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Thread: "Who am I?" M2TW version (closed)

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    Default "Who am I?" M2TW version (closed)

    General Info:"Who Am I?" is an online forum game in which a player first posts a radar map, and\or a campaign map screenshot, showing only the territorial conquest of every faction whilst hiding his or her faction's identity. After that other players, with or without any provided additional info, guess which faction that particular player has been playing. Players that guess the right answer may receive one reputation point as a reward.

    Rules of the game:A member can post only ONE screenshot at a time!
    Player can provide some hints to help at any stage if he wants to.
    The progress of his or her campaign must be around turn number 50 like from 45-75ish turns.
    Withhold the answer for at least 24 hours, so that enough members can guess the answer.
    You can't give regions (settlements) away in order to make your faction hard to guess.
    The screenshot should be preferably of normal vanilla map and its factions. But if you prefer a map from a mod, then please provide additional info about all the playable factions, their colours and their starting positions on the campaign map.
    Lastly, if you can then please post a zoomed radar map separately, so that players can view the territorial conquest easily. Something like this:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Thread Guidelines:Please don't spam in this thread & try to orientate your posts around the game as any off-topic post will be deleted by moderators.
    Commentary on the map or a particular faction is acceptable.
    Players will not ask for rep or have any conversation about it here in this thread.
    Posting of rep lists when the round is concluded, that is a list of members who guessed the right answer, is allowed.
    If the answer is already revealed by the player and the round is concluded, then either post a new map to start a new round or try not to post anything at all, unless it's related to previous round.
    Try to highlight your answers that is faction name in bold, so that the actual game remains on the foreground.

    Rep distribution:As we all know a game becomes more exciting if, for the winners, some sort of reward is attached to it. On a forum, reputation can be treated as such. In the past there have been many instances of off-topic posting where members argue with each other over rep and thereby disrupting the actual game. So to prevent this try to follow these guidelines:
    Say a member xyz 1 starts a round and after it, 10 users guess the right faction, then this is how you guys can distribute rep among yourselves without arguing or talking about it:

    ^Here user xyz 1 and xyz 2 distribute the rep to the entire group. If there are more winners then xyz 3 will give rep to the rest of them & so on.
    If a member is not repped then either post a visitor message or private message to the guy who owes you.
    Also a member can give only 7 reps per day, so try to wait 2-3 days & don't pester someone over it.
    Under all circumstances no one will disrupt the thread over rep.

    Want to start a round?!But don't know how to take a screenshot and edit the picture to hide your faction? Then click the spoiler below to see the instructions for creating & editing your own screenshots:
    Spoiler for Instructions

    You can take screenshots by two methods:
    1) Either press the print screen key on your keyboard while in campaign to capture a screenhots in .tga format. Your screenshot will be saved in the tgas folder in your main M2TW directory.
    2) After that download a photo editing software like GIMP and then open that .tga file and use it hide your HUD showing faction icon and such somewhat like this:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    3) Save the file as .jpeg or .png type & then use a image hosting service like imageshack or tinypic to upload your screenshot and then paste it in your post by providing its URL address in the insert image icon box ""

    Alternatively you can download Fraps to capture a screenshot and then edit the saved screenshot using MS paint.

    For capturing a big view of your radar map read this post to capture screenshots in bigger resolutions, then just use the crop tool in your photo editor program to get only the desired area separately.

    If the guidelines are blatantly ignored then a moderator will post a thread warning and if it's ignored then notes & infractions may be issued to the users responsible to bring the game back on-track. Report the user's post"" if he\she is not following the guidelines, please.
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    Default Re: "Who am I?" M2TW version

    Alright i'll start the first round!
    Who Am I?
    Campaign Map:

    Radar Map:

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    Default Re: "Who am I?" M2TW version

    Good map Ishan
    Im going to go Egypt
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    Default Re: "Who am I?" M2TW version


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    Default Re: "Who am I?" M2TW version

    Normally I would be like "Egypt" ... but ... dat treasury ...
    I say Poland
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    Default Re: "Who am I?" M2TW version

    Egypt I say Nice OP BTW
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    Default Re: "Who am I?" M2TW version


    Thanks a lot Ishan!

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    Default Re: "Who am I?" M2TW version


    Good Guy Ishan strikes again

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    Thanks again Ishan!

    I say Poland.

    The fact that Poland beat Hungary to those rebel cities AND that HRE is destroyed makes it pretty obvious. Not to mention your (lack of a) treasury.

    All the other faction's expansion seems to be the norm for AI.

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    Default Re: "Who am I?" M2TW version

    hmmmm. tricky map


    Basarabia is Romanian!

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    Default Re: "Who am I?" M2TW version


    Poland I say.
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    Default Re: "Who am I?" M2TW version

    Cry God for Harry, England and Saint George!

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    Default Re: "Who am I?" M2TW version

    Poland I guess!

    Thanks Ishan for the new thread!

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    Default Re: "Who am I?" M2TW version

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    Default Re: "Who am I?" M2TW version

    im gonna go egypt

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    Default Re: "Who am I?" M2TW version


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