DarthMod Napoleon is the perfect mod to create a sub-mod with superior AI and effects. Moreover the embedded Napoleon Total Factions platform expands your possibilities on working with any faction in any NTW campaign.

For getting the OFFICIAL SUB-MOD status, your work should meet a couple of simple criteria: it should have to... work and be supported by its creator. Post your work in sub-mods forum for some period of time so players can confirm that it works and it is bug free. If the sub-mod thread has a basic support by its creator or its fans then it will be promoted to OFFICIAL SUB-MOD.

1. Campaign mods: Mods that make startpos changes need to be bridged with DarthMod and have their individual launcher (e.g. National Revolutions for DMN). Do not worry about it I'll make that for you. Also I can help you in startpos changes if you meet difficulties.

2. DMN tweaks: You can also make a tweak that either adds content to DMN or change some of the futures. The best of them will be embedded in a future DMN launcher.

3. Other changes: You can make other changes or create new stuff like media, videos, 2d art, loading svceens, launcher skins, etc.