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Thread: Falcom Total War III :Suggestions & bug fixing

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    Default Re: Falcom Total War III :Suggestions & bug fixing

    Great suggestions everybody, I am glad falcom is open to people improving the mod and I think we should help as I love this mod! However, I think before we start trying to add a bunch of stuff, we should try to just focus on fixing the problems that are immediately affecting gameplay at the moment.
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    I may be totally incorrect on this as it's been months since I modded but I believe that this is a calculation bug within the mod.

    You're probably aware of this, but in the latest patch the dates for spawning armies are wrong for Portugal and Spain. In general when you want to configure a date within a mod, then you 1)pick a date or a range and then 2)take into account the starting date, then take into account the timescale.

    Here's an example. Columbus spawns in the campaign_script:
    date 230 232

    1080 is the start date. We're shooting for 1492 (but getting it precisely in the right season depends upon the season that the mod begins). Without being fussy about it (for in truth what is winter and what is summer depends upon the map location not the season in the mod in reality), then 1492-1080 = 412 years. Since there are two seasons per year in the mod, then 412 x 2 = 824 or thereabouts depending on what season you wish for Columbus to arrive.

    Otherwise you have some very advanced units arriving for battle too soon. Maybe Columbus should instead spawn:
    date 824 826

    I believe that it's isolated to Spain and Portugal since you're taking into account the expeditions and colonization.

    The timing for the introduction of guns is a little open to interpretation since some gunpowder weapons arrived or were traded or were seized earlier, so the first gun events could be lots of dates. However Xavier arriving in Japan was 1547.
    date 250 250

    That could mean that you need 1547-1080 = 467, and then 467x 2 (seasons/turn) = 934:
    date 934 934

    The first introduction of European weapons might be 1543 but that is a fuzzy date because guns were seized. There are some records for earlier weapons which lead to teppos. That earlier weapon was from China, I believe, and might be as early as 1270 but these fired extremely slow and for game purposes would be useless unless specifically brought in after all other ranged weapons on both sides were exhausted.

    In history, 1549 was the first decisive use of 500 matchlocks by Nobunaga. Of course, the reason for that date was based upon when the Portuguese began trading and conquering India and then trading with China. I seriously doubt it takes that long for gunpowder weapons by Europeans to arrive in your mod.

    If you adjusted any of the historical ancillaries in another manner, then it's possible that those will also appear at incorrect times too.

    None of this is a criticism in any way, as I enjoy fighting battles with the samurai.

    On another matter, the reason that the Japanese didn't take over Okinawa (The Ryukyu Islands) was that they were pretty busy with terrible clan fighting. Even when taking over Shuri castle and controlling the others, it was as a vassal state. They sure didn't want to commit lots of troops for occupation when there was so much violence on their own turf.

    Both Korea and China likewise made Okinawa into a vassal state.

    You might want to constantly spawn rebels there. That would be the closest you can get otherwise you have a situation not unlike WW2 with Japanese domination of Asia and the Pacific, but playing out in medieval times.

    Naturally it would make sense to have two Mongol armies spawning and wrecking havoc upon any ideas of Japanese domination. Only by luck did the Mongol fleets get destroyed by typhoons. They would have certainly dominated the samurai in the early medieval period otherwise.

    Japan is in a unique situation with religion. What I did was assign both a Buddhist Temple and a Shinto Shrine in the descr_strat for the Japanese and Okinawan settlements. Shinto and Buddhism existed side by side.
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    A pretty simple fix for too much Japanese imperialism is to place very significant slave versions of the samurai (normans) within the castles that exist at Tokyo province (2) and at Mutsu province (1). That and making rebels very prone to appear on the Japanese mainland means two things:
    1. The martial tradition happens as did in history from all of the fighting.
    2. The Japanese are busier and hence allows the Ryukyu kingdom to exist either independently longer or as vassals of China.

    While Okinawa (the Ryukyu Kingdom) looks tiny, there were lots of villages and castles to deal with. Since the Satsuma were very busy fighting on their own turf, plus the worries about upsetting Chinese sensibilities, then maybe more spawning of pechin might be more appropriate, but staggered over time. Locking a China-Okinawa vassal diplomatic relationship from the start might make sense to protect them from the Japanese until later.

    Making Taiwan a win target instead of Kyoto makes more sense as the latter would have been impossible.

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    Default Re: Falcom Total War III :Suggestions & bug fixing

    How come the Asian factions do not have the Mongolian accent from regular medieval 2 ?

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    Is 1.4 The latest patch? Since I can't find any patches tha would correct some bugs are there any since 1.4?

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    I'm getting a weird ctd mid-turn, preceded by about 30 seconds of the UI using incorrect icons. Exiting to the menu when this starts also ctds. Playing Scotland, and didn't see it in my Inca campaign.

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    When playing as the Mayans the children have blank names, all they have is a comma how do I fix this?

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    Hi. When I launch Flacom 3.14. I can see opening screenshot for the original MIITW (with danish knights and the text) and then it shows me error message. Frame says Medieval2, and the insight is blank. How to fix that?

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    Hi I have medieval 2 total war for steam I played a full season with denmark and everything worked me well but now eempezado to play a campaign with england and scotland and all is well till I decide to attack a rebel castle gives me CDTs (is Ireland) it and tried to attack with different factions and em Error keeps coming (time deposits) but reikeavid attacked and being a village if I leave which may be the problem thank you very much

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    If you decide to patch the game, here's some suggestions.

    There's a bug regarding the Japanese names with only the first displayed name showing.

    I'd begin with named characters for all settlements AND also include them married with at least one male heir. This really would help out some kingdoms. I'd also think about redoing inbreeding for some kingdoms since they lack princesses. It's pretty easy to enable princesses such that they get valuable traits and can marry within their own kingdoms.

    I'd consider some random WifeIsWise, WifeIsFertile, WifeIsNoble, WifeIsBarren, WifeIsBitch traits upon marriage to non-royalty matches as this really helps the governors of settlements.

    Religious activity isn't truly needed for kingdoms who are not Islam or Catholic or Orthodox nations, but that religious activity level could lead to other traits for the Hindus, Pagans, Shinto, and Buddhist ones. Probably most people are going to build only Buddhist temples due to getting the sohei variations. That is unless there's a benefit involved. Truthfully both existed side by side within settlements.

    You might look at what the Jizya submod did in Broken Cresent to allow for multiple religious communities within the Middle East. As a result you can have a Christian, Islam, and Jewish community in one city based upon scripting that alters the religion levels. By doing so, you could have the historical things happen where Catholicism ended up in diverse places in history as well as allowing for unusual things to happen as Buddhism spreads far more than happened in history. Still no matter what, if the Chinese invaded into India, Hinduism would likely have survived as well as Islam there. This would be a really interesting feature for a new release. The code looks like this in the campaign script:
    monitor_event EventCounter EventCounterType religioustolerance_roman_declined
    and I_EventCounter religioustolerance_roman_declined == 1
    historic_event religioustolerance_roman_decline_clicked
    set_event_counter religioustolerance_roman_accepted 0
    set_event_counter religioustolerance_roman_declined 1
    set_event_counter roman_tolerance 0
    destroy_buildings byzantium muslimcomunity true
    destroy_buildings byzantium c_muslimcomunity true
    destroy_buildings byzantium zoroastriancomunity true
    destroy_buildings byzantium c_zoroastriancomunity true
    set_event_counter roman_trait_intolerance 1
    change_population_religion byzantium orthodox 5 catholic
    change_population_religion byzantium orthodox 15 shiism
    change_population_religion byzantium orthodox 15 islam
    change_population_religion byzantium orthodox 15 ibadism
    change_population_religion byzantium orthodox 15 hindu
    change_population_religion byzantium orthodox 15 heretic
    change_population_religion byzantium orthodox 15 pagan
    change_population_religion byzantium orthodox 5 judaism
    change_population_religion byzantium orthodox 15 zoroastrianism

    In Jizya there are significant trade benefits for having tolerance of multiple religious communities, but what you could also do is there has to be a certain level of a religion to create certain units, or you could have a Baron's Alliance of Christian samurai end up in Japan. That sort of rebellion lead to Catholicism being persecuted in post-medieval Japan.

    The Ryukyu kingdom spends a lot of energy attacking Japan. I like it for Japan as it helps create a martial arts tradition, but it's all bad for the Ryukyu kingdom who should instead be concentrating on generating income to boost their infrastructure. Several garrison scripts should help them hold off a Japanese invasion. Likewise if Korea managed to get to their medieval position at Gaegyeong, then a garrison script would really help them as well. The Korean navy was quite legendary, as was their archers in Gungdo (water buffalo reflex composite bows).

    As small as England is, no 2nd crusade might ever happen as it did in history. Just as you have the events timed for the colonization of the new world as well as India and the Far East, you might also have such events for Crusades or Jihads. You also might have them for the Mongol invasion of Japan too.
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    Default Re: Falcom Total War III :Suggestions & bug fixing

    Instead of Ryukyu, perhaps we should have Goreyo?
    Korea seems like a more logical choice for inclusion as a playable faction.

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    Default Re: Falcom Total War III :Suggestions & bug fixing

    love this mod but it crashes almost every time I play a battle so I cant even enjoy it

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    I have downloaded the installer and I am trying to install but the installer downloads fine, I named the file falcomtw3 and the launcher appears on my desktop but when I open the launcher this message appears saying that kingdoms.exe cannot be found. I have medieval 2 downloaded on steam. I do not know what is wrong but is there any way to get this mod to work. It sounds really good.

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    When I got some time I will try to fix at least the small bugs that impact the gameplay.

    However people please note that :
    ctd - Haven't thing any fix for this problem and there is no tool to find it as error messages aren't explicit. Personnally I have always managed to continue and finish my parties by reloading until it works...
    voices - Unfortunately it seems that my French version voices files messes with the English version. I haven't an English version to test it. It shouldn't be difficult for someone to tweak/test his voices file and upload it here.

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    Default Re: Falcom Total War III :Suggestions & bug fixing

    Game crashes after launching a campaign, and there is "Insufficient video memory to load requested texture set" record in logs (battles are OK). It happens (AFAIK) because truly great number of texture files are .tga, not, and several other files are just missing. I have downloaded mod from Mediafire and have reinstalled it several times. Is there a cure from it? Renaming files is such a long task, while it seems that other players doesn't encountered this error. Version 2.0b, I can attach logs if needed.
    P.S. Great mod after all, playing since 1.2.

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    Default Re: Falcom Total War III :Suggestions & bug fixing

    Please read installation instructions first .
    It will solve all your problems.

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    Default Re: Falcom Total War III :Suggestions & bug fixing

    Well, now i feel so stupid, I thought that this only for Chinese users (facepalm).
    Anyway, thanks for help!

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    Default Re: Falcom Total War III :Suggestions & bug fixing

    Ha ha no problem, hopefully you posted here and found a solution

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    Default Re: Falcom Total War III :Suggestions & bug fixing

    Hello FalcomTWIII team,

    I'm happy to see your great progress and thank you for sharing it with the community.

    I would like to ask: would you add the CBUR Byzantine units to your mod, please? I'd love to conquer the world with them...

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    Default Re: Falcom Total War III :Suggestions & bug fixing

    did you have your problem solve? I am having the same problem...

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