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Thread: Thoughts on the mod and some "problems"

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    Default Thoughts on the mod and some "problems"

    First off. I LOVE THE MOD. i've been playing napoleon mods for a long while now and i must say, EIC is by far one of the best mods of the napoleonic era. Job well done

    some of the "problems/complaints/whatever you wanna call em" about the mod

    1.the campaigns pretty easy as UK.(maybe because i play normalbut i dont like to have the ods against me. i dont mind making the ai smarter but giving them free morale, accuracy.. not my type. i'd rather make it harder in other ways) all i had to do was build up my navy, blockade spain and france (yes this took many ships) and then build 4-6 stacks and steamroll spain and france. had some epic battles though and loved the experience. im on low manpower btw because i hate too many big battles, big, few, decicive is the types of battles i like to play.

    2. Cant recruit foreign.... units from the emassy when they become preotectorate. as you know, austria gets knocked out by france and when i steamrolled into austria i gave them back their initial regions but made them my protectorate, (by then they only had 1 city smack in the middle of the alps). after that it said i couldent recruit anymore austrian troops... bug? or is it supposed to be like that? i was thinking... wouldent client kingdoms all the more be able to recruit each others units?

    ***3. troops get tired WAAAY to fast in my opinion. all i had them do was run like 20 yards to close in on the enemy, shoot at them and they were tired... correct me if im wrong but shouldent soldiers have a little more stamina? also, i bet this is a bug, light infantry in light infantry formation(spread out) get tired by just being in that formation.

    Im not trying to criticise the team in any way. i love the mod.. i just wanna clarify things and give some of my personal feedback. im sorry if i offended any1 in anyway.


    the screen below is my last turn as UK. those dam danish sneaked an army to hannover while my invasion force landed. no i have nothing against the danish

    1 more thing... diseases seam to have 0 effect. im not sure about the replenishment rate but i had diseases in almost 3/4 in my settlements and i could just go on as normal... it says -4 happiness. not sure if this is working....
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    Default Re: Thoughts on the mod and some "problems"

    Just started playing this mod at the weekend and have clocked up about 10 hours so far... loving it!, however as im playing with portugal i cant recruit foreign cavalry from farms & stables so it defeats the object of the game a little.

    And during naval battles ships of the line never seem to sink but do take damage, also a few crashes at the end when im just about to win, bit annoying but what can you do.

    Overall much better than darthmod, just a shame there's not going to be any more support for it, hope someone can take over.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on the mod and some "problems"

    Ships of the line were very difficult to sink in reality...otherwise they wouldn't be very good ships, your supposed to win by making enemies surrender due to demasting and gun/crew loss and being boarded as was the general practice back then. You can't claim a bounty on a captured ship/disperse loot around the fleet if its on the bottom of the ocean.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on the mod and some "problems"

    I feel as if cavalry moves too slowly. I heard the cavalry only charged at only 12mph during the napoleonic wars but it just seems as if they move too slow and run out of stamina too quickly.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on the mod and some "problems"

    Put your game on fast forward and they run faster ?

    Seriously thought they are on realistic speed
    And their is not a good balance for tiredness delivered by the engine sorry.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on the mod and some "problems"

    the thing that light infantry gets tired just from being in spread out formation was (and still is) already a bug in vanilla, just to let you know. which is really irritationg since kneeling shouldn't be more tireing than standing now should it?

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