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Thread: [Questions and Help] The Multiplayer/Hotseat Help & Discussion Thread

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    Default How to play CamoMulti? Can someone explain me?

    Hello, i am trying to play CampMulti with hamachi. he going to "Lan Battles" and i am going to "hotest camp" and he dosent see the room... what should i do?


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    Default Checking how many of you are regularly playing MP?

    Hello there.

    I just wanna see how many of you will reply to this post in order to calculate whether I should attempt to join some hamachi.

    I really dont like the M2TW vanilla multiplayer because of the lag in battles and how the tactics are too predictable/repetitive. So I assume that those people which play at hamachi have a better field to improve their skills. I played MP in Europa barbaroum last summer and have since then been trying to find a similar training ground.

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    Default LAN Problems

    Hey guys,
    first post, not sure whether to post here or technical section so don't e-rage.

    3 friends and I are all playing LAN on third age and we all get our armies, and on all of our screens it will say waiting for other players, when everybody is already ready.

    Is there a fix? or is LAN not working on third age?

    please help guys we'd love to get 2v2's going.

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    Default Re: LAN Problems


    I don't think it has anything to do with the game itself. It is more a matter of your network setup.

    First of all you should be in the same windows workgroup. Than you should use a fixed IP address
    (smth like and the other clients,, and so on - don't
    use automatically setted IPs)

    Than you should check your Firewall settings. (set it to low or disable it completely on every machine)
    Make sure you see the other client PCs in the network environment and that you can access their
    "shared docs" folder.

    have a look at that many websites where you can read description about how to set up an LAN:

    And remember - if you have problems with LAN, the switch or Router you still can use Hamachi.

    Keep us posted if it works.


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    Default TATW Multiplayer Campaign MOD??

    Just downloaded the TATW MOD - a fine piece of craftsmanship. Im looking to play a multiplayer campaign with my brother over the LAN. Is there any option besides having to save in a common folder and send back and forth. I need help STAT!

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    Default Re: TATW Multiplayer Campaign MOD??

    Ditto im just wondering how i could use the hotseat campaing thing over lan

    or better yet can you do it on the same computer?

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    Default Re: TATW Multiplayer Campaign MOD??

    On the same computer is no problem - that's basically what hot seat is made for.

    Hot Seat via LAN is sadly not possible. You can only send the savegame via E-Mail.

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    Default Re: TATW Multiplayer Campaign MOD??

    ty id give you rep but im not at 50 posts yet

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    Default multiplayer

    hey all im online now hoping to play an online battle lets try and get some people on too

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    Default Re: multiplayer

    I'm in but are you looking to start up a tournament or what?

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    Icon7 Hamachi- FRoME :)

    Hi, I assume the server is hamachi. I invite all to participate.


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    Default Re: TATW Multiplayer Campaign MOD??

    well...i know a lord of the rings game where it is possible to do hotseat campaigns in Multiplayer. Battle for Middle-Earth 2. You could try to read those scripts or codes and maybe you can do it.It would be amazing.

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    Default The third age has official multi?

    The third age has official multi or only with hamachi? I have gold edition of medieval 2 tota war and i have now the third age v.2.1 but i cant find any game official.....

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    Default Re: The third age has official multi?

    Only hamachi I think

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    Default Re: The third age has official multi?

    ok. but when i open the game and goes to multiplayer, i join normaly and i make room.....if anyone is online with 2.1 third age its not possible to play in my room?

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    Default Re: Hamachi- FRoME :)

    If you're still interested i'd love to play

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    Default Re: Hamachi- FRoME :)

    Sooo, is the server active?

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    Default Anyone interseted in having some friendly matches?

    Thought it was time i tried to see if anyone wanted to play multiplayer...
    vanilla version ofcourse!
    If anyone wants to play just post here and maybe we can get some 1v1s going... get a ham network up?

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    Default Re: Anyone interseted in having some friendly matches?

    We have a tournament thread.....

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    Default Hotseat reality

    I have heard that the AR is out of whack for a fun and successful hot seat. Does anyone know if this is true. If not, does anyone wish to participate in one?

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