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    I always thought it was strange that in Shogun 2, the General's Bodyguard unit has inferior stats to the katana cavalry. In Rise of the Samurai, the General's Bodyguard unit was inferior to the Mounted Samurai unit.

    After all, these are handpicked samurai, the best of the best.

    This mod increases the base stats of these units.

    The Shogun 2 bodyguard stats ave been changed to be the same as the Takeda Katana Cav's.

    Genpei bodyguard matched to Mounted Samurai stats.

    Place in data folder and play.
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    This sounds excellent!

    It has always been troublesome to me that my generals bodyguard get cut one by one until the (real),
    general is left when you actually try to use him them in battle.

    But is this just for ROTS and vanilla Shogun 2? If not, are you going to do the same to the generals in FOTS?

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    I always thought generals had more hitpoints?
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    Their bodyguards have only 1 hitpoint. I don't tink I'll do it for FOTS since the bodyguards are actually pretty strong there.

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    Hmm thats odd. Oh well, I guess the unit from a balance perspective is fine being slightly weaker as it has the general to supply influence to other units plus all of its abilities, but from a 'why is the generals body guard beaten up in a fist fight by regular cavalry', it is a shame.

    Full Display.
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    Can you please put the Download Link online again?
    Would be very nice

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    Sorry for the delay, but I have updated the first post.

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