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Thread: Can't uninstall The Last Kingdom

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    Default Can't uninstall The Last Kingdom

    using Windows 7, I got my MTWII installed on my D drive and my OS installed on my C drive.

    when I go into add/remove programs and try to uninstall the mod it says "You lack sufficient access to uninstall this program. Please contact the system administrator", even though I am an administrator. This is some very suspicious behavior for a program, it should uninstall easily.

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    Default Re: Can't uninstall The Last Kingdom

    Just delete the last_kingdom folder in .../Medieval 2 Total War/mods/
    Were there but a tree in this godforsaken place i would have hanged myself.

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    Default Re: Can't uninstall The Last Kingdom

    Then how do I remove it from my installed programs list?

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    Default Re: Can't uninstall The Last Kingdom

    Are you using UAC?
    If so, try switching it off, and try uninstalling it again.
    With the UAC on, every user in the Local Adminstrators group is tagged with a "Filtered Token", which among other things "split up" your users rights. A Local Administrator doesn't actually have full administrative rights to the computer, only the build-in Administrator does, but you have the option of calling those extra rights. That's why even if you're a member of the "Administrators" group, you might still need to right-click a program, and select "Run as Administrator", in order to have it function properly.
    For instance, you can try running the command promt, and type "whoami /user /priv", and then try right-clicking the command promt, and select "Run as Administrator", and type the same command. You'll probably see far more rights listed in the second attempt.

    SO, basicly, turn off UAC (you might have to reboot) then uninstall The Last Kingdom, and then turn on UAC again, if you wish.

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    Default Re: Can't uninstall The Last Kingdom

    It didn't work was some good info though.

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    I have the same problem. I turned off the UAC, but still there wasn't any option to uninstall the mod? Any ideas?

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