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Thread: A Guide to the Scriptorium Writing Competitions

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    Default A Guide to the Scriptorium Writing Competitions

    The Scriptorium runs two writing competitions every year, one in the winter at the beginning of the year, and another during the summer in the middle of the year. Below is a general FAQ and list of rules about our writing competitions.

    • When are the competitions?
      Competitions are normally held twice a year one in the summer and one in the winter. The summer competition is normally kicked off in August, while the winter competition usually starts in January.

    • How do I enter the Writing competition?
      Simply submit your entry to any librarian. Librarians are assigned to certain categories, so it is preferable that you submit to the appropriate librarian assigned to the category you are entering.

    • Can I enter more than one entry into the competition?
      Yes, you may submit an entry into multiple categories, but only one entry per category is allowed.

    • What kind of awards and medals are up for grabs?
      Four medals are awarded, one gold, one silver, one bronze, and the Librarian's Choice award. The top placing entries in each category will move on to a final round of voting to decide medal winners. Runner-up and second runner-up in each category will receive rep rewards, 50 for runner-ups and 25 for second runner-ups. Assuming adequate entries to each category, only 3 out of the 5 will win a medal. Fourth place in the finals will be given 75 rep.

    • If I have multiple entries can I win multiple awards?
      No, members may win only one medal.

    • Am I allowed to write anything for the competition?
      You may submit anything as long as it is your own writing and has not been previously published or posted on the site. For themed competitions, however, your entry must adhere to the theme guidelines.

    Below are the general rules governing each competition. Some rules are subject to change based on competition and, at times, some special conditions may apply.

    Competition General Rules
    Competition Rules

    • Fiction (1000+ words)
    • Short Fiction (500-1000 words)
    • Nonfiction (500+ words on History, Religion, Morality, etc.)
    • Poetry (any form of poetry, though we prefer you keep them short)
    • Themed (Determined per competition)

    NO MORE THAN ONE ENTRY PER MEMBER IN EACH CATEGORY. MEMBERS MAY WIN ONE MEDAL ONLY. IN THE EVENT THEY WIN MULTIPLE MEDALS, ONLY THEIR ENTRY WITH THE HIGHEST OVERALL VOTES WILL RECEIVE A MEDAL, AND THEIR OTHER SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT QUALIFY FOR ANY EQUAL OR LESSER MEDAL. Librarians shall clerically administer the competition. Librarians shall not be voting on medals except on the "Librarian's Choice" medal, which is a private poll and will be announced at the end with the rest of the awards. A public poll shall be created and the general membership shall select a medal winner among the submissions for each category.

    Submissions for this competition must be unique works written specifically for this competition, or otherwise not posted on TWC in the past.

    Anyone caught asking for votes during the voting phase in any way, shape or form, on or off this forum, will have their submission immediately disqualified from the competition. In the event this does happen, I can personally guarantee you that you will not know of your entry's disqualification until after voting. This will leave you thinking you were able to sneakily lobby for votes behind my back, and just when you think you've got it, I will slap you hard with my pimp cane. So please ladies and gentlemen, don't pull any crap like this on me, I will see it coming and I will embarrass you for it. Don't say you haven't been warned.


    Awards for the winners:
    Medallions shall be decided by the general membership.
    Reputation shall be decided by the Chief Librarian. As it stands, 50 rep for non-medal winning runner-ups and 25 for non-medal winning second runner-ups.

    Librarian's Choice Award:
    The winner of this award shall be decided by Librarian popular vote.

    The award polling will begin after the submissions deadline and polling will be closed after roughly two weeks. Finalist voting will stay open for roughly 10 days. Winners will be announced within the days of the polling coming to a close.

    The Chief Librarian is solely responsible for all aspects of the competition. The decisions of the Chief Librarian is final.

    The Librarians will at their discretion include entries into the Scriptorium. Submission to the Contest does not assure the article will be archived in the Scriptorium.

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