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    Hi, just to say thanks for this excellent mod. In particular, the reduced battle movement speeds are absolutely spot on and hugely immersive.

    Well done.


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    Having fun with the 1812 scenario, defending the empire against the coalition.

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    This is a truly great mod. It's lack of popularity in comparison to NTW's other "big" mods is odd.

    I've played those other mods and in terms of gameplay TROM2 trumps them. It hits a very nice median between challenge and playability.

    I recently tried out one of the "big" NTW mods. Of course, it had some very nice features and was well-presented, but after experiencing its extremely passive CAI and hopelessly lopsided battles I quickly deleted it and reinstalled TROM2.

    Some mods make the mistake that the creator's idea of "realism" is more important than actually giving the BAI a fighting chance on the battlefield. Thus, it appeared with that mod: musketry nerfed to ineffectiveness and artillery power boosted. If there is a recipe to create lop-sided beatdowns of the BAI then that's it! If you reduce the effectiveness of the one thing the BAI does marginally well, form firing lines with its infantry, then you give it no chance at all because it's absolutely hopeless with its artillery and cavalry. With that mod, I was winning battles with kill rate ratios of 10-1 against a hapless BAI. BORING!

    TROM2 doesn't make that mistake. Instead it emphasizes BAI's marginal effectiveness with its infantry by making musketry deadly. I still win the vast majority of my battles in TROM2, but they can be very bloody affairs. It may not be super "realistic," but it certainly gives the BAI a chance.

    With that other mod as the French I attacked Vienna with an army of 2,000 against 6,000 Austrians. The result was a massacre with my army inflicting over 5,000 casualties and suffering less than 300. That was the battle that prompted my deleting that mod.

    On the other hand, with TROM2 I attacked Vienna with 2,700 against 3,800 Austrians. The result was one of the most epic battles that I've ever fought in a TW game. Since the Austrians had near parity in artillery with my army, I actually had to attack. (This is a vanilla issue: if you have more artillery than the BAI then it will attack you regardless if it's on the "defensive" or not.)

    The battle started with the popping of skirmisher muskets as my voltigeurs exchanged shots with landschutzen. Then my artillery, which had been manoevering for position, opened-up. The Austrian artillery returned fire. My line units advanced through my guns and towards the Austrian lines. That resulted in a crescendo of musketry as my line units battled against a mixed force of Austrian fusiliers and Italian grenadiers (TROM2's wonderful AOR feature.) Meanwhile, a huge cavalry melee broke out in a seperate part of the battlefield as my cuirassiers and dragoons battled against reinforcing units of Austrian horse. Thus, it went on as units fired, meleed, formed square, broke under cavalry charges, ran out of ammo with round shot kicking up dirt all within the smokey haze of the fantastic Whiff of Sulpher submod. The battle finally ended with Marshall Murat leading his cuirassiers in a charge to break the remaining Austrian infantry units. The final butcher's bill: over 1,800 French losses to 2,400 Austrians.

    Even with TROM2, NTW's BAI has its faults: it threw away the lives of both its starting general, Archduke John, who was caught by the Mamelukes of the Guard well away from any supporting units, and its reinforcing army's general, General Bianchi, who upon entering the battlefield made a beeline for my dragoons and cuirassiers and died in the resulting charge. Further, aside from the landschutzen unit that it placed in front of its army, the BAI kept its jaeger units in the rear with one unit never moving from its position. (I've noticed this behavior quite a bit with TROM2: the BAI keeping rifle units well to the rear and not moving them.)

    Still, despite some issues, it's battles like the above that keep me playing TROM2. A great mod!

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