macedonia

    Description :: Set up my formation as follows.

    Little more advanced than I would usually use, had a C shape occurring, with my strong pikes in the middle and spearmen out on the flanks. Cavalry just behind them ready to strike.

    Enemy attack was again, well thought out. They struck all at once, surrounding my right flank and attacking my left with their cavalry. Sent my cavalry to deal with theirs, and just watched the right flank to see no routing occurring. Just a straight forward battle from here on out, with both sides swaying back and forth, one gaining momentum then quickly losing it.

    Had a lot of cavalry deaths, and both my archer units were effectively shut down. The enemies formation and attacking successfully punished my lack of defence for my archers, and subdued any cavalry charge into their rear.

    Another hard fought battle, however this one belonged to me (Quit because one of their units, only one remaining, was on the other side of the field chasing down one of my units. =D)

    This is my first try at your mod by itself, and I am very impressed so far. Battles are difficult, and not tedious. Formations actually look deadly, and human like. AI acts smarter with certain units, no suicide rushes so far.

    Looking forward to some campaign action now.

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    Default Re: DarthMod 8.0 FeedBack

    Excellent feedback! Thank you! It seems that the AI is behaving as I have....foreseen!

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    Default Re: DarthMod 8.0 FeedBack

    great mod! i think so far its the best mod ive tried so far except i have the problem where some of the phalanx units walks away from the battle.... say.. is there goin to be a darth mod 9.0 ?
    (O.o )
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    Default Re: DarthMod 8.0 FeedBack

    Quote Originally Posted by ...
    great mod! i think so far its the best mod ive tried so far except i have the problem where some of the phalanx units walks away from the battle.... say.. is there goin to be a darth mod 9.0 ?
    Nope 8.0 "Dark Edition" is last for Rome Total War untill M2TW......................

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    Default Re: DarthMod 8.0 FeedBack

    Well heavy cavalry vs heavy cavalry battles are stil very boring and sluggish .Very sad thing as I think overall battlemap AI is improved . Are formations AI improvements going to be released separately?

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    Default Re: DarthMod 8.0 FeedBack

    In the custom battles I have played so far as the Greeks vs Romans, I have seen the wandering men from phalanx units, but only after going hand to hand with the romans. They did form back up for me though it took awhile to happen.

    I don't see this as a problem, more like a natural occurance of heavy melee combat.

    By the way the AI is acting wonderfully, especially since all my custom battle armies, both Greek and Roman, were radomly generated by computer.
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    Default Re: DarthMod 8.0 FeedBack

    i dont wanna sound pushy and i love this mod and all but i was wonderin when darth formations 14.0 will be released?

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    Default Re: DarthMod 8.0 FeedBack

    hmmmm I think it is far better than before seems to you like this because CA has no interesting cavalry animations...still now the cavalry is far more dynamic than before...encircling and penetrating in melee..even vs cavalry

    The wandering men happens in patch 1.5/1.6 ...however the mass settings and the prolonged realistic combat makes it more visual (In vanilla they would have routed long ago ..)


    I will wait a few days...I want extensive feedback by YOU..all of you so that I know no CTDs occur due to them so as to provide the best tool for the community mods.
    I do not want to cause trouble to other modders.

    I have made many many new techniques in Formations AI than only your public beta testing will prove the full right...

    From my tests it is ....breakthrough

    You will find the exploits

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    Default Re: DarthMod 8.0 FeedBack

    Just something small: with the Celtic faction in BI the Gallowglasses and Slingers both seem like vanilla skins to me since they look so different to the other celtic troops. I haven't actually seen what they're like in vanilla BI cause I immediately installed your mod (good job btw), so I was just wondering if that's how they're meant to be. It's not that I don't like them, they just feel out of place, if that makes sense...
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    Default Re: DarthMod 8.0 FeedBack

    Quote Originally Posted by DARTH VADER
    hmmmm I think it is far better than before seems to you like this because CA has no interesting cavalry animations...still now the cavalry is far more dynamic than before...encircling and penetrating in melee..even vs cavalry

    It is not about animations . It is about that they physically cannot hurt each other - put legionary cavalry vs cataphracts (or any other heavy cavalry combination) in custom battle (put nothing else - just cavalry) and their killing speed is very slow . It is not about animation ,I repeat, it is about that 3 heavy units charing into one full speed produce 3 casualties and afterwards they kill at about 1 unit per 30 seconds. -It is plain ridicoulous when both stacks heavily battle but the numbers do not drop a all for several minutes .
    It was the case in 7.5 and still the case in 8.0 . I tried about half a dozen of other mods and they do noth exhibit this behaviour . Methinks it is that their defence heavily overpowers their offence.

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    Default Re: DarthMod 8.0 FeedBack

    Excellent Mod... This new AI tactics makes me think twice.. I cant attack them... I have to think before attacking my foes.. nice work darth....

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    Default Re: DarthMod 8.0 FeedBack

    I'm having a great time so far with 8.0.

    I'm playing as Brutii on the risk map,H/M. It's pretty shocking how the AI behaves,they're much better at maintaining control of thier troops,and making slight but effective formation adjustments.

    I've been battling almost exclusively against the Greeks,and they're really putting on a good show. I'm usually in big trouble if they manage to upset my initial plan,most battles have been very close calls. I'm having a difficult time not getting pushed back,let alone expand,really fun!

    I've only suffered one CTD,it occurred while loading a city battle. It worked fine upon a reload.
    Thanks again for all the hard work guys.

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    Default Re: DarthMod 8.0 FeedBack

    As I remember...yes they are vanilla's...did not find any skin for them (slingers/unless I used those of DM_RTW) and for gallowglasses the skin is quite good comparing to those I found.

    Well if you play on medium settings this may be the case you say,in harder settings the killing is increased..overall the cavalry is as I find it just right. I do not want cavalry melees to end in a few secs.

    I tried and it worked it seems

    Also what I am interested to see is if you have anticipated the occasional AI change of width in the midst of battle. Many units have different widths than be clones of the same stucture.
    The CTD you refer to is in which map? The Risk_campaign?

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    Default Re: DarthMod 8.0 FeedBack

    Is it enough to just copy descr_formations.txt , descr_formations_ai.txt and text\battle.txt from dm 8.0 in order to get improved formations in other mods or there other files which needs to be copied as well now ?

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    Default Re: DarthMod 8.0 FeedBack will behave strangely. You will see too much loose formations and other things.

    I will release it ASAP when I have more feedback so as to make a better adjustment.

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    Default Re: DarthMod 8.0 FeedBack

    you can use them but you have to adapt the parameters in the files export_descr_unit.txt and in descr_mount.txt as in darth mod. Because of the elephant-deflector-darkforce (blocking the streets and troops) and the zombie effect (soldier attacking the dead) I have not used the darth descr_mount.txt, so my animals are still crashing in to the enemy (as vanilla).

    @darth vader
    you have changed the greek theban formation back to older line style than the tanksquare style in 7.5. Thats better and its working fine (the min_unit_width - max_unit_width change in battle and the special greek strong_left-weak_right attack style (or the other way? forgotten). Because i use mostly overshoulder greek attack style in my mod and want a nice running impact of them in the enemy front i adapted the greek formations a little bit.

    Still the problems with bridge battles:
    in 7.5 the AI was creating line style defensive positions before the bridge... easy to attack by long range weapons
    in 8.0 the AI is creating column style positions on the road (better), but why are the archers/ long range weapons not moved to the left/right sides besides the road just at the border of the river for maximal output?
    This is the way the sinuhet bridge formations work and so I will stay with them.

    Now you have more maps than me in my mod ... will work on this
    a problem is having the same control files for small maps and big maps (one problem the distance-capital unrest,..) maybe we need special created control files created campaign specific with bat exe_files.

    hope you will not retire, there are so many things out there to integrate in the mod (9.0 ??) or prince wipeout140 will take over the cepter ??
    but your girlfriend has priority


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    Default Re: DarthMod 8.0 FeedBack

    Why do Commitanenses and such units have the "shieldwall" ability in BI? Also, the formation is too close, in my opinion, they allways move with their feet and such because it's too close.



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