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    You can make your personal DMN launcher skin for you and who ever might likes it. To do that you have to create 1 - 3 jpg images, 650 X 380. If you want your custom buttons as well, you'll need to make 3 images for each one in png format, 250 X 60. One should be used in idle status, the second when mouse is rolling over it and the third one when it is clicked. Usually it is the same image with different colours or/and position.

    I'll make them as a launcher skin so you or anybody that likes it can use it and the best of them will be added in the official skin changer of DMN launcher.

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    Is there a tutorial on how to make custom loading screens, a step-by-step, which programs to use sort-of-post? I have a few images by this Russian battle artist Vereschagin which would make great visuals.
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