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Thread: [TATW] The Kingdom restored! (A Gondor AAR) Dead. Please Close

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    Default [TATW] The Kingdom restored! (A Gondor AAR) Dead. Please Close

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Hi this is my second AAR (my first having died after a lost save). I have always had trouble with Gondor so feel free to give suggestions on my gameplay* as well as on my writing, but often I am ahead of the AAR so some suggestions may not be able to be used. And so it begins...

    * I have actually now gotten too far for tips in the gameplay to be of use. I am at turn 52 right now, and a lot has happened in those turns I haven't covered yet.


    Steward Denethor II: The ruling Steward of Gondor. He is wise, noble, and kingly, and a great ruler and a fine warrior despite his age. He is also the greatest commander of Gondor during the time of the War of the Ring, and has won great victories few others are capable of. He also reconquered Osgiliath, and has won several victories there. However, he enjoys having power, and does not like to share it. Additionally, he became a very distant person after his wife died.

    Lord Boromir: The favored son of Denethor, Boromir is also a superb Warrior and the second greatest commander in Gondor. Boromir is loved by the soldiers for his victories and courage, and unlike his Father he is very outgoing. He also travels on foot, unlike most Gondor commanders. He is fiercely loyal to Gondor and would die before failing his people. His greatest achievement so far is the conquest of Cair Andros.

    Lord Faramir: The second son of Denethor, Faramir is a skilled ranger. Faramir is less appreciated by his father partially because of his love of music, lore, and women over the glories of war. Despite this Faramir is a competent leader who leads the rangers of Ithilien, hoping to one day reclaim that forest. Recently though he has followed his brother Boromir on his campaigns.

    Prince Imrihil: Imrihil is the Prince of Dol Amroth, and was chosen to lead the Umbar expedition. He seems to be more than a match for the Men of Umbar is probably the third Greatest Commander in Gondor. His Knights of Dol Amroth are rightly feared by all who would fight for the Shadow, especially the Men of Umbar.

    Forlong the Fat: Lord of Lossarach, Forlong is a strong commander and is Denethors most trusted general outside of the family. He crushed the peasant rebellion at Druedan Village despite being outnumbered almost 2 to 1. Additionally he was briefly Govenor of Minas Tirith.

    Borthor: Gondors finest spy, he has proven his worth to Denethor and Imrihil on multiple occasions.

    Curunir: Denethors most loyal bodyguard. A trusted man who saved the Stewards life.

    Timeline (In Progress)

    Spring TA 2980: Death of Echilon, Denethor becomes Steward.

    Summer TA 2980: Denethor reconquers Osgiliath. The Orcs are utterly annialated

    Autumn TA 2980: Battle of West Ithilien. Denethor crushes rebel rangers.

    Spring TA 2981: Prince Imrihil begins the first Umbar expedition

    Summer TA 2981: Forlong the Fat wins the battle of Druden Village

    Autumn TA 2981: Prince Imrihil wins the battle of Kas Shafra and wins Gondor a town in Umbar.

    Winter TA 2981-2982: Imrihil wins the battle of the Kas Shafra coast, annihilating a superior force of Haradrim.

    Spring TA 2982: Lord Boromir reconqueres Cair Andros for Gondor while destroying a force of rebelious peasants and Militiamen. Steward Denethor II fights the second battle of Osgiliath, and it ends in a draw.

    Summer TA 2982: Denethor wins the third battle of Osgiliath and destroys a far larger orcish host.

    Chapter One: A City Retaken

    I am Steward Denethor II, the ruler of Gondor, and King in all but name.

    Following the recent death of my father, Steward Ecthelion II, I have been made ruler of Gondor. My ancestors and I have led Gondor for centuries, ever since the death of Eärnur, the last king, and have kept it safe. However, now times are changing. Gondor is now but a shadow of what it was in days all but forgotten. However, my goal is to restore Gondor to its former glory, and eventually take back what is rightfully ours! I may never see that day, but I know that when my time to depart comes, Gondor will be in the good hands of Boromir.

    My first son Boromir wanted to lead the first invasion, but I decided I would lead it myself, since it has been too long since I have fought a battle. However, he will be my right hand man. He is certainly one of Gondors most competent Generals, and a greater Warrior than anyone who has been seen in Gondor for centuries. He can also relate to the common soldier in a way that introverts like me can only envy.

    My second son Faramir is not as great a warrior as my first born, generally preferring music and woman to the glories of battle, nevertheless, though, he is a skilled archer and his rangers will prove valuable.

    At Minas Tirith we had a meeting with our highest nobles and Generals to decide our next course of action. I will record the most important of it.

    “Today our great nation faces a crisis. The forces of Mordor grow stronger each day, threatening our very existence. Their allies, the Haradrim, have a huge empire, and their Grand Serpent wants revenge for the great victories Gondor won against them in older days. The Corsairs of Umbar threaten our coast. The Loke-Khan to the East, though technically not our enemy right now, have fought us in the past and if he manages to conquer the Kingdom of Dale to the north, he will want more room to expand, and so will attack Gondor. To make matters worse Saruman, once the leader of the White Council, has taken our Fortress Isengard and now commands a formidable force of Uruks, meaning that at least for now we have little hope for help from Rohan. The forces of Mordor have even managed to conquer half of Osgiliath, and Ithilian has been abandoned. What course of action should we take?”

    I soon heard my second son make a suggestion. “I believe we should make a stand at Minas Tirith. Its defenses are far stronger than any that still exist in Middle Earth.”

    I disagreed with Faramirs suggestion. “But what of the people enslaved by Sauron at Osgiliath?”

    “Father, no civilians have lived there for years.”

    “That is incorrect. Borthor, give us your report. He will soon prove you wrong.”

    Borthor was Gondors finest spy, who had managed to spy on Osgiliath by disguising himself as a Haradrim soldier. “My Lord, there are at least 800 people enslaved there, most of whom are loyal to you, and they would welcome us Men of Gondor liberating them.”

    “Thank you, Borthor. So I say we will attack them and spare not a single orc. Any other suggestions?”
    Most of the people were pleased by my plan.

    Boromir brought up a good point, though. “Father, though our spirits our strong, we lack the supplies and equipment to face a prolonged War against the armies of Mordor and Harad. Therefore, I propose that we invest large amounts of our treasury in improving the training facilities, armories, and weapon supplies in Minas Tirith, Dol Amroth, and Pelargir, our three most important cities, so we can field our stronger troops” I agreed with him.

    I then spoke to my brother-in-law. “Additionally, we need to deal with the threat of the barbarians of Umbar, so I entrust you, Imrihil, to deal with this threat. Build a strong cavalry force from the best men you can find, and then strike at the heart of Umbar. Then we can devote more troops to the war against Mordor. If we ignore this threat, the consequences will be dire.”

    Imrihil responded “My Lord, your wish is my command. I swear your will shall be done, of I shall die trying.”

    “Thank you. And you can just call me Denethor.” Imrihil is one of my favorite generals, and all others in Gondor can only call me "My Lord", except for my sons.

    Then we started taking about economic problems and farming and other boring things and I nearly fell asleep. I agreed to build more roads and farms and markets in some backwater towns. Fortunately, the meeting eventually ended.


    With the meeting behind me, my forces soon besieged Osgiliath. Imrihil went down south to prepare a force strong enough to damage Harad.

    “Father, we should attack now.” My first son Boromir was eager to kill some orcs.

    “Boromir, you are being too impetuous. The time will come, but for now, we must be happy to block of their food supplies and starve a few of them.”

    “I am sure we can win-”

    “And so am I, but I would rather wait a few months than take excessive losses. I would like to win a battle and be able to celebrate rather than be depressed over half the men dying.” After I said this it was dropped, and a messanger arrived telling me that Imrahil was already preparing for an attack.

    Soon it was summer, and the reinforcements arrived. They consisted of two battalions of Archer Militia and one battalion of Swordsmen Militia. These men, especially the archers, would be useful, though not totally necessary. Our men outnumbered the orcs and were of far better quality of course, being Gondorians as opposed to worthless orcs, and a glorious victory was soon won.

    Our forces deployed near a half-ruined building.

    The main bridge has been broken down, so our troops had to cross the river, getting wet in the process, but we men of Gondor are too tough to care. My son Boromir was in the front lines.

    Soon when we crossed the river, I ordered the archers to form a line while Boromir and some Swordsmen Militia would guard a minor bridge. The arrows would ether provoke the orcs and cause a foolish charge or would destroy them.

    The orcs stand, taking arrows for a while. This causes quite a few deaths among the orcs!

    The orcs then attack, but Orc Raiders are no match for Citadel Guard. The orcs are easily frightened.

    I don’t want to miss out on the slaughter so I charge, and soon after the orcs retreat. However, some Uruk Bodyguards arrive and though they cannot win, they cause a few casualties.

    In the meantime some orc archers get shot while causing minimal casualties in return.

    My bodyguard and infantry soon get the upper hand and the orc General dies while trying to run away. He will not be missed, nor will any of his worthless followers.

    The orc archers are even more pathetic in a melee than at range, and soon they are destroyed, barely scratching anyone.

    The men of Gondor soon celebrate a great victory. And of course no one forgot about the drinks!

    My diplomat who I hired is going to get map information from as many nations and tribes as he can. Soon Gondor will know more about the political situation outside our borders!

    After the battle, Gondor became the largest Empire in all of Middle Earth! This will do little to stop my expansion, though!

    Also my more romantic son Faramir has chosen a wife. May she bare many sons who, no doubt, will strengthen our people!

    Immediately I order the construction of a library in the Eastern half of Osgiliath. However, before it is completed, my second son Faramir had bad news. He told me that some of his rangers had betrayed us and started their own small Kingdom. Well the new Kingdom of Ithilian will not survive long. Faramir also said some rangers plan to take Osgiliath! So I sent my spy to check to see if that was the case. He reported that 2 Battalions of Ithilian Rangers planned to ambush us, and they were on the border right by Osgiliath, so I decided to attack the rebels! The Militia stayed to guard Osgiliath.

    My spy Borthor is right by the site of the battle.

    My plan was rather simple. My rangers would attack the enemy at range and my bodyguard would be able to move unmolested. I would then charge the peasants, killing many, and then the rest of the troops would move in.

    My forces deploying. Faramir and his rangers were in the front, the other unit of rangers behind him, Boromir behind the rangers, and I was in the back, though this formation would soon change.

    “We’ll get there soon enough!” Citadel Guards are unable to move as fast as Rangers, as they are weighed down by their far heavier equipment. They soon fall behind.

    Faramir and his rangers start shooting, though the enemies are too busy redeploying and getting killed to care.


    The charge is quite successful, and the enemy General soon dies. This frightens the rangers, and so does the fact that they have to fight well armored Bodyguards with their light equipment. However, I noticed one of my more clumsy bodyguards was killed by a wooden stake. Poor fool.

    Soon they run, and my Bodyguard gives chase. No matter how badly they want to escape, though, they can’t outrun horses, even horses weighed down by armored Gondorians. In the meantime, my son Faramir and his rangers reach the other rangers, and the rebels soon flee!

    Another victory worthy of a king!

    If my luck holds, soon we will have the Witch-King, Sauron, and all their pathetic orcs at their knees! However, I mustn’t get overconfident.

    Anyways after the battle I ordered my son Boromir to attack Cair Andros, for these defenses are essential for Gondors survival.

    I also got a report that Imrihil is ready. Soon he will reach havoc on the Umbar coast, for Knights of Dol Amroth are the strongest Cavalry in the world!

    In the meantime, a force sent by Forlong, one of my more compotent Generals, to teach some rebels a lesson of obedience, has been attacked when he besieged an enemy village. I have not received word yet of the results, but I believe if this man and his troops have talent, a glorious victory will have been won!

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    Nice start. It looks promising!


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    Thank you Dejeyo. Also, can an administrator please move this thread to the Third Age Total War AAR section, where this should be? Sorry that I posted in the wrong place . I might be able to update this AAR by Saturday, but probably not, and I will be gone on Sunday for a week.

    Edit: Never mind

    Edit Again: I meant never mind moving it.
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    This AAR should be here, you will receive a lot more attention and readers here. The AAR is great so far! I really liked it! You can post it here as well as in the TATW forum. +rep

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    Thanks for all your replies and rep, and sorry about the delay. Also I was in a hurry when I posted this so there might be some errors, and I will get to fixing thiese when I get the time. But the second Chapter is ready now, and I hope you enjoy it.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Chapter 2: Some Costly Victories

    “My Lord, this city is enormous! Especially when compared to the town I grew up in! It is beautiful too. It feels amazing to live the good life when you have been living simply for your whole life.” My general Forlong was amazed by the size of Minas Tirith, which he had never visited before. Now Forlong, known as Forlong the Fat, is a great warrior and Lord of Lossarnach, and is known for his great size and strength. His people are a rugged, simple people, short people, rather like Dwarves though not nearly as short, and fiercely loyal to Gondor.

    “Yes, you look upon the greatest and the oldest fortress in Middle Earth. Now give me your report of the battle.”

    “Well, my Lord, we won a victory. The enemy nearly twice outnumbered me, but they lacked armour and my men were clearly of superior quality. My infantry deployed in a line, and I was farther back, so I could charge and flank the enemy.”

    “Our archers fired on the enemy. Their spear throwers were unable to return fire at first. Additionally, my cavalry was ready to charge the rebels in the flank.”

    “A melee began, and the Swordsmen Militia stood firm, but the archers took some casualties from the enemy spear throwers. My cavalry entered the fray.”

    “The melee was hard, but my soldiers got the upper hand, and when the enemy captain died, the enemy infantry soon were run over.”

    “Unfortunately the archers were more than halved by the spear throwers, but my bodyguard eventually routed and crushed them!”

    “The battle was won, but at quite a cost. Nevertheless, the rebels have been crushed and I assure you that the people will never take up arms against Gondor again!”

    I said “Thank you Forlong. Now, I trust you to be governor of Minas Tirith, quite a task, but I trust you and I won’t return for quite some time. However, you are not authorized to look into the palantir. I will take personal charge of the defense at Osgiliath.”

    “I understand, my Lord.”

    “Alright then. Until we meet again, Forlong!”


    Soon after I got word from Dol Amroth.

    To the Steward of Gondor, Denethor II

    After all practical preparations were made for the and after I kissed my new wife goodbye, the expedition set sail.

    However, soon we were attacked by a Umbar fleet. It outnumbered us 2 to 1, and killed some of our crew, though we escaped.

    My admiral skillfully managed to evade and we arrived at the enemy coast! Our forces besieged the enemy at a relatively minor town, though conquering it no doubt hurt Haradrim morale. The enemy soon sent a relief force to attack though.

    The enemy marched out of the town, and my archers rained arrows on the Serpent Bodyguard!

    The clumsy enemy general made it too easy to flank him, so we did. He later paid with his life, along with the lives of the rest of the warriors.

    However, the Serpent Bodyguards are extremely strong, and don’t go down without a fight. They cause quite a few casualties despite their desperate position.

    Our troops soon take the town and Ghasaan, the enemy general dies in the battle. We honor him for that, though nothing else. Next I attack General Bakr, but he too fights like a demon.

    There is a brief fight in the town, but some of the soldiers destroy their Shrine to Melkor. Seeing this and being demoralized, they pull back immediately, causing us to win the battle.

    It was a close victory, but nevertheless a victory. Soon we attacked the remainder of the enemies, and General Bakr would not see another day.

    The next battle was somewhat more in our favor, due to our fine quality, but I have learned that Serpent Bodyguard are never to be underestimated.

    Our archers fired at the enemy spearmen, but at the far range they killed few enemies.

    Next our cavalry charged the poorly guarded general bodyguard, but again their faith in Melkor drove them to insane acts of mad courage. The Gondor cavalry pull back once the Haradrim infantry arrive.

    In the meantime, the enemy spearmen attack my archers but are unable to prevail. The spearmen eventually flee, but inspired by their general they hold out for a while.

    Bakr was a great warrior. Even when he was dying, he refused to give up, preferring death to dishonor. However, he was only human,

    And he fell from his horse, losing his life.

    After the death of their hero, the men were so demoralized that they no longer fought effectively and soon broke.

    I was angry, so I pursued these Sauron worshiping bastards and killed many of them, and few of them would ever return to their homes! Lacking horses, they could not get away, and I took full advantage of this fact.

    Only ten men escaped death or capture, but after I calmed down I let the prisoners go, for they only were doing their duty. However, many men of Gondor were among the dead, including my good friend Durven. I am not ashamed to admit I shed a few tears for him!

    Fortunately the enemies disbanded immediately instead of putting up any more resistance.

    So my lord, despite recent successes, reinforcements will be necessary if I am to take Umbar. And I will also have to abandon the small town I conquered, as I will need all the troops I can get!

    From your Loyal Brother In Law and Prince of Dol Amroth,

    Prince Imrahil


    Soon I heared that our investment in the barracks were about to pay off, as now we can field our better troops, though we still are far away from being able to build our armies entirely from professionals. In time Osgiliath will also have these essentials!

    In the meantime a Mordor force attacked me at Osgiliath. They outnumbered me three to one, and my force was made up entirely of cavalry, while the majority of the enemy force was of spearmen, but we still won.

    My cavalry charges a frontline group of orc spearmen.

    Initially it was successful, but soon the cavalry started taking heavy causualties. However, the frontline orcs broke and we kill them all!

    Another orc band is attacked and though they have no chance they still killed many.

    The cavalry pulled out for another charge, for I hoped to minimize casualties as much as possible.

    This next charge killed the enemy general, and his followers fled, but did not escape.


    It was a great victory, but incredibly high Gondorian casualties meant we had little reason to celebrate, and when our ransom demands were refused we burned the orcs, dead or alive, sparing no one!

    Right after the battle I sent the wounded and remaining cavalry Militia to the house of healing at Minas Tirith, leaving only my bodyguard to guard the Eastern half of Osgiliath. I then attended Boromirs wedding.

    After I did this the forces of Mordor attacked again! The situation seems hopeless, but I can take comfort that I will die a heroes death in the company of Warriors whose heroic deeds will never be forgotten.

    Before the sally I received word from Boromir.

    To my Father and Steward of Gondor, Denethor II

    Father, when I heared that you were in your grave situation at Osgiliath, I abandoned my plan to wait them out and I attacked, hoping to be able to reinforce you. A great victory was won at Cair Andros, but the cost was just as great. The enemy deployed some of their forces in the castle, but others were in the hills.

    The archers moved to attack the enemies deployed outside of the city, but didn’t kill as many enemies as at Osgiliath.

    Our troops marched with the ram to batter down the gate, but fire arrows caused many casualties. Fortunately the peasants simply didn’t have the skill of true Gondorian warriors, but nevertheless even basic troops can kill.

    The men outside the castle tried to attack the rammers, but I moved in and soon our rangers and Milita also attacked in a melee.

    Soon the men outside were killed or captured and once the gate was breached our men moved in.

    Because of their light equipment and lack of armour, the archers were able to run to the top of the hill before the Gondorians caught them. They fired at the hill like complete idiots and didn’t hit nearly as many enemies as talented archers would have. However, the hill was far too high for my archers to fire over, so we caused even less casualties.

    And when we charged, they had a clear shot and they killed many of our men.

    However, despite the terrain the melee was easy, as the peasants had no talent at close quarters.

    Our men soon killed them all and showed no mercy! Such a fate is deserved for anyone who would dare to rise up against Gondorian Power!

    I am truly sorry, father, but a far stronger Mordor force was discovered near Cair Andros which had the upper ground, and high loses mean I am unable to come to reinforce you. Additionally we are out of supplies which were used up during the siege but Forlong who you trusted as Govenor of Minas Tirith is sending some. He also askes permission to go to Cair Andros to help the defense. Soon I will probably be in your position, but I will die rather than surrender these defenses to Mordor!

    From Your Son


    My heart sank when I read these words. My son, who I thought could not fail me, just had! However, I know Boromir is not planning anything treacherous, and I hope he fares better than I will. Perhaps Faramir was right; perhaps I should have swallowed my pride and made a stand at Minas Tirith. However, that is in the past. But I will make sure I kill as many orcs as possible, we will all kill 10 or 20 for every one of us that falls! Soon after I got Boromirs letter, after I ordered reinforcements to be sent down to Umbar, and after I ordered Forlong to reinforce Cair Andros, I sallied out of Osgiliath, knowing I would not see another day.

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    Its a shame your best commander has to die.... +rep for your story! ups must spread some first!

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    Ooh, great AAR you have here. The death of Denethor should be quite satisfyingly epic! +rep
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    Mordor Delenda Est

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    Wow I seroiusly need to update this more. Sorry again. But heres Chapter 3, and I hope you enjoy.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Chapter Three: Victory from the Jaws of Defeat

    I marched out of Osgiliath to meet my foe. My strategy was rather simple, I would repeat ably charge the enemy, and then pull back once the melee would start to avoid as many casualties as possible. However, I was sure we would all die.



    And yet again.

    We had killed hundreds while not losing ten. Lances were broken, shields were splintered, swords were overused so much that they grew dull, and orc corpses littered the field. Some orcs fled like sheep from a lion and screamed, begging for mercy, though we did not act according to their wishes. Perhaps there was still hope in this battle.

    But soon there wasn’t. The horses were tired out and didn’t respond quickly enough, so after I pulled back from one of my charges we took heavy casualties, or at least heavy compared to our other charges, though very light compared to what the orcs were getting.

    But I would not give up. I had sworn to make the orcs pay for their inevitable victory, so that Boromir or some other General would be able to retake the city with ease. And with half the orcs dead, I know I did my job well. Before my next charge I let the men and horses rest awhile.

    Our numbers grew smaller and smaller, and I was among the last 14, than 12, than 9, than 7, than 6. We gave our all, so that the orcs were terrified, though most did not break.

    Soon I fell from My horse, and I remember nothing that happened after my fall before I was at Osgiliath again.

    I spoke to Curunir, my youngest bodyguards, and in a fury I yelled. “What have you all done, did you all run away when I fell from my horse!?”

    “Well my Lord, when you fell down one of the men immediately dismounted and he fought like a demon to protect you. While he was fighting I too dismounted and somehow I found the strength to pick you up and mount you on my horse, and we all rode away. The man who saved your life, may Ilúvatar bless his soul!” Curunir burst into tears, and not one of us failed to join him in his tears.

    “Curunir, you also saved my life. But we must go back, I cannot live with this unbearable shame, death would be preferable.”

    “NO MY LORD, You mustn’t go back! You are not fit to figh-“

    “I’m as fit to fight as I was fifty years ago, when I didn’t have a scar or cut or a grey hair on my head! Are you the Steward, or am I!?”
    But the others agreed with Curunir.

    Curunir also said “Also my Lord, this has brought no dishonor or shame upon your name. You did all you could, and we only fled because our greatest duty is to defend you from harm. If you go back now, though, you probably will be captured.”

    “You speak falsely. I won’t be captured, and will fight well. We march to battle this instant!” I said hoarsely. I tried to draw my sword, but barely managed to do so. Finally sensing my weakness, I said “Never mind then. We will stay here, but if the enemy attacks us, we will be killed.”

    “My Lord, shouldn’t we go to Minas-“

    “No! We will defend the people of Osgiliath to the last man! I would rather die than see this city destroyed again! I am too old to live with such a burden. Now get we some wine to drown out all my sorrows! Now! Also I ask this of all of you. If I am about to be captured, kill me rather than let that happen.” Despite my command, though, I doubted that the men would obey, so now I keep a small jar of poison with me, just in case.

    The sun soon set. We had begun in the Morning, yet the fighting had gone into the evening. The day ended, and there was nothing more we could do. But I felt worse than a child stabbed with a knife. We certainly didn’t sleep, instead thinking the orcs would attack. I felt like I was a failure. But I knew that these men would be avenged, and I swore to devote the rest of my life to the destruction of Sauron and all foolish enough to serve him.

    The next day we buried the dead and fixed our weapons. I refused to rest more than one day, despite the fact that I was very shaken up, and hurt extremely badly. It took weeks for me to regain my strength, and I am not sure if I will ever totally recover. However, soon I was pleasantly surprised. A group of retired veterans arrived having a little over 20 men. I spoke with their leader.

    “My Lord, we have arrived from Peligar to help you defeat these orcs. We once were in the army, but have retired, being old and having served for years. However, when hearing about your peril, he knew it was our duty to act as bodyguards to the Steward.”

    “Thank Iluvitar you’re here! Earlier we had an encounter where nearly all of us died. I am lucky to be alive! We are still outnumbered nearly ten to one, though, so don’t think this coming battle will be easy. However if you are half the men I had last battle I know we will soon celebrate a victory. Also I have not recently recived word from Peligar, so I ask you this, is the city safe? Have any men from Umbar been sighted?”

    “I am pleased to inform you that not one man of Umbar has arrived since you began your reign. And someone has a letter from Prince Imrihil.”

    “Who does?”

    “I do, My Lord.” A messenger rode up.

    “Well I will read it after the battle assuming I will survive. Will anyone drink with me before the battle?” All of the men accepted my offer.

    Curunir spoke. "I propose a toast. A toast to the memory of all the heroes who laid down there lives for the Gondor. Also to those who still fight today, including ourselves, and all others, from Cair Andors to Umbar, and beyond. And to Deneth- oh, I mean my Lord, our Lord, who has thus far lead us to greatness, and who will die or continue to lead us. And finally to Gondor, the proudest and strongest nation that ever existed, which will overcome the forces of Mordor! To Gondor!"

    "To Gondor!" We all shouted. After the battle I also told him that it is fine to say my name in reference to me,

    My strategy was similar, but this time I expected a victory. However, I still didn’t want to lose too many men.

    The cavalry charged and the orcs knew immediately that they stood no chance. Here we withdrew after a charge.

    However, they also did not break. They must have known that it would be better to die in battle than be captured or worse, escape and have to deal with the Witch-Kings fury.

    Soon they were but a pitiful memory of what once was a reasonable fighting force. They still technically outnumbered us, but we knew this would be our final charge, for they would flee, or fall as well.

    Captain Burz, seeing that all his men had fallen, decided to make a run, but he had nowhere to go. He certainly couldn’t outrun a horse, and if he escaped he could have been tortured and executed by The Witch-King. He just ran like an idiot, but was soon captured.

    This victory was just retribution for the last battle. When we entered the people were astounded and were so pleased that they soon started constructing a triumphal arch in honor of me and my legendary warriors!

    However, we decided that Burz deserved a horrible punishment, so I let the men think of what to do. They cut his arms and legs off, left him to die, and then burned his body. The rest of the corpses of the orcs were stuck upon pikes around Osgiliath in a grim and terrible warning, so that soon the people complained about the horrid smell, but I didn’t mind, that was the smell of victory! Harsh times demand harsh measures, and such a fate is only well deserved for the servants of Mordor.

    The celebration that followed the battle could not get in the way of my work for long. And I read the letter the messenger gave me before the battle.

    To my brother in law, the Steward of Gondor, Denethor II
    Firstly, we have sighted the reinforcements you sent, so I will soon begin besieging the legendary city of Umbar! My force arrived at the general area, but we tarried, because of the reinforcements had not yet arrived. However, we did attack a force of Haradrim larger than ours.

    The archers fired at the pikemen, because they had no shields and little armour, making them a soft spot for arrows. Additionally cavalry charges don’t work well against them at all, unless from the back.

    Soon they advanced, and our cavalry charged the enemy spearmen and archers.

    The spearmen fell pretty fast, but the archers had time to move away. In the meantime, the enemy pikemen tried to attack the cavalry, but pikes don’t offer the wielder great mobility.

    The enemy captain died, and we gave chase. They couldn’t hope to escape, and soon fell into the sand.

    We ran down some deserters who thought they could escape me. Well, they were certainly very, very wrong!

    In the meantime the pikemen killed nobody, operating solely as a distraction to my archers. Soon they broke and we won a victory.

    Soon we won, and Borthor entered Umbar, and tells us that though the garrison is rather small, should we attack, many civilians and retired soldiers will take up arms once again, so we wait.

    However, the town we captured has been bribed. The mayor agreed to bow to the Grand Serpent and to start worshipping Morgoth! However, there is simply nothing I can do about it for the moment, as much as I hate to say it. But eventually I will retake it, unless another Gondor general beats me to it.

    Anyways we attacked another force sent to reinforce Umbar. It was a rather simple, easy battle, with few casualties (Gondorian causualties, I meant).

    My archers fired a few arrows at the enemy spearmen, but they redeployed.

    Next they tried to use a hill as cover. Obviously they think we are as stupid as those peasants Boromir fought at Cair Andros who fired at the hill instead of the enemy!

    Their plan didn’t work.

    Soon they charged, but one battalion got far ahead of the other. This proved disastrous (for the Haradrim)

    We charged in the flank and rear a battalion that tried to charge the archers. The enemy soon broke, and we pulled back for another charge.

    The trick worked a second time, which is actually quite embarrassing for the Haradrim!

    A victory was won, but the prisoners were spared once our ransom demands were accepted.

    And finally, we all heard about your great victory at Osgiliath, and it gave us all great feelings of pride and joy. The men are eager to take the city of Umbar and the banner of Minas Tirith will soon replace the Black Banner of Harad, if I have any of your talent.

    From your Brother in Law and Prince of Dol Amroth

    Prince Imrahil

    May fortune favor Imrihil, and may the legendary city of the Black Numenorians fall!

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    Default Re: The Kingdom restored!

    The funny thing is that I actually learned my strategy of forcing a draw from the AI. When they have a catapult of some form of artillery in a sally battle they just sit there and don't come out. If its timed, it turns into a draw. So I decided it would be fun to mess with you all. Thank God bodyguards come back.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Norseman View Post
    Its a shame your best commander has to die.... +rep for your story! ups must spread some first!
    . But yes at first I thought he would die

    Quote Originally Posted by MastahCheef117 View Post
    Ooh, great AAR you have here. The death of Denethor should be quite satisfyingly epic! +rep
    Sorry to disappoint...

    Quote Originally Posted by Robert "Curthose" View Post
    Mordor Delenda Est
    True, very true.

    Thank you all for reading. Hopefully in a weeks time I will have the next update done, but no, that is not a promise.
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    Nice aar here, gondola a good faction for one you seem to be A very aggressive strategist, at least to me anyways. Sailing down to umbar, taking east osgiliath in the first few turns. Good luck and keep going!

    ... Stupid iPad spell check thing... Lol "gondola". Sry for the double post
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    Default Re: [TATW] The Kingdom restored! (A Gondor AAR)

    A long time no see mate, and it is great to see another AAR underway.

    It is off to a good start, and I am liking the cropped pictures.

    Good luck! +rep


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    Default Re: [TATW] The Kingdom restored! (A Gondor AAR) Updated August 20

    Well, I was visiting relatives in Ohio who I almost never see, so I couldn't update this nearly as fast as I would have liked to.

    Quote Originally Posted by Antonidas View Post
    Nice aar here, gondola a good faction for one you seem to be A very aggressive strategist, at least to me anyways. Sailing down to umbar, taking east osgiliath in the first few turns. Good luck and keep going!

    ... Stupid iPad spell check thing... Lol "gondola". Sry for the double post
    Thanks. Also as Gondor I have found you have to be aggresive. In all my earlier games I ignored the Pirate threat and was ruined, so i had to take the fight to them this time! Defending 2 fronts as Gondor against 2 powerful Empires is extremely challanging and costly, at least in my experience.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shankbot12 View Post
    A long time no see mate, and it is great to see another AAR underway.

    It is off to a good start, and I am liking the cropped pictures.

    Good luck! +rep
    Nice to see a familiar face . And Im glad that you like the pictures.

    School just came back for me today, so I don't know when I can update this, but I will try to soon...

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    Default Re: [TATW] The Kingdom restored! (A Gondor AAR) Updated August 20

    Hmm... Did I scare some readers away by making Denethor live? Heres a long overdue update.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Chapter Four: The Palantir
    Despite the perhaps excessively cruel warning I gave Mordor at Osgiliath, soon they returned. However, I knew they wouldn’t ever return back to their Black and desolate wasteland that they called home. The enemies nearly twice outnumbered their last force, but my force was also strengthened. Additionally we now had some Professional Swordsmen from Minas Tirith, who are more than a match for all but the strongest Orcs, Goblins, or Uruks, though not our elite troops.

    Anyways soon the battle began. With the infantry I would pin the enemy down, attacking the spearmen whenever possible. This is because they perform noticeably better than other orc infantry against cavalry (meaning they die about as fast but cause a little more pain) but die easily against swordsmen. The cavalry would then be able to move more freely and so could target weak spots in the orcs lines.

    If the armies of Mordor had more effective troops, this would have been an intimidating force. It still looked powerful compared to what we were fielding, but looks can be deceiving.

    After the Swordsmen engaged the enemy, our cavalry prepared to charge.

    Soon the cavalry moved in, reaching havoc on the orcs, some of whom were distracted. You should have seen these magnificent Knights massacre the worthless orcs, it was beautiful, yes, beautiful, but sad. A few will not return to their homes.

    Captain Lafdug was among the slaughtered orcs: he was impailed by a lance and didn’t show a sign of life. Our soldiers rejoiced and the Orcs stood terrified.

    This was enough to cause some orcs to break, but we took no prisoners, killing them all on the spot.
    In the meantime, one of my cavalry units pulled out of a melee to make a flank attack.

    This was enough to break even more orcs. They were already tired, being decisively beaten, outmatched though not outnumbered, and terrified. The flank attack was too much. Soon no one stood their ground.

    We pursued them mercilessly, killing practically all of them, so that for every orc that survived, nearly 50 died.

    Our men did their duty well, and there was no doubt that this was a great victory.
    We defeated a force several times our size, yet this victory was hardly remarkable. All that was needed was men who were willing and able to fight well, and a well-timed cavalry charge.

    I was unable to stay at Osgiliath for much longer, though. I was needed back at Minas Tirith to meet with one of my Generals. However, I knew that I would be back to cause more terror to the Orcs.
    General Arveldir, the guardian of Gondors western borders, met me.

    He asked me for permission to attack the last rebellious Gondor army. This I agreed to, and I ordered him to retake what is rightfully ours. Osric, the Commander at the town, is the leader of all these rebellions in Gondor, so taking his head will be the final step in our Civil War. When Gondors men no longer fight each other, we will be able to win this war!

    Additionally, he told me that a force of Brigands had grown large enough to be a potential threat. So I will build up the local Militia.

    Soon an idea crept into my head. The Palantir! I would use it to get me the truth, and learn what I need to know. From the Anor Stone, one can see any corner of the world! The Palantir, unlike fickle men, does not lie, so also I could learn how to defeat Sauron once and for all! So I looked into it.

    I saw some lands up North, so apparently Gondor is not alone in the struggle.

    Additionally, Eriador is not totally deserted, and rangers fight to keep Sauron at bay in the ruins of Arnor. Some are every bit as lethal as Gondor soldiers!

    And the Elves fight as fiercely as ever to protect their lands. Some, I believe, are over a thousand years old, but fight with greater strength than those far younger, for Elves live forever, until they are killed...

    However, there are even more enemies up North, orcs innumerable live in the Mountains and Old Ruins such as Moria and Cara Dum. These Marauders threaten Mans very existance. This depressed me greatly, making me think that against the forces of Sauron, there is no victory.

    Soon I heard a voice.

    “Denethor, you are troubled. Join me, and you can save your people.”

    A dark, deep and unworldly sounding voice was what I heard. I don’t know what demons sound like, but I imaging they sounded similar to what I was listening to. I shuddered a bit.

    “Save your people, join me, and you will be made mightier than the Valar!”

    Soon I realized what was happening. Sauron was trying to corrupt me! This I would never let happen!

    “NO! Not if Minas Tirith was falling in ruin and I could save her by joining you, Sauron, you forger of lies! And NEVER, will our people worship Melkor as a God, instead we would all be killed, slaughtered, burned, tortured, and executed before joining you! I will listen no longer!”

    “Why do you resist me, Denethor. Great Empires and Kingdoms have formed under my protect. Knand, Harad, Umbar, Rhun are all powerful Nations that prosper, just to name a few. And those who resisted all fell or are falling. But join me now, and you will be as great as Elindil himself!”

    “I speak for all Gondor when I say we would rather die on our feet then live on our knees! You speak to me in a way you spoke to the Numenorians, and what happened to them!? THEY DIED! But I won’t be corrupted by you, even if it would save my life!”

    “Since you refuse, your fate is sealed, Denethor, ruler of a breaking people. Gondor will not hold forever, soon you will look into the Palantir again and see your doom! Until we talk again.”

    I was furious! This was how Sauron corrupted Saruman the White, once head of the White Council! These seeing stones are known to put strain on one’s mind, but those in position of the stones can communicate with each other, and see any part of the world. However, my Will was too strong for me to be corrupted and betray my people. Nevertheless, though, I was exhausted, but one day I may look into it again, for as I said before, the Palantir cannot lie, and not even Sauron could make it.


    Soon Arveldir arrived at the enemy town and he has it under siege. He has all the supplies he could ever need and is happy to wait the enemy out, who have only a year’s supply of food. Eventually, they will have to surrender or sally out. Why waste men needlessly in a bloody assault when you can wait without risk? However, if some reinforcements arrive, Arveldir is in serious trouble, but our people are weary from internal warfare, so I expect little resistance.

    I returned to Osgiliath, despite being heavy with fatigue from battling with Sauron, and when some orcs crossed the border I attacked so the enemies wouldn’t grow stronger.

    My plan was this: Since we totally lacked any archers, we would have to attack. The infantry would charge, absorbing arrows but not taking heavy casualties. Orc archers simply aren’t a threat to a battle line of strong troops, being bad marksmen and using weak arrows, so I didn’t overestimate them. Then half of my Cavalry would charge the enemy left, distracting them, so my left cavalry could run down the enemies. Then those who break would be ridden down.

    The infantry were soon in range and began running to engage as fast as possible. Hundreds of arrows darkened the sky, but only a handful, around ten men, fell to their wounds.

    A Melee ensured, but it was one sided. The men of Gondor are far mightier than orc rabble! The cavalry flanked the enemy in their left, and their general was the first to fall.

    The orcs, enraged at this loss, attacked the men who killed their General, but they were soon impaled in the back by Lances from my bodyguard.

    Panic spread in the ranks. Their losses were crippling. Outnumbered, alone, and being slaughtered like pigs in a slaughterhouse, they soon broke, but none could escape. Life is hard in the Armies of Mordor!

    A fierce persuit was made, for if an orc escaped, he may have ended up fighting me again!

    Our own losses were minimal, despite inflicting casualties to every orc there. It was a good battle, for we killed many, and almost everyone came back to tell the tale!

    Soon, however, I received a some messages. Orcs soon besieged Cair Andros, but Boromir will hold the walls until death! However, I expect him to kill the orcs instead.

    Additionally, I again got word from Imrihil. He tells me that the Haradrim have sent reinforcements to the men of Umbar. He soon expects a hard battle, but I don’t know if he will wait for the relief force or storm the walls! However, I trust him on this one. His ships were sunk and the crew were captured, meaning he will fight to the death, as he has no escape. But the men of Harad are proud, and they too will die honorably rather than surrender their magnificent city. I hear that Umbar is a huge City with truly strong walls, rivaling all but Minas Tirith. So no matter what course of action Imrihil takes, he has a hard fight ahead of him, and I cannot be sure if I will ever see him again.

    Soon I got a message, and I began reading it

    To Steward Denethor II, my Brother-in Law and the Steward of Gondor...

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    Default Re: [TATW] The Kingdom restored! (A Gondor AAR) Updated August 20

    Nice update! I enjoyed the part where Denethor uses palantir!

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    Default Re: [TATW] The Kingdom restored! (A Gondor AAR) Updated August 20

    Whoa... Mega updated.

    Great work mate. A little suggestion is when you are taking the battle screens not to have the unit selected, that way the green light isn't there and it makes it feel more immersed.



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    Default Re: [TATW] The Kingdom restored! (A Gondor AAR) Updated August 20

    The suspense...

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    Default Re: [TATW] The Kingdom restored! (A Gondor AAR) Updated September 12

    Wow this is a superb AAR! Loved the dialogue between Sauron and Denethor.

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    Default Re: [TATW] The Kingdom restored! (A Gondor AAR) Updated September 12

    Quote Originally Posted by Dejeyo View Post
    Nice update! I enjoyed the part where Denethor uses palantir!
    Thanks, and fortunately it didn't really effect him much.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shankbot de Bodemloze View Post
    Whoa... Mega updated.

    Great work mate. A little suggestion is when you are taking the battle screens not to have the unit selected, that way the green light isn't there and it makes it feel more immersed.

    Thought of that too. Great minds think alike!

    But seriously, though, your right, but I can't use your suggestion for at least the next chapter, because like I said in the beginning I am too often ahead of my AAR.

    Quote Originally Posted by Glorious Gandalf View Post
    The suspense...
    Glad to know this has your interest.

    Quote Originally Posted by Son of Mars View Post
    Wow this is a superb AAR! Loved the dialogue between Sauron and Denethor.
    Thank you, and its great to have a new reader.

    I assure you all that I am working on this and the next update will be up before the end of the coming week (hopefully sooner) unless my computer explodes. If that happens there will be a wait .

    Edit: Oh yeah I forgot to ask, how do you make a picture link? I would like to make a custom signature with a link to this.
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    Default Re: [TATW] The Kingdom restored! (A Gondor AAR) Updated September 12

    [URL="the web address of your link here][IMG]your image here[/IMG][/URL]



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