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Thread: How to remove a unit from game

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    Default How to remove a unit from game

    Hi, I hadn't nothing to do and certain modders were wondering about how to do this without crashing the game. Then I decide to write this easy tutorial for those who want to remove a unit from the game due to a lack of space (500 units, hardcore cap) or simply remove useless units. SS modders will actually love that tutorial.

    Step One: Making back-up.

    Removing a unit involves several files and before doing anything else, I strongly suggest you to back-up the following files:

    • Export_Descr_Unit.txt (data)
    • Export_Descr_Building.txt (data)
    • Descr_Rebel_factions.txt (data)
    • Descr_sm_factions.txt (data)
    • Campaign_script.txt (data/world/maps/campaign/imperial_campaign)
    • Descr_mercenaries.txt (data/world/maps/campaign/imperial_campaign)
    • Desr_Strat.txt (data/world/maps/campaign/imperial_campaign)

    Step Two: Removing the unit.

    Now time to remove your unit. Easy as blinking with your eyes.

    I suggest you to remove your unit by following the order of the files in the step one (start with Export_Descr_Unit.txt, then Export_Descr_Building.txt, etc.)

    • When you open your file, do Ctrl + F (doing that will make you open your Search Tool) and type the unit name (for example, I want to remove the "English Knights", so I do Ctrl + F and write english_knights, english knights or whatever).
    • When you have find your unit you want to remove, well select the whole code and delete it.
    • Save the file and do the same with the other files.*

    *Note that you may have a file where your unit is not coded inside.

    **Also, in order to locate the unit code without knowing the dictionary name or unit type, take a look at your Export_unit.txt file (located in data/text folder) and type the unit name as written in game in your Search tool.

    That's it, simple as that! If I forgot a file (which I doubt), please just give me a sign and I'll fix the tutorial.

    Happy modding!

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    Default Re: How to remove a unit from game

    Nice - Sherwood fools will be the first to go!

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    Default Re: How to remove a unit from game

    Really nice work, thank you!

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    VERY IMPORTANT/MUY IMPORTANTE: When editing descr_strat.txt

    (At least in MOS [Massive Overhaul Submod] for TATW [Third Age Total War] - not sure for others, but if you have issues after editing descr_strat try it with this)

    You must be saving your revised descr_strat file as ANSI (ANSI= a type of encoding used to compress the data of the document -remember "The Martian" where he uses an 'ANSI Table' to communicate?- the ANSI encoding will be invisible to you)

    To do this:
    1) Download Notepad ++ here & install:
    2) Right-click on any text file (in this case descr_strat)
    3) From the drop-down menu select: "Edit with Notepad++"

    4) In Notepad++, click "Settings" up top
    5) Click "Preferences..." from the drop-down menu
    6) Select "New Document" from the side-navigation-key-bar thingy
    7) Look under the "Encoding" dialogue box
    8) Select ANSI
    9) Save your edited text doc (in this case descr_strat)
    10) Restart game and go kill some pixels!

    That's It!
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