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Thread: List of Compatible Sub Mods

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    Default List of Compatible Sub Mods

    Below is a list of compatible mini mods and sub mods for CCM2 and Retrofit. Some of the larger Sub mods also have compatible sub mods listed for them (e.g. Embassy sub mod for CCM2HS sub mod, XAI for GUAM).

    More sub mods will be added/removed/updated over time as players report on compatibility. Please post links and details to any sub mods that are compatible and report any issues found with listed sub mods.

    The author of CCM2 and Retrofit may not have tested these sub mods personally and takes no responsibility for any problems caused by using sub-mods with CCM2 and Retrofit. Modding can be difficult and applying sub mods might break any save games or online hotseat games you have in progress.

    Please also remember that different sub mods might not be compatible with each other. Sometimes installing multiple sub mods can break another sub mod or the mod they are being added to.

    Custom Campaign Mod 2 (CCM2):

    Spanish Translations
    Hotseat Sub Mod (CCM2HS)
    - Embassy Sub Mod

    Retrofit Mod:

    Young Witches Portraits 1.0
    Reduced Unit Sizes
    Ultimate Retrofit v2.0
    Grand Unit Addon Mod (GUAM)
    - XAI for GUAM
    - Young Witches Portraits 1.0

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    Default Re: List of Compatible Sub Mods

    So there IS an XAI for GUAM. I couldn't find it for the life of me. Thank you for the list.

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