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Thread: Favorite Breed Of Dog?

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    I love dogs, I've always liked the look of Huskies, but never had one before. In my family we have had German Shepherds and Labradors and they were all very friendly.

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    Meet Diego, 11kg of awesomeness.

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    English springer spaniel is by far my favorite breed. A very active dog that is also very gentle and highly social.

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    Quote Originally Posted by white-wolf View Post
    Noble and cute. What about their temperament?
    It's a very active dog, needs a lot of exercise. It's also very playful. It's very close to the wolf so it needs proper leadership and a strong-minded owner to avoid becoming temperamental. It needs motivation for training and displays of leadership lest it becomes aggressive. By nature it's fearless, suspicious to strangers and very loyal to its master. It's generally good with kids too.
    I don't have personal experiences, but my family was considering to get one so I did research about it on the net.

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    The English Bull Terrier:

    Really a great personality, also known as the "clown" of the dogs. And also known as the white cavalier (orginally the breed was always white). Probably also the relatively most muscled dog. Orginally a fighting dog, however they do great with famillies. You should probably just have one dog, as they tend to not get along with other dogs. Like to be the center of attention, always like to be near you.

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    Either a Husky or an American Stafford.

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