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Thread: Crash At Chaos Dwarf Earth Shaken

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    Default Crash At Chaos Dwarf Earth Shaken

    As the title... My game crash when the Chaos cannon (the Earthshaker Fires) there's also a crash when The Flying Goblin Warmachine Fires... I have the 1.5.1 Version with English transl One... (i Use Orcs)

    From 1.5.0 I replaced first the file from 1.5.1 and then replace 1.5.1 with 1.5.1 English trans..

    i think i made the correct way.

    There are any Fix to this problem?

    The guy i belive has my same bug

    I'm asking if is a General Problem or is my Personal Problem because i never Saw the Animation of these war machines.. This crash happen also in the 1.5.0 Version.

    Actually the problem is that i cannot fight Agaist the Chaos dwarf or Orcs that uses these W.M. so i'm asking if i can Disable the unites for don't give them the opportunity to Reclute it in the campagn...

    Thanks for the Attention, for the Mod is aweasome...

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    Default Re: Crash At Chaos Dwarf Earth Shaken

    Hello hi AUTO-FIXED the Bug... it was Related to the

    model mods/Call_of_Warhammer/data/models_missile/goblin_new.cas, max (also the Earthshaker) the Game doenst find the file because my Folder is different...

    I replaced in descr_Projectile the route

    model mods/Rage_of_Dark_Gods/data/models_missile/goblin_new.cas Now it works...

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    Default Re: Crash At Chaos Dwarf Earth Shaken

    Damn thing crashes a lot for me. Had played a couple campaigns, on of them being Slaanesh. It crashed around turn 3 or 4 to my knowledge. Seem to produce this:
    08:50:44.578 [data.transgression] [info] Applied transgression TC_UNDECLARED_ATTACK from transgressor faction 139A6B2E against faction 139D021008:50:44.718 [system.rpt] [error] Sigma preserve us, Chaos has taken over!
    Closing the gates to save our souls!
    Then CTD. Any fixes?

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