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Thread: TATW Realism+ /Final/ [TATW 3.2]

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    Quote Originally Posted by alreadyded View Post
    Gonna check it out now, sounds like a lot of this would fit well with PCP's gameplay. Will give credits for anything I merge.

    Out of curiosity do you think 2 hp per unit instead of decreasing attack or increasing defense/armor does just as good a job? Or is it worth spending additional time to make them 1hp and edit the others accordingly?
    It's worth if the balancing shall be "invented" anew, yes. Nontheless, the hp setup works as well, but under the line, it was done so to have a quick result for longer-lasting battles vs. TATW vanilla. According differences for armour/weapon etc. values are there as well.
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    Default Re: TATW Realism+ /Final/ [TATW 3.2]

    I installed this, but how do i launch it. i continually launch tatw, but it still looks the same. with the same units and everything.

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