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Thread: The Sekigahara Campaign - Sub-mods Index

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    Default The Sekigahara Campaign - Sub-mods Index

    Sub Mods Index

    "The Sekigahara Campaign" is a total conversion mod that seeks to represent the late Azuchi-Momoyama and, to a small extent, the early Edo periods.

    Here you can find an index of all sub mods created for The Sekigahara Campaign. Please check to see what version they are created for, given that, while I can try and make it as easy as possible for sub mod creators, I can't update it effectively unless I simply amalgamate it!

    Sekigahara Battles
    This is an official beta to further explore the improvement of battles. Please test it out as it is a prospect for being amalgamated into the main pack.

    -- -- --
    The Sekigahara Campaign Naval Submod
    A variety of enhancements for the naval side of the campaign, which The Sekigahara Campaign tends to ignore!

    Defection Mod
    A neat mod that increases the chances that a general defects to the enemy!

    Date Unit Mod
    This mod aims to expand the Date's unit roster, notably with Masamune wielding dual pistols on horseback. PUT DA GUNZ ON!

    Horse Fighting Animations
    Lokgar is at it again! A cav unit using these animations will charge with their yari, and then switch over to katana when in close quarters vs infantry. When cavalry fight other cavalry, they make use of both yari and katana. Foot units / dismounted cavalry units using these animations will behave the same way, with a variety of animations to choose from to dispatch a foe, using both their yari or their katana!

    Neosgyga's Unit Pack
    This unit pack expands on the number of units with metsuke, ninja, women, and intriguing kabuki warriors!

    prayingmantis' Red Devils Unit Pack
    This unit pack expands the Tokugawa clan roster with various Red Devil units, reminiscent of Ii Naomasa and his historical Red-armoured forces.

    FYI sub-modders: if you are creating new units or editing the units table, you'll need to regenerate "sound_bank_database" and "sound_events" found in the "sounds_packed" folder. Download Sinfonia Semplice, run it, extract the two files from the pack file it generates and put them in your modified "...Main_database.pack". Remember to get rid of the pack file and user script it generates! Due to Seki bearing distinct balancing from vanilla units, it's easier for users this way.
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    Default Re: The Sekigahara Campaign - Sub-mods Index

    Seems like some of these guys are MIA

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    Default Re: The Sekigahara Campaign - Sub-mods Index

    How many of these submods will work with the official submod?
    I was hoping to use Naval, Horse animations, Defection and Red Devils.
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