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Thread: RNJ General Discussions/Questions/Errors

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    Thanks for the reply, El_Saracen. I think I'll try what you suggest.

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    @ El_Saracen. I tried to 2.6 and it works. Thanks for the help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seany65 View Post
    @ El_Saracen. I tried to 2.6 and it works. Thanks for the help.
    No problem It's a great mod so have fun! I've put over 20hrs in to my campaign so far and I've not had a single of the most stable RTW mods I've played.

    If anyone knows what the deal is with the 2.8 patch, please let us know. I installed as instructed and it wouldn't work. Maybe the linked patch file is corrupted or something?
    Thank you to all of the RTR Team.

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    @ El-Saracen, After installing 2.6 and it working, I found out what to do from a post by BiggBudd in one of the CTD threads : "Remember to delete the map.rwm file, its bi/shogun2/data/world/campaign/barbarian_invasion"

    I installed patch 2.8 and did as BiggBudd said and the game now works with 2.8.

    @ BiggBudd: Thanks.

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    Is there any way of having a couple of basic buildings in any province and a few army units to start out with, much like the original Shogun? Is there any way of limiting the number of trainable units to one unit for each type of building, such as : 1 spear unit, 1 archer unit and 1 cavalry unit, rather than a half-stack at a time?

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    Is the campaign able to be played with a 4tpy script? also my ground Hojo general/leader is phasing in an out. I tried downloading the fix located on the first page but the link is dead. Is there another link available for the fix? Thank you for this great mod.

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    Icon8 Re: RNJ General Discussions/Questions/Errors

    Hi hows everyone doing.
    Ok, here's my problem? I recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Install the mod and followed the instructions needed to play the mod?
    Load up the mod, and it works fine.
    However my big problem is. I'm getting a screen where the game is loading up on the desktop and their for the game is being played on the desktop on what you would like to call a half window screen or minimumize to compatibility mode on desktop.

    I don't recall playing around with any of the settings.
    All I did was just install the mod.

    And now after having Windows 10. I'm now getting this problem.
    Here's the problems in steps.
    1. Install and place the mod command line as told.
    2. Started the mod up.
    3. Started to see the mod load up in desktop mode or minimize mode and see the back of the desktop screen behind the menu screen of the mod?

    Any help, would be much appreciated.

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    Disregard, problem solved at last.
    At the BI ICON, the mod command line is this -mod:bi\shogun2 -show_err -nm -ne -enable_editor

    By removing the -nm -ne -enable_editor the mod went to full screen.
    "Sigh" And here I thought I was gonna pull out a sword and do some hacking. Cause this is as close I can get to playing Shogun tw with all it's glory.

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    Not sure how active development on this mod still is... even though I think the mod could still hold up well even now and would like to see more from it.

    I would like campaign pathing to be more efficient between Takeda and Uesugi. Shinano and Echigo are completely blocked from each other basically. Takeda and Uesugi not being able to fight each other easily feels kind of wrong.

    Also I can't seem to fix the invisible units problem. It only happens to certain units, usually spear ashigaru. I've lost many battles from running into invisible units.

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    This mod is great, although it is extremely laggy for me during somewhat big battles. I can play the normal Rome and Barbarian Invasion on higher settings. It could be the enhanched enviroments... I have downloaded all the fixes and such, but to no avail.

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    Iv'e tried to install this mod to version 2.8 on the steam version of Rome Total War Gold but when I try to start the game a message pops which says:

    Script Error in bi\shogun2/data/descr_sm_factions.txt, at line 219, column 1

    "horde_min_units": This feature is not supported

    Have I done some thing wrong during installation (I've tried 3 or 4 times)? I've also heard that my game version not supported is this true?

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    How can I install this if I got the Steam version of Rome 1?

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    I've been thoroughly enjoying Ran no Jidai (the Age of Chaos). Everything about the mod speaks of enormous dedication to detail. I've played countless custom battles and played many campaigns.

    Because the cities of Nippon were quite large that would have served as the castle/towns then cities of the provinces (later prefectures), I've gone through and added in squalor reducing traits and ancillary effects. The max seems to be about 105,000 per city no matter what I've tried. While it's certainly true that there were uprisings in the villages particularly before the Sengoku period, this didn't happen in the main cities. To duplicate that, I've added in similar unrest reducing effects, particularly from traits that would have pleased the people of the time period. One daimyo even said, that it wasn't his army that managed the discipline of the city, but serving at the will of the people maintained order.

    Trade began to boom as a result of specialization of artisan/craftsmen, vastly improved agricultural reform by better understanding of how to properly engineer flooding the rice paddies (as they were the main grain) besides millet (which no one but the poorest peasants ate by necessity), buckwheat, wheat, the vegetables they raised, etc. They also had to grow their own lamp oil sources from parilla. Obviously there was a vast array of vegetables, many in the bean family like soy and adzuki beans, and that combined with the rice gave the most nutritious amino acid profile. Many of the provinces had sea access, and this meant the fresh catch of seafood, the rarer shellfish, various seaweeds, and things like limpets and probably periwinkles. Fresh water fish was caught in traps along the flow of the river versus trout lines. Cormornats caught some fish along the coastlines.

    Besides this hemp was the main fabric source, but cotton was being introduced in many rural areas, and of course silk production. That means dying cloth, often with indigo. They made their paper. They had been reusing wood from falling down buildings, but firewood was too valuable to be burned, so major charcoal creation was organized, and proper sawmills, and bamboo was used to make tools. So you have weaving, blacksmithing for tools 95% of the time versus making swords/yari, a foundry, quarrying and collecting stone, etc. Whatever the samurai leadership could teach the peasants versus purchaing these items, meant more tax revenues, better cashflow, better stability/economic security.

    A good samurai understood as much to do with agriculture and animal husbandry and engineering, and the law and the application of the law, plus religious studies as those skills were needed 95% of the time versus chasing bandits and guarding the borders from incursion and probes. A smart samurai also knew that the people would starve as Spring came on, so diversity of products grown, good storage of food items through preservation, timing and carefully choosing when to break Buddhist prohibitions on eating meat (for the hinin and the Burakumin who lived by their wits caught birds and wild game and sold it those who were allowed to live in the village proper).

    Fertilizer was beginning to be understood. They knew about crop rotation and letting fields lie fallow, but a new variety of rice that was drought resistant and insect resistant meant big improvements in yields. Nightsoil was traditionally used, which is surprising as you think of E. coli and disease, but actually the burakumin who collected it did a pretty good sanitary job with it. They began to understand that urine could be used for more than a mordant for dying cloth, or cleaning clothing, but also for safer fertilization versus nightsoil. Better sanitation means more able workers, better water supplies versus leaching into the water table, improved health, so more revenue! They ended up with double crops during Sengoku, and even triple crops during the Shogunate.

    That caused its own issues with deflating the value of rice, issues with the moneylenders NOT using the standard cubic measurement for a portion of rice as trade, thus cheating the peasants/samurai/artisans. That led to imposed standardization during the Shogunate.

    Of course with the new forms of government, urbanization relocated the samurai to the castletowns as redeploying them took too much time. I've been reading about local governance through village council and headmen in order to manage administrative functions in Volume 4 of the Cambridge History of Japan (as that deals with mostly the Sengoku era while Vol. 3 deals from Heian up to Sengoku). There's quite a bit of difference in how things happened on a day-to-day basis.

    Since religion is so important, and caused so much chaos, I've added in values to the teahouses to add back in values for Shinto (pagan) and Buddhism (zoarastrianism). Then these add or adjust the values of cities who are primarily Shinto or Buddhist by the descr_small_factions, so it's never 100%. Likewise this shows the time altering effects of Christianity based upon the strength of the conversion by more advanced buildings and the intensity of the leadership believing in this. Thus the cities are not 100% of any one religion. I've though that BuddhistSympathizer or SecretChristian or ShintoOnly might be traits that vary in intensity as a son or general might not duplicate the leadership or his dad, but desire for change or maintain the status quo prior to West interference.

    A plus for this is allowing some Buddhist monks to be recruited, so I altered the EDU and the EDB so that could happen. It's possble that a leader or named general could get the BuddhistSympathizer trait as a result of recruiting them in a Christian town. Though the yamabushi or the warrior monks were a thorny issue, as technically only some were retired samurai, hence they're not supposed to have weapons, and allowing them to be armed means possibly using them or fighting against them. So with that better understood, as well as understanding that the "mountain monks" were loan sharks as well, dooming the peasants especially into selling their girls into slavery...know that all daimyo used them from time to time to fit a niche in their armies. It's why I made it possible but without a moral boost that comes from a proper Buddhist temple on site. Likewise I included some monk units in the descr_mercenaries as they were hired that way.

    Gigantus wrote a tutorial for M2TW that demonstrates that a modder can set the descr_mercs to be hireable for the AI only, and so a clever way to help them fill in their ranks under threat as long as the economy is robust. So it's one more way to help the AI compete against the player. I like that the ronin daimyo/clans are so strong as that means seeing the Kona and the Murakami, and lots of others from history that are not playable.

    If I get really motivated, it seems likely with Will Adams and the Dutch arriving that there's a possibility that rather than Catholicism or Persecution of the Kakure Krishitans as the Japanese christians were called, that a Protestant Reformation would possibly happen. That would give the Shogun a wedge against Spanish/Portuguese interference.

    I see why you adjusted the koku/ryo rates for the samurai/ashigaru so low. That meant not having to deal with the reality of those costs plus the income plus the problem of moneylenders. I've been fiddling with it to get it something closer to normal, but it means a very large intial cash value in the descr_strat so that there is adequate cashflow. That could be better balanced by better initial infrastructure and traits otherwise the player and the AI would be defecit spending for the first 20 turns because it's expensive to have the starting armies without proper trade and agriculture existing.

    But by doing all of that, then the values for the actual cost of a hatamoto like the samurai jikishidan plus his expertly trained unit would be closer to the actual historical cost. Leaving it the way it is allows for more units in the first 40 turns, but probably is unrealistic unless they're loaded with ashigaru filler.

    Likewise since the Uesugi has so many named generals versus the Takeda, they rather run roughshod too quickly.

    It would make sense to intially set named characters and marriage and children in the family trees in the descr_strat so that some of that is predetermined instead of left to chance. I turned on hording for all but the ronin because sometimes 4-5 damiyo clans were dying too soon. But the horde is full of hired ronin and ashigaru, and very plausible. Sometimes they manage to get a town under their control for a new homebase.

    Because the diplomacy is so screwy and limited in RTW/BI, then thank you for the force diplomacy effect. A great deal of the time I've acted as a power broker to halt foolish wars when instead there were ronin villages ripe for the taking that the AI should be focused upon to improve their economy instead of butting heads too early. Some of that could be altered by the initial diplomatic settings, but of course it was the age of war in truth.

    I've been toying with the idea of using more levels to the academy (you can have nine levels but you're only using three) in order to have "reforms" like debt forgiveness which happened in history, as well as better education in the villages so that more specialization of artisans/craftsmen could occur, and hence boost trade by the creation of cheaper products and put the hinin/burakumin to work delivering products. It would make sense to actually have a trade path from Hakata to the Kyoto area and on to the East as really happened in history. Much of that has sort of been added in by boosting trade and tax values for almost everything. Festivals could be replicated by the stage races value for one of those levels, and therefore allow things like the poetry reading and music and food etc as a pressure relief value to reduce unrest.

    I'm assuming you have a plan for the one building slot left? That could be a wonder building that's undestroyable i.e. hinterland. Then of course that would also hurt the chances for Christian growth...which makes sense as the time period of allowing Catholism is so brief.

    A big reform would be carefully managing the Buddhist temples and the Sake dealers and the pre-cursor to the Yakuza oyabun running loan sharking. That effected everyone from the Shogun on to the rank-and-file samurai to the artisans to the peasants...damaging the entire country. If the economy is improved, then things like improving the upkeep for samurai, lowering taxes, managing the tavern/brothels etc then reduces unrest.

    Truly there were no geisha until the latter part of the 17th Century, but there were dancing women that could be hired, some organized prostitution, but not true courtesans of the Willow World...yet.

    Personally I turned off the ronin arquebusiers and cannon as mercs as that's just not plausible. The teppo was already around but not incredibly useful versus being scary. So I guess there could be two levels, one are teppo with a different projectile with vastly lowered effectiveness, which then makes it very desireable to have arquebuisers, but they quickly are engineered by all. Truthfully the issue is not the weapons but the gunpowder which was controlled by the Portuguese. Or course they work that out, but could be in the EDB or have an event.

    It's great that the EDU has many useful soldiers for Korea in case the map is ever changed and enlarged to allow an Imjin War. It might have been successful IF it happened after true unification, not by the Tokugawa method, and not attempted too early, but taking into account the enormous issue of Wako piracy (which is turned off by default). That was a major reason that one couldn't just launch a naval invasion upon another clan. You can bet since the selling of slaves, the fencing of stolen goods, was being done by the pre-Yakuza and the Portuguese, as well as even Korean captives during Imjin, that all of that feeds back to piracy.

    Some details about the slavery during the Nanban, and possibly what caused the literally overnight change with Catholicism.

    Note for auto-resolvers and Ran no Jidai:
    If you're one of those players who typically autoresolves, I'd encourage you to fight just about every battle. This mod proves why RTW can still shine all these many years later after coming out. Ran no Jidai is VASTLY better than some foolish Paradox dice-roller (barf) game like Sengoku. Because of Japan's diverse terrain, dense forests, lots of shorelines to manuever in, hilly even sometimes cliff hugging sections, one doesn't know precisely what the terrain looks like from the map. As such, there can be remarkable delicious field battles as I have seldom seen in a strategy game. This means a much smaller force, particularly with carefully chosen units based upon filling niches in tactics, and led by a decent general who has been carefully trained in early combat, can then take a force of units who greatly outnumber them, say three-to-five times larger. This becomes very difficult when facing two large armies and negotiating the terrain, timing when to attack, feignt, all-out-hell-bent-for-leather charge when the opponent is wavering due to morale breaks, etc.

    It's thrilling.

    A dice-roller game like Sengoku: Way of the Warrior or even the practically new Sengoku Jidai: Shadow of the Shogun can not truthfully take into account tactics like Ran no Jidal 2.8. This mod is superior in every way to new computer strategy games...even with the limited AI of RTW.

    Autoresolving will make you lose 100 soldiers or so, and very expensive soldiers due to its random nature. When in actually play not only can you manage less than 30 deaths, sometimes with zero deaths plus gaining a lot of experience for your soldiers. Shooting them with your yumi to devastate their own yumi by taking into account elevation, manuevering, and range, then you destroy their morale with the arquebustiers. At that point you can do a banzai charge while in formation, and annhilate them.

    That is Glory.

    A couple of times I autoresolved to see what the statistics were and was shocked. In one battle where I lost less than a hundred men, I lost in excess of 700 soldiers! That kind of attrition due to not fighting the battles is expensive, wasteful, boring, and unnecessary.

    Here's a little tip which makes the game much more immersive. Look in your Ran no Jidai folder for the sounds subdirectory; mine is:

    Copy those to another place on your hard drive and make a playlist of them in WinAmp or VLC player or whatever. Two are the screams of battle, so you can simply eliminate those from your new playlist. Now mute the music in Ran no Jidai, and then listen to the music run continuously. It's much better that way and less monotonous.

    You don't want to make a playlist from the original folder because even when you mute the music, it's still playing in the mod, and could cause a potential CTD. Doing it this way also doesn't make it lag.

    Using a good game booster program, turning off unnecessary services and programs (like Advanced System Care, disconnecting from the Internet so no patching is occuring without your knowledge, following the recommendations like using 16 bit graphics instead of defaulting to 24, I've had no real performance issues.

    I held off playing the mod because of rumors of the lag and the CTD comments. Actually it's fairly stable. Always save your game in stages before battles, and even if the rare CTD happens, then it's not unrecoverable. In spite of modding the heck out of the files, it's remarkably error free.

    The Art of War
    When facing two very large armies, but led by middling to fair or better low ranking AI generals, then click on the AI generals to see the exact unit composition so you can preplan the attack. Since you're badly outnumbered, the AI might get foolishly cocky and try to envelope your troops. Remain calm. Sometimes the best strategy is to feignt to get in range to use your archers but then spearhead your troops right at em'. This can cause a chain route as the first unsuspecting archers run, leading to the secondary spearmen line to rout, leading to the light and heavy infantry to rout.

    Your goal in such a situation is NOT to kill everyone to win. It's always to kill the General(s) as that ensures the chain rout happens.

    When hording is turned on, then you're attacking the last troops outside the final city, who are assembling for their defense. They likely will put cavalry outside for mobility, but will put a named character in charge of both armies, one inside and one outside. The AI loves to do that splitting of forces and hoping that each reinforces the other.

    Now ordinarily if you have a night-fighting general, you pick them off, whittling down their forces as single armies, but when hording is turned on, then even if you win, you might face from 4-7 full stacks in the horde. In this case, if you're gutsy and good under pressure, intentionally NOT night attack, but face their combined forces, but dealt in two waves. Controlled bursts will likely kill off corners of the units, causing disarray as you can manuever better than the AI can. Then carefully rest your men using elevation if you can, never running uphill, only downhill.

    With luck, facing a hording army(s), then you can dispatch BOTH or more, and then not have a horde later.

    If the horde does occur, then use a night fighting general to play out each battle, picking them off with precision, calmness, logic, and whittle them down. Autoresolving will result in too much attrition when you might be seriously understaffed.

    When defending versus a double attack (or more), then always go to the furthest logical spot at the highest elevation. The AI NEVER rests their troops, but heads off in a ridiculous burst towards you since they have the "good odds". Well, they're exhausted by such foolishness. By the time they get to you, ruin them with archers, arquebuisers, warcries, always rally the troops. Always have your men on "guard mode" as they might punch a hole in the invaders resolve. You don't want a Titus Pullo scene, but methodically allow them to hit the wall of your defense and waste themselves uselessly. Your defense score is typically higher, right? Then rotate the strong troops up, break them, and then bring up the spares to run them down, then chase them with war dogs and light cavalry. You can almost always win this way.
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    Here's some figures from a fully maxed out EDB across all of Kyushu plus six more provinces to see what that looks like. In this case, the trade and tax benefits are representative of a thriving economy, and then compared to a reasonable army to protect the citizens of those provinces.

    Population: ~1,265,000
    # of military personnel: 69,452 soldiers and sailors
    % of population directly in the military: 5.5% of the population [10% was average]

    Costs (aproximate in ryo which is at an exchange rate of about 1 ryo to 4 koku. A koku is about enough to keep one samurai fed for a year minimally.)

    Soldiers: 346,605 ryo
    Wages: 8,220 ryo (should be higher)

    Income Total: 716, 037 ryo
    Paper profits of half of this before new costs like construction.

    Wages would strictly be named general costs, not administrative costs.

    This leaves a significant amount of money for famines, floods (which actually should be eliminated as they are bugged and interfere with fort production), earthquakes, plague costs, storms, volcanoes, etc. Also realize the way the trait/ancillary system is made, bonuses and defecits are added to named characters who are governors and modify the income/costs. So when a leader dies, a major drop in income can occur, a new heir is not experienced unless a trait/ancillary system is in place to raise these values, new inexperienced governors waste money and can't get tax revenues as high, and so forth. Due to the limitations of the game engine, squalor can be modified with traits, but then inexperienced governors will see a major drop of 7-10% in population affecting profitability and growth [when the population of a city is 100,000 or more]. There's no way to fix that without making growth ridiculous.

    The numbers above properly reflect a 50% military expenditure during the Age of the Country Under Civil War. That other 50% would then be whittled down by a big increase in salaries probably taking at least 5% as their stipend. Then there's plenty of money for new construction, attrition, major investment in even more soldiers when especially pressed by another daimyo, etc.

    Which means a lot more levels of buildings could be added to the EDB to reflect the kind of reforms I'm talking about. Realize the inevitable religious backlash of more prosthelitizing to gain acceptance of Christianity, or reverting to Buddhism or Shinto or both, then possibly a big economic hit in trade from switching to a Protestant Christiantity and losing lots of economic benefit. That surplus then is a cushion for say 20 turns to readjust the economy.

    Also think that Japan begins a major revamping of technology during this westernization period, thus needs surplus to invest in all of that.

    Historical census data estimates (probably based upon issues with non-counting of villagers versus the urban centers until 1700)
    1500: 8-17 million
    1600: 12-22 million
    1700: 28-29 million

    So realistically with a population of 1,265,'d expect to see 126,500 soldiers. In this idealized case, the soldiers are elite soldiers at very high levels, not raw recruits. In history you'd expect much lower percentages of elite cadres, with the bulk using ashigaru filler soldiers.

    Example costs in ryo and koku for military personnel.
    hatamoto = 483 ryo (1932 koku)
    koshogumi = 193.25 ryo (773 koku)
    clan officer = 96.5 ryo (386 koku)
    lesser official = 48.25 ryo (193 koku)
    captain = 19.25 ryo (77 koku)
    samurai = 9.75 ryo (39 koku) BUT 50 koku was typically the minimum as it was all but impossible to live in town and squeek by on less than 50 koku

    From Twilight Samurai
    Tasogare Seibei, a minor official gets ~250 koku a year as a stipend, but his wife died of consumption and an expensive funeral was forced upon him by her family, so that results in a loan from a moneylender, who takes 200 koku back, leaving him only 50 koku to feed his senile mom, and his two daughters who are far away from marriage, and himself. He's forbidden by law from working in agriculture (but luckily can garden), and technically disallowed from being a craftsman, but he does "piecework" such as making cricket cages.

    Meanwhile his friend gets quite a bit more as a hatamoto.

    ashigaru = 4.75 ryo (19 koku) and this was a peasant filler, who had regular agricultural responsibilities, so a major hardship for all to be persistently in war, because they're not growing crops and harvesting them.

    In earlier eras, the samurai was an adminstrative chief of a fief. During Sengoku they were restricted to military activity and were technically not allowed to farm as that was peasant work. Which created a terrible quandry for noncommissioned officers who struggled on low wages, but had high maintenance costs, plus keeping up appearance, while barely able to have adequate cashflow.

    These professional soldiers didn't just loaf around, but all had administrative responsibilities on top of their military duties. Urbanization meant a focus on the samurai in the city and never in the village (as was one peasant mantra). Which then led to peasant administration of those responsibilities, which then meant rapid deployment forces for War.

    Example: a hatamoto spearmen group isn't all hatamoto, but led by a hatamoto officer. They're paid hatamoto level, but manage elite units within that company using US military terms for 80-250 soldiers. So I messed with the unit costs in the EDU to get it something close to history, but I assure you the costs were far far greater in reality. But to make them the actual price would then most likely cripple the AI due to deficit spending in the first one hundred turns.

    Here's a most excellent discussion of the organization that went into planning a campaign and the unit composition with cost breakdowns. Since the engineering costs are vital, that could be added to unit costs in some manner to make it more historical, as long as cashflow is likewise adequate to demonstrate the robust nature which allowed such investiture of resources and manpower.
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    There are two great aspects of adjusting the descr_mercenaries and the turning on hording. They can come back with a vengenace by playing havoc using guerilla warfare. Having the cashflow so high means that they keep a big treasury, and can bide their time. But they rarely do so, for the AI is silly, and out for a blood feud, so focuses single-mindedly upon attacking directly the faction that robbed them of their home. When in fact, they should pick on an easy target to create a new homebase.

    But since they're so persistent, this means you can get lots of daimyo flags, but they rout and run away to live another day. Which means "rinse repeat" many many times, as they hire all new mercs from another region and come back to try again.

    Hording actually works better in RTW1 than it does in MTW2. In MTW2, hording can cause a CTD IF the newly created horde cannot calculate a good path of evasion. In RTW1, I have yet to see a CTD. In MTW2, it can bog down and do numerous gyrations, moving the AI horde one way then another, since it has to move all of the agents as well as the ships and the soldiers. That doesn't seem to occur in Ran no Jidai under RTW1.

    It seems to work very well. Because the initial real estate that the Mori hold is desired by the Ouchi and the Amato and the Shimazu, as it's a launching point for Shikoku to get to the Chokusabe, then all will be wrangling for it. With hording, the Ouchi and the Mori can suddenly both be hording and creating havoc for the Amato, though most of the time, the Ouchi and Mori jointly decided to set aside their vast religious differences from history, and BOTH pick on Amato. About 25% of the time, the Amato come out on top when the Shimazu decide enough time has passed as all three have whittled down their three military forces from expansion, and take advantage of the chaos.

    This might be because I increased the descr_character movement rate to 130 since we're talking about traversing Nippon and not all of Europe and the Middle East, so the value should be plausible, right?
    The Ikko-Ikki seems a bit overpowered in my opinion versus history. They become ubiquitous since an AI faction isn't too smart about conquering, though they mostly need the cash early on and burn it down, in order to get cash and control the newly conquered domain. But if not, then the new domain can rebel, even with all of the help I gave it, and turn into a Ikko-Ikki bastion.

    Oda Nobunaga thought they were extremely dangerous and drove them out, but in the game I've twice since witnessed brief alliances between the Oda and the Ikko-Ikki! That never would have happened in history.

    The regions file sets the initial religion values for each province, but it should be modded to be something closer to reality, with Shinto being the majority with a good percentage of Buddhism, with strongholds of Buddhist thought in some places due to the very close relationship (cough...meddling...) between the monks and the peasants. They preyed upon them for donations as well as easily let the inhabitants borrow money. Which means it was in the mountain monks' best interest to interfere, and use this back door policy to alter political events since they couldn't directly affect the samurai.

    So with a more normal and historical value for the religions, existing Buddhism is not going to be strong enough most places on the map to automatically cause a revolt and facilitate the Ikko-Ikki expansion. Like everyone else, they had to fight tooth-and-claw for territory.

    So the the meddling Portuguese Catholics have their work cut out for them even more so. For the initial values are not 100% Catholic to start, but zero. A few daimyo heard preaching and were greatly moved by Jesus' actions. You can see how it ties into the "one who serves" and the self-sacrifice, and the seppuku of the samurai is aligned with the actions of Christ. Right? But the priests couldn't speak the language, required the services of translators, and luckily a few daimyo were so moved as to actually give up part of Nagasaki, something that royally pissed off the mainstream as Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa were moving the country from an ancestral aristocracy of fiefdom ownership and rights, to being caretaker custodians who managed the domains at the will of the Emperor and later Shogunate.

    So any Catholic building is on loan to them at the will and discretion of the daimyo leadership, and never owned outright. So the process of Christian conversion should be difficult, expensive, calculating, and nurtured.

    This means a supplanting of Confuscian teachers, replacement for Shinto festivals, morality plays versus the standard Noh drama, preaching certain aspects to the peasants versus the samurai in order to get conversion to happen. It would be an arduous struggle, particularly because the daimyo were interested in TRADE first, then GUNS, and only way down the list interested in spirituality. Some were incredibly self-sacrificing and sincere, but not the majority. Once Christianity took hold, it was difficult to eradicate, even under the threat of direct persecution and crucifixion.

    The Buddhist monk units are great. Their mental discipline is so dramatically high, they fight to the death. This makes them rather unique in the game, and so that degree of forethought results in a delightful decision to utilize them in certain situations. Which is why I think recruiting them should likewise boost Buddhism through traits in the governors as a balance. This makes perfect sense. You use them, and it will cost you, for you might end up paving the way for the Ikko-Ikki, and definitely creating unrest.

    Zen Buddhism and the samurai are so interlinked as to be nearly unseperable. Not building Buddhist temples would surely cause a backlash among the samurai who are Buddhist. You can see how this mod could really become a "crusade" mod. Each is fighting for the soul of Nippon and either fundamentally altering the Japanese identity or maintaining it as it had been for hundreds of years.Buddhism absorbs Shinto in essence, since Shinto lacks a dogma and zeal. Yet Zen is actually rather absent of any deity belief.

    The trade and Christianity and the possibilities of very powerful rifles translated into daimyo trying to convince their sons to convert even if they didn't want to, or even believed, or desired to change. Much of the conversions in Kyushu were actually rather forced by rigorous example versus allowing the preaching to penetrate the hearts of the people.

    So it would be pretty easy to create a ChristianInNameOnly trait, which would do little to actual conversion of the region.

    Along these lines, since the gambling and prostitution are so profitable, you would see the genuine hypocracy of the any of the daimyo allowing businesses that they knew would cause unrest, misery, greed, and graft...because it meant a totally new income source. So that would tie right back into the Corruption traits since they're at odds with their spiritual professions versus counting ryo.

    Bushido teaches that money is dirty and an illusion, so this disdain often harmed the economic status of the samurai in order to remain "pure" and untainted, which is rather silly based upon all of the beheading and random violence. For the samurai, money = merchants, who were the lowest of the low, save the hinin and burakumin.

    And yet, the managers of all of that money, who paid the bills to the samurai, and the flow of trade, and the harvest, and the new plantings, and the dowries...they knew that money management was crucial. It was difficult not to be greedy and tainted from that process, where so much was a wink-and-a-nod versus Bushido and morals.

    From the start of the mod, you'd see only two religions (but perhaps sects within Buddhism represented by trait/ancillaries to represent those sects due to the historical temples interferance in the local politics and creating unrest). Then about twenty years later, an event fires and THEN chapels and churches can be constructed for Christianity in the EDB. Then later events could fire that would indicate the beaching of Portuguese sailors, who sold guns, and then reverse engineered by a few minor daimyo, but they had trouble with gunpowder manufacturing, the spring mechanism, the uniformity of the barrel diameters, proper shot (which later meant buying lead from the Portuguese as well as gunpowder). All of which would limits by events how many teppo could be made.

    Then events in which the teppo was decisively made by Nobunaga(Oda) for example, or the Shimazu, or the Mori (who had earlier been defeated due to teppo, and wised up). If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

    Here's the teppo(iron cannon) story i.e. the fire rope guns or the hinawaju. The door breaching teppo handheld version is a great touch.

    For diversity, some settlements might fire teppo rounds from the towers since they actually had placed something like a door breaching teppo that slowly fired to scare off invaders. A few who had engineers would construct a ballista in those towers called the O-yumi (great bow), and that likewise might show up. A mention of the O-yumi can be found here.
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    Default Re: RNJ General Discussions/Questions/Errors

    @RubiconDecision awesome post! Such a historic rich I really enjoyed reading through all that. Would you mind sharing your modifications to the files? I'd like to take a look at them and try it too.

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    Default Re: RNJ General Discussions/Questions/Errors

    Hello guys,
    I need ur help/assisst here with making RNJ 2.6 or RNJ 2.8 playble with ALX engine.. i've searched everywhere and i only found 2.5 playble with alx
    So pleaase i need help

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    Default Re: 2.1 patch

    Hi guys. I have installed the mod over vanilla BI and at first it worked but i was getting some issues so I patched up to 2.8. now everytime I try to start a new campaign,select my clan and try to start, I crash to desktop. Is there a fix for this or another patch coming down the pipe. enjoyed very much what I was able to play.

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    Is there any place I can find a full list of all the faction differences? (like units, buildings etc.)

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