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Thread: Exclusive Content for TWC Discussion Thread (Updated 29th May)

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    There we go better title now sorry for any confusion caused.

    As said above we will be talking more about DLC when it is closer to release.
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    Will there be a blood pack available similar to shogun 2 or even gore to make the battles during that time period more realistic? Thanks

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    I guess what we should really be getting at is there should be a Collector's Edition with EVERYTHING, even if you have vendor specific pre-order bonuses. I don't really think your vendor specific clan/faction bonuses really helped anybody's sales anywhere (though I don't have the data, I'd imagine people shopping with Origin or something would barely know what the factions were).

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    Will you be able to change your government type (ie. democracy - tyranny, republic - principate etc)?

    As it was a known feature in Empire (using Warscape); surely it would be a good idea to implement in RTW2 (ie. Principate = brief revolution and faction leader name changes from Consul Marius - Dictator/Emperor Marius or Tyranny = Archon Gylippus - Gylippus the Tyrant etc).

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    Quote Originally Posted by douglas View Post
    Is the main focus going to be single-player, or multi-player?
    Yep, I want to know this as well. And will there be separate mechanics for MP, because lumping SP with MP's balancing and mechanics ruins certain aspects of gameplay.

    Following on from that, all the way up to Medieval II, archers had a range bonus when elevated. Not sure about Empire, but by Shogun 2, this had disappeared - for some MP 'balancing' reason. Please tell me that archers will work properly in Rome 2? If you're higher up than the other guys, you should be able to shoot them before they can shoot you.

    Will there be a day one Blood DLC (free, preferably)? I understand you probably won't be able to put blood in the actual game, due to wanting to keep the rating down, and to certain countries' overly strict censorship rules, but blood added quite a bit to Shogun 2 (albeit apparently over the top since FoTS).
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    Jack, please answer this: game would be Steam only? Because my house still got the dial-up connection and Steam does not load or work properly

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    Does CA have any comment on the numerous worries/ideas/complaints/suggestions in this thread?

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    Hey Jack, and thanks for taking time to answer our many, repeating and completely incomprehensive questions!

    I'll shoot out a few of my own.

    -What manner of "personality" will we see with generals/family members/etc.?
    Will it be closer to the original Rome Total War & Medieval 2, or will it be more like later TW games?

    -Legions, how will they work?
    Will they be coming as pre-packed unit composition, or will you be able to administer the ratio of different unittypes?
    Furthermore, it was mentioned that they would have "achievements" tied to their history. Does that mean that a legion winning a lot of battles will have a bonus tied to that, like with experience?
    Or is it more like a bonus vs. the type of enemy (faction) which they have successfully defeated a number of times? Or something completely different?

    -Region Management?
    As has been mentioned, regions can be expanded/lessened to reduce the toll of micromanaging - My question is if it'll be a map template based on original Rome TW with no farms/mines/structures outside of the main-city, or will it be with structures of different use scattered throughout each region?

    - Timeframe and length of gameplay?
    When starting a game, what year will it be? And when is the "deadline" for the campaign? Also, will there be more lengthy seasons to enhance overall campaign-map tactics? Or will the seasons change each time you End Turn?

    - Strife and conflict.
    It's been said that the game will focus more on internal strife and powerpolicy than previous games, are there any more details as to what this includes? Nobility uprising if you do X thing that displeases you?

    - Size and Numbers?
    Each total war game has pushed the numbers potentially participating in a battle up and up, will Rome2 do the same again? If yes, then by how many?

    - Fleets and Armies
    Huzzah! Now we can land troops on the beach! Will these battles be an actual seperate battle in themselves, or can they be an actual part of taking a city? The battle shown to the journalists apparently held a beachlanding, followed by the actual assult on the city and at the same time, a fleet infiltrating the harbor, was all 3 parts in the same battle?

    I hope you can answer some of these! If not, ah well, I'll simply have to wait and see.

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    hmm, my previous post seems to have completely missed the mark

    from the previews, it seems like we can control legions now. but can we still control individual companies/groups/squads like the previous games?

    how is the campaign map compare to shogun 2 in terms of army movement choke points? S2's map was 100% choke points with only 1 way to move the army in every single campaign. that got really, really boring for me.
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    Default Re: Exclusive Content for TWC Discussion Thread

    Hey Jack, what is the 3rd person gameplay means? you can control a soldier , trireme,balistas like in FOTS??

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Jack, please answer this: game would be Steam only? Because my house still got the dial-up connection and Steam does not load or work properly
    I think it's a given that it is going to be Steam only, just like the previous three.

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    Will we be able to view cities like in Rome 1?

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    Thanks for setting this thread up. It's been asked about the time frame (span in years), the number of turns per year and I'm interested in these questions as well. Can you release this info now or is it too early?

    One other thing, will we be able to name the legions or is that aspect going to be locked in?

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    Please for the love of god dont make us have to buy units and "clans"!

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    (1) Can we create new settlements in regions ? to keep control of the natives and give land grants to soldiers?

    (2) Soldier payments, can we use land grants and citizenship to pay for soldiers / loyalty etc?

    (3) Will we be able to converse with lower classes within a faction - Patricans and Plebs?

    (4) CAn we have a more realistic army command system, not point and click. Actual orders given by consul that army obeys - "Attack!" .. "retire" .." wheel right" .. etc



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    Default Re: Exclusive Content for TWC Discussion Thread

    One surprisingly relevant question.

    How many turns per year?

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    Default Re: Exclusive Content for TWC Discussion Thread

    Hey Jack,

    I'm wondering now that ship units appear to consist of multiple ships. How are orders like ramming implemented. With every unit one ship you could really get some nice naval action by ramming an helpless enemy ship as soon as it turns it's flank to you. With multiple ships I'm afraid you can only equip a unit of ships with a ram (or corvus or catapult I guess) and order them to attack and leave the rest of the steering to them.

    O and I would really, really much like the ability to order a land unit to do a fighting withdrawel (slowly moving bakwards while keep facing the enemy) this would give us a nice way to do a Cannae.

    Or is this something than can allready be done for a long time and I just missed it?


    And o one more thing, I really like the idea of roleplaying a bit with my legions, but could you elaborate a bit more on the recruitment of them. I hope you still have a choice in which units you want to have in a legion depending on the area where you want to raise it?
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    Default Re: Exclusive Content for TWC Discussion Thread

    Thanks for opening this discussion, CA!

    a) In regards to the traits & retinue system, do you plan to bring back the Shogun 2 skill tree or the system from the original Rome & Medieval II?

    b) Will FMV videos return for agents and campaign events?

    c) How long has Rome II been in development? When did the team decide to start on the project?

    d) In regards to marketing, if CA can offer input to SEGA, please consider a universal Collector's Edition for all regions (i.e. Blizzard CEs), instead of different CEs per region.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Petroniu View Post
    Hell no!!! Most of the community wants realism and historicity in the upcoming game and you want to be able to customize it and dress them as you like??? What's wrong with you?? I for one don't want that kind of mambo-jambo features in the game. Give me units with historical accurate equipment and that's it!
    They have already said you will be able to customize units. They said it might be possible to give a Spatha to a roman cavalry unit before they actually started to use them in real life.

    This is not detrimental to the game in anyway. This allows you to research technology and improve on current weapons individually.

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    A follow-up question:
    You asked, "Q. Some of the previews have talked lots about armies, and you getting rid of individual units or controlling them?
    There will still be individual units. Campaign side we are putting more emphasis on armies and them having a history or legacy. We will talk about this in more details when we begin to preview the campaign in depth as time goes on."

    Please note nowhere was any acknowledgement of moving individual units or unit groups. Yes, I can still "have/make" individual units - say a light horse unit brigade to attach - as a component - to an army/legion unit and the Army moves around - NOT the individual units.

    Do we still have tactical movement control of units or just armies - do we move them on the map or by province?

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